40 Unique & Creative DIY Gifts That Show Them You Really Do Care


Making homemade gifts is a cool way to show your family and friends how much you care. It’s not just about saving money; it’s also about putting in extra effort to make something really special and unique.

When you take the time to make homemade gifts, you’re showing your friends and family that they mean a lot to you! Check out these 40 unique and creative homemade gift ideas that your friends and family will love. Use them for birthdays, Christmas, Valentine’s Day, and other special occasions.

1. Bath Bombs Are Always Welcome As A Homemade Gift

lots of DIY bath bombs
DIY Bath Bombs

DIY Bath Bombs are made with natural ingredients and will leave your skin feeling invigorated. They are fairly easy to make, so they are perfect as homemade gifts for all types of people. But especially those who want to take their time in an oil-blasting session or just need something quick on busy days – because we know how life happens sometimes!

Get The Recipe: A DIY Bath Bomb Recipe For Maximum Benefits & Fizz

2. DIY Wrinkle Cream For Mature Skin

diy orange and honey wrinkle cream
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

This DIY wrinkle cream recipe is fantastic; it’s one of the first overnight creams I ever made. Aside from being considerably cheaper than commercial store-bought creams, you’ll find it much gentler on your skin and often far more effective.

This is one of the first overnight creams I ever made. It’s specifically formulated as a great homemade face moisturizer for aging skin, which is the reason this post gets so many views.

Get The Recipe: Effective Homemade Wrinkle Cream That Works!

3. My New DIY Face Cream Is A Wonderful DIY gift!

natural DIY face cream
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Most of us use face moisturizers, so I h

Most of us use face moisturizers, so I had to include one that I believe makes for a beautiful DIY gift; you can’t go wrong with this recipe. The cream does a fantastic job of getting your skin back to a healthy state. It’s often better than store-bought, and you can make something high-end at a fraction of the price. So, it provides excellent value as a creative homemade gift idea!

Get The Recipe: How To Make Face Creams At Home

4. Lip Balm Are Such Simple Homemade Gifts & Always Appreciated?

homemade lip balms
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Lip balm is formulated with gorgeous natural ingredients; it’s a magical skincare product that keeps our lips moist & flake-free all year round. You’ll have loads of fun making these, and we know because we had a lot of fun, too!

Get The Recipe: 7 Tried & Tested Lip Balm Recipes

5. Bath Salts Are Another Popular DIY Gift Idea

diy bath salts

Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Everyone loves a good soak! I often use one of these recipes in the bath to help me wind down after a long, hard day. They are made with gorgeous-smelling ingredients that will turn your boring bath into a luxury spa treat.

Get The Recipe: 10 Gorgeous DIY Bath Salt Recipes For A Lovely Relaxing Soak

6. Body Lotions Are Another Fantastic Homemade Gift Idea

diy lotion
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

There’s nothing quite like a top-quality homemade body lotion recipe. The first recipe I’m making here takes that to the next level. It’s how to make body lotion with shea butter and gorgeous oils. I love how it glides across my skin and the lovely aroma of essential oils. It’s as good as most shop brands, minus the huge price tag!

Get The Recipe: Homemade Body Lotion With Gorgeous Oils & Shea Butter

7. How to Make Body Butter

diy body butter
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

I love a well-made body lotion; it nourishes our skin and keeps us looking younger for longer. But what about a top-quality body butter recipe? Here, I’ll show you, in detail, how to make body butter. I absolutely love the consistency of this recipe. It’s like slathering your body with clouds! It’s very light and scented with three different essential oils; I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Get The Recipe: 7 Lovely DIY Body Butter Recipes For Glowing Skin

8. These Bath Melts Look Great

DIY Bath Melts
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Just like with soaps, you can embed beautifully natural ingredients to make your bath melts look extra special and the experience in your bath even more relaxing.

These amazing lumps of butter, oils, and fragrance can fill your bath with amazing, skin softening properties. You just have to give them a try.

Get The Recipes: How To Make Bath Melts With Embeds

9. Bubble Bath Is Another Popular Gift Idea

My best diy bubble bath
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Let’s be real. If I could live in my bathtub, I probably would. It soothes my aches and pains and just makes me feel great. So I just love how many bubbles I get when using this DIY bubble bath in the tub. It also smells amazing, soothing my mind, and lifting my mood.

You can totally customize this bubble bath recipe to your heart’s content. Don’t like this color? Change the liquid soap dye.

Get The Recipe: Minty DIY Bubble Bath Recipe For A Glorious Soak

10. Homemade Face Scrubs For Glowing Skin

homemade face scrubs
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

A homemade face scrub is the best way to get smoother, brighter, and clearer-looking skin for longer. It can also leave your skin feeling ultra-soft too, and who doesn’t want that? A good exfoliant can go a long way, and you’d be surprised how easy they can be to whip up.

With just a few simple ingredients, you can come up with a decent exfoliating face scrub recipe that will leave your skin feeling so much fresher.

Get The Recipe: 12 Gentle Homemade Face Scrubs For Glowing Skin

11. Make A Face Serum

Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

In this post, we have an intensive, concentrated DIY face serum for aging gracefully & achieving radiant, firm, and hydrated skin. It’s very intensive and highly concentrated; if you use this under your homemade face cream, it will help it penetrate the skin. It will also boost hydration by forming a barrier to reduce water loss.

Get The Recipe: How To Make A Natural DIY Face Serum For Glowing Skin

12. How To Make A Face Mask For Glowing Skin

homemade face mask
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

This is the best DIY face mask recipe I’ve made so far. It’s packed with lovely ingredients and will leave your skin feeling soft, smooth and help renew it on a cellular level.

I’ve done plenty of research on the different ingredients I’ve included in the final recipe, which I detail here. But the combination of two high-performance clays, along with the allantoin powder, are the real heroes of this mask.

Get The Recipe: A Homemade Face Mask Recipe To Restore That Youthful Glow

13. Sherbet Lemon Hand Soap

liquid hand soap with lemon
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Here’s my new DIY hand soap recipe I’ve just whipped up! This is a liquid hand soap that not only cleanses and moisturizes your hands but also smells amazing! 

The delicious scent in this soap comes from the lemon, peppermint, and May Chang (Litsea cubeba) essential oils, which also have many skin benefits.

Get The Recipe: How To Make DIY Hand Soap At Home

14. Soy Candle Gifts Can Look Amazing

diy soy candles
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

So you walk into your favorite department store, or maybe it’s Bath and Body Works, and the smell hits you. Vanilla, rose, baked goods, cinnamon, and pretty much every kind of fruit and flower you can think of. But you realize that it’s actually the candle isle that smells so good!

But $25-$30 is way too much money to spend on a regular basis. Since when have candles become such expensive, luxury items? So, here, I’m going to show you exactly how to make soy candles that are both colored and delightfully scented. They smell absolutely amazing when using your favorite candle fragrance oil.

How To Make: Soy Candles That Look Amazing As Gifts

15. Don’t Be Fooled By Simplicity, Lard Soap Is A Great Gift!

basic DIY lard soap
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Who said Lard soap has to be boring?! Here I’m sharing three great lard soap recipes. Learning how to make soap with lard is a great technique because it’s a super cheap ingredient to work with.

It’s a good idea for beginners to work with lard first before moving on to more expensive oils and cosmetic butter. It’s much less disappointing when a lard soap goes wrong, as opposed to a soap recipe with many different expensive ingredients.

Get The Recipe: Make Lard Soap With SavvyHomemade

16. Coconut Milk Soap Recipe With Lime & Coconut Oil

my best lime and coconut milk soap
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Have you experimented with using coconut milk in your soaps instead of water before? This coconut milk soap recipe is exactly that, walking you through the different steps needed to use milk instead of water.

As this is a coconut soap recipe it also includes a fair amount of coconut oil and makes an absolutely wonderful soap that I just adore. While I’m using coconut milk, you can use pretty much any milk you can think of!

Get The Recipe: Make Coconut Milk Soap With SavvyHomemade

17. Homemade Honeycomb Soap Is a unique Gift Idea

My amazing honey comb soap recipe!
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Here’s a gorgeous honeycomb soap recipe that I’ve tried before and thought you guys would just love it! Not only is it scented with yummy smelling honey and oatmeal fragrance oil, but it’s also scented with real runny honey too! We’re also going to get a fabulous, honeycomb-styled effect on top.

Get The Recipe: Make Honeycomb Soap With SavvyHomemade

18. Funky 3 Colored Soap

Three colored melt and pour soap recipe
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

These attractive-looking three-colored soaps are slightly more time-consuming than the average melt-and-pour soap recipe, but I think they are worth the extra time and effort. It’s also a great way of using up those leftover bits of soap that aren’t quite enough to make a full bar.

I’ve used three different colors to create these soaps, but don’t feel limited to this. You can be as creative as you want, using as many colors and angles as you have the patience for.

Get The Recipe: Make Funky Soap With SavvyHomemade

19. You Can’t Go Wrong With Scented Candles!

diy scented candles made at home
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Learning how to make scented candles from scratch was so much fun. With their soft glow and gentle perfume, there’s nothing quite as relaxing as curling up on a cold winter evening to read a few pages by candlelight you crafted yourself.

Yes, stores are full of all sorts of scented candles, but I can promise you it’s much more fun to learn how to make candles from scratch! You can create DIY scented candles to suit your own tastes and preferences. It’s not difficult, and only your imagination will limit your designs.

How To Make: Scented Candles That Smell Amazing

20. DIY Honey Candles With Beeswax Embed

Be sure to leave your honey candle to sit for 24 hours
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

I am a sucker for honey candles, and I thought what better way to use up the last of my gel wax? I’ve scented this gorgeous candle with honey fragrance oil. It smells divine! But I wanted some way to incorporate real beeswax, just so it has a touch of authenticity.

So I spent some time on Pinterest looking for inspiration, and I’ve combined some of the things I have seen there into this gel candle with beeswax honeycomb inside!

How To Make: Honey Candles With Real Honeycombs

21. Beeswax Candles In Glass Jars Or Tealights

homemade beeswax candles
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Here’s how to make beeswax candles using two different methods. I’m making jar candles and some super cute little tealights; they are just gorgeous. I’m scenting them for the most luxurious DIY beeswax candles you can make at home.

Beeswax is the most expensive wax available, so, I wanted to go a little further with these and scent them with essential oils for the most luxurious DIY beeswax candles you can make at home.

How To Make: Luxurious Beeswax Candles Infused with Aromatherapy Benefits

21. Making Unique Vintage Teacup Candles

diy teacup candle
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

I’m always looking for fun and unique ideas for molds and containers. The idea of a teacup candles DIY came after a grown-up’s afternoon tea party at my mom’s house. She had filled a selection of teacups with a variety of colored jello, which looked amazing. I was already imagining them with candles in them.

How To Make: Vintage Style Teacup Candles

22. Golden Grove Is One Of My Perfumes Made Using Essential Oils

Eau de parfum, sitting next to some wood
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Here’s how to make parfum with a wonderfully rich and rustic fragrance. It’s a perfume that I’ve made many times, and the more it matures, the better it smells.

Eau de parfum is one of the most common types of homemade perfume. It is made using around 15-20% essential oils and therefore has an intense aroma. This type of fragrance usually lasts for around five hours making it a great choice to wear for brunch with friends, or an evening out with your significant other.

Get The Recipe: How To Make Parfum At Home Using Essential Oils

23. Island Haze Is One Of My Roll On Perfumes

Two oil based roll on perfumes with some drift wood, shells and stones; Island Haze
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Perfume has the power to shift moods, evoke memories, and even attract others. However, not everyone can handle the strong alcohol used by modern perfumers. I have friends like this who can’t wear regular spray perfume.

So, I set about trying to make perfume without alcohol. One that is made purely from natural oils and can be rolled on the skin at various pressure points. A roll-on essential oil perfume recipe, to be exact. Like several of my other DIY perfumes, this was a roaring success, if I do say so myself.

Get The Recipe: Roll On Essential Oil Perfume Recipes Using Natural Oils

24. Citrus Blast Is A Solid Perfume Recipe

Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

You may have seen that I have a liquid oil perfume recipe, but did you know that, with one extra ingredient, you can turn that into a solid perfume recipe? I find that this perfume can be much more intimate; if someone can smell it, they are likely very close to you. It lasts way longer and is less oppressive for those around you.

Get The Recipe: Lovely Solid Perfume Recipes To Make At Home

25. Evergreen Is A Cologne Recipe For Him

A 30ml bottle of cologne, sat next to another bottle, some lime segments and a couple of bay leaves
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Similarly to my DIY Eau de Perfume, success is all about selecting the correct oils. So, to make this cologne recipe, I selected a blend of essential oils that creates a more masculine scent.

My favorite thing about learning how to make perfume so far is that almost all alcohol-based perfumes are made the same. Once you master the technique, you’re good to go. In fact, the thing that takes the longest is designing your scent.

Get The Recipe: How To Make Cologne With Essential Oils

27. How To Make Body Oil At Home

homemade body oil
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Here’s how to make your own body oil. It’s extremely quick and easy to mix up a simple, therapeutic, totally pure, additive-free, non-irritant DIY body oil recipe with maximum benefits that are tailored to your very own needs. And all at a very low cost, in minutes.

However, as with all DIY beauty products making a homemade body oil isn’t just about getting a quality product at a low price; it also enables you to have total control of what goes in it, so you can target those problem areas such as cellulite, stretch marks or rough cracked skin.

Get The Recipes: How To Make DIY Body Oil At Home

28. Give The Gift Of Silky Glowing Skin With Body Scrub

DIY salt scrubs together
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

In this post, I talk in detail about making a DIY body scrub and share nine recipes to achieve that glowing skin. Sometimes, exfoliation gets a little forgotten about. In the sea of high-performance moisturizers, lotions, and serums, it’s easy to get distracted and hyper-focus on moisturizing the skin. After all, everyone talks about how important it is to use a moisturizer, but less so about using a homemade body scrub.

Get The Recipes: How To Make A Homemade Body Scrub For Glowing Skin

29. DIY Lotion Bar With Beeswax & Shea Butter

simple diy lotion bars
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

When you jump on a flight and want something easy to keep your skin soft and smooth, a lotion bar doesn’t present any problems sitting in your cabin luggage, as it’s not technically a liquid lotion. So, this DIY lotion bar recipe is one of those simple recipes that more people need to be aware of.

It’s a wonderfully moisturizing lotion bar recipe for absolutely anybody, and the recipe is easy to remember. It’s simply 1/3 beeswax 1/3 butter and 1/3 oil.

How To Make: Simple DIY Lotion Bar Recipes With Beeswax

30. How About A Nourishing Hand Cream For Dry Skin

DIY hand cream
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Constantly washing my hands with soap or using hand sanitizer often leaves them painfully dry and cracked. So I now use this DIY hand cream recipe with shea butter, cocoa butter, beeswax, and nourishing oils to help with dryness & and restore my skin. But don’t keep this to yourself, it makes for a lovely homemade gift!

Get The Recipe: DIY Hand Cream For Cracked & Dry Skin

31. Make Aloe Vera Body Lotion

diy men's body lotion next to an avocado and some almonds
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Skincare doesn’t have to be just for women. So I decided to show you how to make aloe vera lotion for men. There are so many feminine-scented body lotion recipes around that I thought it would be nice to add a more masculine-scented one. But its easy to change the scents up in this for a more feminine fragrance.

To be honest, I know plenty of men who aren’t really bothered about what their skincare products smell like. But some do, and if that’s you or someone you know, then this is the product you’ve been looking for.

Get The Recipe: Make Aloe Vera Lotion With SavvyHomemade

32. DIY Makeup Gifts Always Get A Lovely Reaction, Try This Lip Gloss

Your lip gloss doesn't need a preservative, and should stay good for up to a year (approx)
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Ever wanted to replicate your favorite lip gloss? I’ve got a homemade lip gloss recipe that will help you do exactly that. And, due to the moisturizing power of its ingredients, and the way it glides across the lips, I’m going to describe this particular recipe as a cross between a DIY lip gloss and a DIY lip balm.

How To Make: Lip Gloss At Home That Looks & Feels Great

33. How To Make Liquid Foundation At Home

DIY liquid foundation
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

If you’re anything like me, you’ll be fed up with paying top dollar for your makeup products. This year, I decided to dive into making my own DIY makeup products for this very reason!

As always, I tried and tested several recipes to come up with something that actually worked. As a result, I’ve managed to create a full-coverage liquid foundation that really does look and feel like any store-bought alternative you currently use. Better yet, you’ll never have to worry about finding a foundation that matches your skin tone ever again!

How To Make: Liquid Foundation From Scratch

34. Create A Personalized Eyeshadow Palette

DIY eyeshadow palette
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Have you ever wanted to design your own DIY eyeshadow palette? I know I have! But I wanted to make something that was manageable but still looks gorgeous.

So I came up with this DIY cream eyeshadow recipe and figured out a way to use it to create 3 unique, yet cohesive shades to use in a palette.

How To Make: A DIY Cream Eyeshadow Palette

35. All Natural Shampoo For Frequent Use & Healthy Hair

DIY natural shampoo for frequent use
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Welcome to a refreshing perspective on hair care! In our quest for clean and healthy hair using homemade shampoos, we often overlook the impact of frequent washing.

While it’s essential to keep our hair clean, over-washing can lead to a host of problems, from stripping away natural oils to causing scalp irritation. This is where choosing the best natural shampoo recipe comes into play, especially for those who prefer or need to wash their hair often.

How To Make: All Natural Shampoo Recipe For Frequent Use & Healthy Hair

36. My Best DIY Clarifying Shampoo

diy clarifying shampoo
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

If you are battling oily, thick, or lackluster hair, often weighed down by product build-up, the latest in a long line of homemade shampoo is tailored just for you. Designed to cut through the grease and grime, this shampoo is your once or twice-a-month ticket to refreshed, vibrant hair.

This one is specifically created for those who need a deep cleaning. Perfect for individuals with thicker, oilier hair types, our clarifying shampoo recipe is adept at removing excess oils and the build-up of styling products, which can often leave hair feeling heavy and dull.

How To Make: My Best DIY Clarifying Shampoo For Thick or Oily Hair

37. It’s Very Easy To Make A Reed Diffuser

3 reed diffusers sit on a table
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

Making your own DIY reed diffuser is so much easier than you might think, and in this post I’m going to show you how to make the best diffuser I’ve come across.

Like so many of my handmade gifts, once you’ve assembled your ingredients and equipment, it will take no more than 10 minutes to whip up this reed diffuser.

How To Make: How To Make A DIY Reed Diffuser In 10 Minutes Or Less

38. How To Make Incense Sticks Long Lasting

how to make incense sticks
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

In this post I’ll show you how to make incense sticks that are powerful smelling and long-lasting. They are one of the best ways to fill your home with wonderful, fragrant scents.

Incense sticks are commonly called agarbatti in India, and I prefer them over other types of air fresheners as burning these turns the act into more of an event, instilling tranquillity in me as I strike the match.

How To Make: Incense Sticks That Are Powerful And Long Lasting

39. Gorgeous Homemade Coasters With Your Own Photos!

Homemade coasters using your own pictures!
Photo Credit: SavvyHomemade

I posted my DIY coaster craft a couple of weeks ago. I was feeling quite good about it, but then I stumbled upon some cool photograph coasters while I was doing some Christmas shopping online.

They looked so cute! All you have to do is upload whatever vacation snaps you have of you and your family or friends and the company sends you the coasters in the mail. But that’s when It occurred to me, I bet I can save some money and make these myself! So with a bit of experimentation, I managed to make these homemade coasters that look just as good as the ones I saw online!

How To Make: Gorgeous Homemade Coasters With Your Own Photos!

40. Homemade Jewelry Is An Excellent DIY Gift Idea

making jewelry
Image Credit: Shutterstock

How To Make: Easy Homemade Jewelry Is usually less expensive

Homemade jewelry is usually less expensive, and it also allows you to exercise your creativity and give someone a creative homemade gift that is truly one-of-a-kind.

Initially, it might seem just a little challenging, but don’t worry you actually don’t require any special skills for this. I’ve learned how to make jewelry fairly quickly and below I will try to guide you through all the tips and techniques.

Making homemade gifts is such a cool way to show your family and friends how much you care about them. It’s not just about saving money; it’s also about putting in extra effort to make something really special and unique. When you take the time to create homemade gifts, it’s like telling your loved ones that they’re super important to you!

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