70 Creative Homemade Gifts – Ideas They Will Love

By taking the time to make a creative homemade gift, you’re telling your friends & family that they mean the world to you! What could be more special than that?

creative homemade gifts

Birthdays & holidays are a time for giving, and what could be more special than receiving a one-of-a-kind gift made with love?

creative homemade gifts

Not only are creative homemade gifts cheaper to make, but they also show the recipient that you took the time and care to create something special just for them.

Below I’m sharing 70 unique & creative DIY gift ideas that your friends and family will love. Use them for Birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and many other special occasions.

The Best Homemade Gifts I Could Find Online

70 homemade gift ideas

Bath Bombs Are Always Welcome As A DIY Gift

basic diy bath bombs
These DIY Bath Bombs are made with natural ingredients and will leave your skin feeling invigorated. They are fairly easy to make, so are perfect as homemade gifts for all types of people. But especially those who want to take their time in an oil-blasting session or just need something quick on busy days – because we know how life happens sometimes!
Make Bath Bombs With SavvyHomemade

You Can Make A Face Cream, Its A Wonderful DIY gift!

homemade face cream
Most of us use face moisturizers, so I had to include one that I believe makes for a wonderful DIY gift, you cant go wrong with this recipe. The cream does a fantastic job of getting your skin back to a healthy state. It's often better than store-bought and comes at a fraction of the price so provides excellent value as a creative homemade gift idea!
Make Face Cream With SavvyHomemade

Bath Salts Are Another Popular DIY Gift Idea

my best diy bath salts
Here's how to make bath salts with gorgeous smelling ingredients that will turn your boring bath into a luxury spa treat. I love a good soak, so I often use this recipe to help me wind down after a long, hard day.
Make Bath Salts With SavvyHomemade

These Bath Melts Look Great

DIY Bath Melts
It's time for something very soothing and spa-like! Just like with soaps, you can embed beautifully natural ingredients to make your DIY bath melts look extra special and the experience in your bath even more relaxing.
Make Bath Melts With SavvyHomemade

Bubble Bath Is Another Popular Gift Idea

My best diy bubble bath
When I'm looking forward to a nice long soak in the bath, I want lots of lovely bubbles that last for ages. So I decided to indulge myself and design a homemade bubble bath recipe that has exactly that. 
Make Bubble Bath With SavvyHomemade

How to Make Sea Glass Lanterns

Upcycled Sea Glass Lanterns
Learn how to make easy DIY sea glass lanterns. This is a great way to upcycle empty glass jars into beautiful home decor craft!
Make Lanterns With princesspinkygirl.com

Cute Embroidered Card Case

Cute Embroidered Card Case
Learn how to embroider on leather with this easy tutorial. Then, make a card case or gift card holder with your new embroidery on leather skills. Embroidery is a beautiful way to add some personalization and creativity into your crafting, and this easy tutorial will show how simple it really gets.
Make a Card Case With thesprucecrafts.com

Make Her A Face Serum

homemade anti aging serum
You know how sometimes you get DIY products and they just make your life better? Well, this is one of those things for me. This is my favorite DIY face serum. I could actually feel the difference right away, but I was amazed at the change in my skin after using it for a few weeks! This would make a great DIY gift idea for someone with more mature skin.
Make Face Serum With SavvyHomemade

Make An Overnight Face Cream For Mature Skin

homemade anti wrinkle cream
This DIY wrinkle cream recipe is fantastic, it's one of the first overnight creams I ever made. Aside from being considerably cheaper than commercial store-bought creams, you'll find it much gentler on your skin and often far more effective.
Make Wrinkle Cream With SavvyHomemade

How To Make A Face Mask For Glowing Skin

homemade face mask
This DIY face mask recipe was created with the goal of leaving your skin feeling soft, smooth and renewed on a cellular level. I've done plenty research into different ingredients that are included in this final product but it's really those two high-performance clays along with allantoin powder which make up its real magic!
Make A Face Mask With SavvyHomemade

DIY Mouse Slippers In Any Size

DIY mouse slippers
The sound of little feet padding across the floor is a holiday tradition in my house. We all love it when they wear matching pajamas and slippers on Christmas morning, too! Make your child these simple mouse slippers this year!
Make Mouse Slippers With makeit-loveit.com

Rocher Sparkling Pineapple

DIY sparkling rocher pineapple
The person who shared this idea with the world made my day by providing me an easy solution for a gift. It was perfect because not only did it celebrate their anniversary but also brought joy to others as well!
Make a Sparkling Pineapple With connysimon.blogspot.com

How To Make Sherbet Lemon Hand Soap

liquid hand soap with lemon
This is a homemade hand soap recipe that not only cleanses and moisturizes your hands but also smells amazing.
Make Hand Soap With SavvyHomemade

Don’t Be fooled By Its Simplicity, Lard Soap Is A Great Gift!

Step 10: Leave for 4-6 weeks to cure and then test with a PH strip to ensure within safe levels
Lard soap is back and better than ever, thanks to these three amazing recipes! Lard is a great because it’s a super cheap ingredient to work with. But that’s not to say that a lard soap isn’t any good. On the contrary! Lard makes a lovely pure white soap that produces large soapy bubbles. And if you learn how to make your lard soaps interesting, they can actually look and feel much more luxurious than you might think.
Make Lard Soap With SavvyHomemade

A Lovely Coconut Milk Soap Recipe With Lime & Coconut Oil

A Lovely Coconut Milk Soap Recipe With Lime & Coconut Oil
Making cold process soap is a lot of fun, especially the part where you can experiment with different ingredients. But have you experimented with using coconut milk instead of water before? This coconut milk soap recipe is exactly that, walking you through the different steps needed to use milk instead of water. As this is a coconut soap recipe it also includes a fair amount of coconut oil and makes an absolutely wonderful soap that I just adore.
Make Coconut Milk Soap With SavvyHomemade

Homemade Honeycomb Soap Is Very Unique Gift Idea

Homemade Honeycomb Soap Is Very Unique Gift Idea
I came across this gorgeous honeycomb soap recipe that I’ve tried before and thought you guys would just love it! Not only is it scented with yummy smelling honey and oatmeal fragrance oil, but it’s also scented with real runny honey too! And you’ll notice that we’re also going to get a fabulous, honeycomb-styled effect on top.
Make Honeycomb Soap With SavvyHomemade

Layered Melt And Pour Soap

Layered Melt And Pour Soap
Layered melt and pour soap looks very impressive and can be created with almost any melt and pour soap base. The hardest part is knowing when to pour the melted soap and at what temperature.
Make Layered Melt And Pour Soap With SavvyHomemade

How To Make A Funky 3 Colored Soap

How To Make A Funky 3 Colored Soap
These attractive looking soaps combine 3 colors together to create a funky looking M&P recipe. I love how they look, and you can be as creative as you like!
Make Funky Soap With SavvyHomemade

How To Make Loofah Soap At Home

How To Make Loofah Soap At Home
You can make some wonderfully shaped homemade loofah soap by simply soaking the loofah in a little water to soften it and then placing it into a mold.
Make Loofah Soap With SavvyHomemade

How to Make a Soap Dispenser

DIY soap dispenser
For years I've had a love/hate relationship with my collection of soap dispensers. So next time I'm making liquid soap I'm not going to buy one, I'll repurpose an old vase, I've literally got dozens of them!
Make A Soap Dispenser With abeautifulmess.com

How To Make A DIY Door Knob Tassel

DIY Camel Tassel
Inspired by the camel swag trend, these colorful DIY Door Handle Tassels are a perfect detail to add texture and color in your home! We love them for adding some fun flair around our house. And now you can make tassel garland without all of those tedious steps with this easy trick that I'm so excited about sharing with everyone – it's really simple once we show how…
Make Door Knob Tassels With sugarandcloth.com

DIY Mini Granite Pots

DIY Mini Granite Pots
This DIY gift idea is one of the easiest in a while! What better way to show off your creative side than with this easy-to DIY project? You don't even need any special skills or tools, just spray paint and some time. Now go forth!"
Make Granite Pots With almostmakesperfect.com

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