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"Every day I share, learn or try something new, and it’s fantastic"

Angela Wills

Angela Wills

In 2008, I found myself in a bit of a jam. With the daily commute to work (thank God for retirement) firmly behind me, I suddenly had more time on my hands than I could have possibly imagined.

My kids had grown up, starting families of their own, and I thought I could just spend my days sipping herbal tea and reading novel after novel. After about a month I was so bored I found myself intentionally making things dirty so I could clean them again. I had lost my purpose, my role in life. That’s when I said to myself ‘Angela, you need to get a damn life!’ And so I did.

I already had over 30 years of craft and homemaking experience to share with others, but what started as a way to keep myself sane has spiraled into this wonderful, passion project of a blog I’ve called SavvyHomemade.

I have since become a member of the Soapmaking & Cosmetic Guild and qualified as an Organic Skincare Formulator. Every day I share my experience while crafting something new, it’s fantastic.

Over the years I’ve come a long way with homemade beauty products, homemade crafts, soap making, and bath products. I know, I never expected this to happen. But I’m so happy to say that those first steps into the world of diy crafts can lead me here, there’s absolutely no way you, reading this right now, cannot do the same.

Please feel free to contact me with any questions you might have about SavvyHomemade. And to get my latest posts you can subscribe to the monthly newsletter, or follow us on social media at Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, YouTube or Twitter.


Daniel Wills

Daniel Wills

After working as a children’s librarian for a few years, and an archaeologist before that, I decided to take the plunge and help my mother out with her blog SavvyHomemade. At first, I only expected to help her write a few pages or edit some photos. I never expected to fall in love with something like soapmaking!

I just love how exciting it is coming up with your own recipes and trying out new ingredients. I’ve gone from the daily grind to experiencing something new and interesting every single day. I wake up thinking about what I’m going to make and share with the lovely readers of SavvyHomemade, and I love that feeling.

Since working under the guidance of my mom, I’ve become quite a soap and lotion making aficionado, as well as handling all the images, videos and site graphics here on the blog. I look forward to mastering these homemade crafts and passing the knowledge on to my children too.

Now enough about us, here’s the best place to start

Soap Making

soapmaking for beginners

Many recipes for making soap can be found here, everything from the basic soap recipe and organic soap to goats milk soap and honey and oatmeal soap.
Start Making Soap

Candle Making

candle making for beginners

Like many other crafts and hobbies, there’s is a whole range of candles that you can try. Choose something that you will really like.
Start Making Candles

Facial Recipes

my best lavender and aloe face cream

Many face care recipes such as moisturizers, gentle face scrubs, face masks, and diy creams that will leave your skin feeling better than ever before.
Face Care Recipes That Work

Bath & Body

diy bath melts with rose petals

Treat yourself to a hot bath, using your very own recipe with handpicked essential oils. Top-class bath recipes that will knock the socks off branded products.
Nourishing Bath & Body

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  1. I only found you yesterday and I must say I am really impressed and pleased with all the things you know and are willing to share with us. I love crafting and cannot wait to get started with all the great advice you give. I live in northern Ireland and I had a rough few years but when I accidentally landed on your page a little light in my eyes came on. I don’t work currently and it’s the first time in many years that my budget is practically nonexistent for Christmas gifts. So I decided that this year I will make homemade hampers for my family as I am a good baker and love crafts. I looked online for home made candles and there you were. I decided to read a bit more and I must say you inspire me. I want to try to make everything now (who knows where this could bring me?). Thank you from the bottom of my heart.

    • Hi Delphine,

      I’m so happy that you’ve found my blog, and that it inspires you to make your own homemade things. I know your loved ones will absolutely love their Christmas hampers!

      But you’re absolutely right, you don’t know where this could take you. I know many people who have turned a budding interest in making their own homemade things into a full-time income that supports them and their families. Even if you just enjoy making things for yourself and those around you, it can literally transform your life in many ways. I know, because it did for me! Good luck on your journey, Delphine. Make sure to keep me updated on how you get on. 😀

  2. Do you have any Face Mask recipes for usage of Activated Charcoal? I loveeeeeeeee all of your recipes! I am trying your Creamy Wash this week! I’m excited to see what following you does for me! Thank you so much! Your recipes are clear, plain English lol and to the point. Thanks again!

    • Hi Micki,

      Currently, I don’t unfortunately. However, I do have two soap recipes that you could try your hand at. Both of them contain activated charcoal and they’re amazing at cleansing skin. My first is a cold process recipe, the other is a much easier melt and pour variety. I definitely recommend giving the second a try, if you haven’t made soap before. If you have, you’ll probably get much more out of the cold process recipe.

      But you’ve piqued my interest. I’ll have a look into making an activated charcoal face mask in the near future!

  3. Hi.
    I discover your page when I was researching for a gentle liquid soap formulation for my children. Your explanations and pictures make everything look so easy. You are doing a great job and I can’t wait to try your foaming body wash recipe. Can I replace the coco glucoside surfactant by the foaming oat surfactant? Thank.

    • Hi Stephnie,

      Thank you for your lovely words! As for the surfactant, unfortunately, I’ve never worked with a foaming oat surfactant, so couldn’t really tell you how you should substitute it. I would definitely recommend coco glucoside if you can get your hands on it. Otherwise, I would just experiment with your surfactant.

      Try a like for like substitution and then go from there. Also, use whatever manufacturer guidelines that are offered to you by the supplier you purchased it from. Usually, they’ll give you a guide as to how much to add as a percentage of whatever product you’re making. Learning how to use new a new ingredient can be daunting, but it’s all about experimentation.

  4. I would like to know where to get ingredients for making a gel cleanser. Where to I buy Blood Orange Hydrosol, Coco- Glucoside?
    I would appreciate your information. Sincerely, Rebecca

    • Hi Rebecca,

      I would take a look on Amazon. Without knowing where you live, it’s difficult to send you anywhere else, as Amazon is probably the most globally universal market place. Nevertheless, any wholesale cosmetics supply companies in your area, both online and in-store, will likely sell these ingredients. You could also consider having these items shipped to your location from another country if no supplier in your region keeps them in stock.

      I hope this helps!

      • Thanks for your help, I did find a supplier and will be trying out your recipes. I will let you know if they work. I will keep in touch, Rebecca


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