Tried & Tested Homemade Things

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Tried & Tested Homemade Things

"Every day we learn or try something new, and it’s fantastic"

my best lime and coconut milk soap

There are so many things to make at home that will wipe the floor with anything you can buy in-store, while living more naturally and saving potentially thousands of dollars a year. You can make your own bath & body products, skincare recipes, soaps, candles, & other crafts at home. These can all make very creative homemade gifts for your friends and family.

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Angela Wills
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SavvyHomemade is a true passion for me and my family, its where we’ve been busy sharing inspirational things to make at home since 2008! With over 30 years of handcrafting and creative experience, the dream is that this information will make life a little easier for others whilst also doing a little towards protecting our planet. If this is your first visit to here’s the best place to begin »