"I have to say, it’s incredibly satisfying to know that YOU made something YOURSELF with creative touches that are uniquely you!"

Homemade Gifts & DIY Crafts

SavvyHomemade is packed with unique homemade gifts, DIY Crafts and handmade things that will be made better and last longer than many store-bought items. This is a true passion for us and we welcome you to join us on this wonderful adventure.

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Recent Comments About Our DIY Crafts

Really impressed by the teamwork and family effort it took to share your ideas!
Mara – Ca

I LOVE your site! There’s so much that’s great here.
Kyley – US

OMG! your site has been of BIG help to so many. I can’t thank you enough, More power!
Thelma – Philippines

Going to use some of these DIY Crafts for teaching next year…thank so much guys!
Louise – US

I love these great homemade gift ideas! Thank you for sharing with us.
Ana – Canada

Great ideas, I am going to use two of these recipes tomorrow! The boys will luv them!
Melissa – US

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