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Questions About A Post

If it's a question about homemade things in one of our posts please submit it through the comments on the individual post.

Reader Submissions

If you love making your own homemade things and would like to share them, please feel free to send them to us. You can send any notes and photos to angela[at] and I will share your creations with the world!

And if you made something from one of my tutorials, please let me know using the comments on a post, the form below, or by email.

Guest Posts & Link Requests

We only accept real guest posts from other bloggers with an active blog in a niche similar to

The post will need to be unique and show that you actually created something homemade, or provide relevant, useful knowledge of the subject. Requests that fail to explain the guest post subject along with some detail will not be replied to, I hope you understand.

I do not place links in existing posts in exchange for money and I will not accept payment for the placement of articles or links. Emails of this nature will not be replied to, I hope you understand.

Anything else please feel free to use the form below, you can be sure we'll do everything we can to respond to you as soon as possible.

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