Natural Homemade Beauty Products

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If you are reading this then like us, you are probably looking to break the mold by rediscovering the benefits of natural homemade beauty products. The recipes here are often made from flowers, herbs, grains, fruits, and vegetables. So you can also be assured that you are not using harsh or drying chemicals on your skin.

Expensive equipment isn’t required, and you’d be surprised to know that a lot of the ingredients you need can be found in your very own kitchen! Such as a sprig of herbs, a spoonful of honey, oatmeal, or almonds.

my best diy bath salts

4 Wonderfully Relaxing DIY Bath Salt Recipes

I love a good soak, so I often use one of these bath salt recipes to help me wind down after a long, hard day. As you lie in a bath of hot water the atmosphere softens the skin and speeds up oil absorption allowing the essential oils to do their best work on your skin, mind, and body.

DIY wrinkle cream that really works

Wrinkle Cream Recipe With Honey And Orange

Similar to my first homemade wrinkle cream this natural anti wrinkle cream is another great overnight treatment, it’s perfect for smoothing out fine lines and wrinkles in your facial skin. But you can also get some great results when using this cream on cracked heels or dry hands.