How To Make A DIY Reed Diffuser In 10 Minutes Or Less

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Making your own DIY reed diffuser is so much easier than you might think, and today I’m going to show you how to make the best diffuser I’ve come across.

Like so many of my handmade gifts, once you’ve assembled your ingredients and equipment, it will take no more than 10 minutes to whip up this reed diffuser.

Watch How To Make A Reed Diffuser

3 DIy reed diffusers sit on a table


When I welcome people into my home I’m always asked how I made the reed diffusers I use, as they make the house smell amazing. But get this, they are always shocked at how easy it is!

I make these regularly to keep the house smelling amazing and unlike some store-bought alternatives, they are free from preservatives and potentially harmful chemicals.

Two Quick Tips For Your Reed Diffuser Jars

  1. These make lovely homemade gifts! And I know I get a few store-bought ones every now and then as a present. When those are spent, I keep the bottle and top them up with my own reed diffuser oil rather than buying a new one. Though be sure to change the reeds and clean the container out first.
  2. I’m constantly in and out of thrift stores, and they are a perfect place to hunt for your glass container for your diy reed diffuser! They absolutely must be made of glass if using essential oils. If you have a large house, or can’t get enough of your chosen scent, just get a larger container and double the ingredients and number of reeds (although make sure those reeds are long enough). I’ve used a perfume bottle before, but I’ve also used an old whiskey bottle!
3 reed diffusers sit on a table

How To Make A DIY Reed Diffuser

Making your own DIY reed diffuser is so much easier than you might think, and today I’m going to show you how to make the best diffuser I’ve come across!
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 5 minutes
Total Time: 10 minutes
Yield: 1 Diffuser
Author: Angela Wills

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  • Pour the Diproylene Glycol into the glass beaker
    DPG is measured in a beaker
  • Add the perfumers alcohol
    Perfumer's alcohol is added to the beaker
  • Add all three of our fragrance oils
    Fragrance oil is added to the beaker
  • Pour the mixture into a diffuser bottle
    Reed diffuser liquid is poured into the bottle
  • Finally, add the reeds and lid
    A reed diffuser sits on a table

How To Use A Reed Diffuser

That’s it, you’ve done it! I move the reeds around every now and then and turn them around at least twice a week to keep the aroma strong. Pop a homemade reed diffuser in the bathroom, bedroom and anywhere you might have company hanging around so that everyone will say “gosh, your house smells amazing, my home is inferior to yours,” much to their envy and your delight!

If you’re making more than one reed diffuser, add a splash of variety by using different fragrance oil blends per reed diffuser. I do this so that each room is unique, with its own irresistible aroma and inviting atmosphere. E.g. lavender in the bedroom always fills me with a drowsy, heavy head that whisks me off to sleep in no time.

How To Gift This

diy reed diffuser gift

As I’ve already said, a DIY reed diffuser can make the perfect gift without breaking the bank! Just assemble all your ingredients and equipment but with the addition of a glass bottle.

Once I’ve made the reed diffuser oil, I use the glass bottle to store the oil as part of a set that includes the reeds and container as well. Your giftee simply has to poor the contents of the bottle into the decorative glass container and add the reeds. It all looks lovely in a box on a bed of shredded, colored tissue paper.

Be creative! Glue some ribbon to the rim, neck, or base of the container to give it that wow factor! Your mom, friend or that special someone will just love it

organic reed diffuser gift
homemade reed diffuser
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Make It Your Own

I prefer to use fragrance oils over essential oils for this recipe. I could go on and on about how amazing I think essential oils are, but they can be a bit expensive. This recipe calls for 20mls, which would be rather a lot of essential oils. Fragrance oils can be used in a variety of homemade skin care products and perfuming, and as long as you use a cosmetic grade fragrance oil you won’t be including any nasty chemicals.

Moreover, you can get hundreds of different types of fragrance oils, and I think the hardest part when using them is to decide which one! You can get some that smell like food such as blueberry muffins or fudge or some that mimic the aroma of essential oils or your favorite perfume/cologne. Of course, they’re not as pure and don’t possess the same properties of essential oils, but for a powerful reed diffuser they’re perfect!

When making your own reed diffuser oil, you can even combine fragrance oils. Keep in mind the potency of your oils – some oils are stronger than others, so try to balance the pallet. Take a look at my homemade perfume page, it gives some nice tips on how to combine fragrance or essential oils for that perfect scent profile.

I hope you enjoy making reed diffusers, feel free to post your own photos or ask any questions below!

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