11 Sulphate-Free Homemade Shampoo Recipes For Gorgeous-Looking Hair

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Ever thought about making homemade shampoo? It’s a fun way to take care of your hair without using harsh chemicals. Your hair looks & feels amazing, and It’s easier than you might think.

Once you have the basic DIY shampoo recipe down, you can start experimenting with different scents to create a calming, stimulating, or rejuvenating shampoo that suits your mood and personality and cleans your hair. Let’s take a look at some recipes.

My Best DIY Clarifying Shampoo For Thick or Oily Hair

diy clarifying shampoo

If you are battling oily, thick, or lackluster hair, often weighed down by product build-up, our latest homemade clarifying shampoo recipe is tailored just for you.

Designed to cut through the grease and grime, this homemade shampoo is your once or twice-a-month ticket to refreshed, vibrant hair.

Get The Recipe: DIY Clarifying Shampoo

Castile Soap Shampoo Might Ruin Your Hair! – Try This Alternative

soap base shampoo

Many of us are drawn to the allure of natural ingredients, like liquid castile soap base. Its purity and versatility appeal, but is it the best choice for your hair? 

In this post, we dive into why castile soap might not be the ideal candidate for your shampoo formulations, especially if you’re aiming to maintain healthy, vibrant hair. 

Get The Recipe: Castile Soap Shampoo Alternative

DIY Sweet Orange Shampoo From Scratch

basic shampoo from scratch

Perhaps my favorite thing about this DIY shampoo is how it makes my hair smell amazing for so long! The sweet, intoxicating orange aroma of the product transfers to my hair so easily.

My biggest problem with making liquid shampoo was trying to get my formulas to thicken properly. It’s a challenge, I’ll tell you that for nothing. But after weeks of research and plenty of failed recipes, I’ve managed to crack it with this one! 

Get The Recipe: Castile Soap Shampoo Alternative

Natural Homemade Shampoo Recipe For Frequent Use

DIY natural shampoo for frequent use

In our quest for clean and healthy hair using homemade shampoos, we often overlook the impact of frequent washing. While it’s essential to keep our hair clean, over-washing can lead to a host of problems, from stripping away natural oils to causing scalp irritation.

This is where choosing the best natural shampoo recipe comes into play, especially for those who prefer or need to wash their hair often.

Get The Recipe: Natural Shampoo Recipe For Frequent Use

How To Make A DIY Shampoo Bar Without Lye

DIY shampoo bar

I just love how this natural DIY shampoo bar recipe turned out. Not only does it work wonders on my hair, but it looks fantastic as well. If you get yourself a beautiful mold, you’d be surprised how sophisticated and luxurious these little bars can look!

Learn How To Make It: A DIY Shampoo Bar Without Lye

Make A Shampoo Bar Recipe With Castor Oil

shampoo bar with castor oil

I’ve opted to use Castor Oil for this recipe. Castor is a great carrier oil that has amazing properties for your hair. It helps to improve blood flow to the scalp, which can boost hair growth for thicker, more voluminous hair.

Learn How To Make It: Shampoo Bar Recipe With Castor Oil

Make A Shampoo Bar With Coco Butter

homemade shampoo bar

If you’ve not tried making shampoo with surfactants before, this super easy SCI shampoo bar is a great place to start. The Cocoa butter smells great and adds beautiful moisturizing benefits.

Get The Recipe: Shampoo Bar Recipe With Coco Butter

Easy DIY Dry Shampoo with Cornstarch – Refresh Hair Between Washes

diy dry shampoo with cornstarch

A few weeks ago, the topic of DIY dry shampoo came up during a lunch date with a girlfriend of mine. She admitted to using dry shampoo, and at first I was beyond shocked. I had always thought it was for people who didn’t want to wash their hair!

But that’s when she schooled me – dry shampoo is exactly that, but it’s the reason for not wanting to wash your hair that I had wrong.

Learn How To Make It: DIY Dry Shampoo Recipe with Cornstarch

My Homemade Baking Soda Dry Shampoo

baking soda dry shampoo

Baking soda is another great absorbing ingredient. While it has a high pH, we don’t use enough of the product to significantly impact our hair. Along with its fantastic oil absorption, baking soda has deodorizing properties, which can help neutralize odors in the hair. This can be pretty useful if your hair tends to pick up unwanted smells.

Baking soda can add volume and texture to the hair. It can create a matte finish, which is perfect for those looking to add texture and body to their hair.

Get The Recipe: Homemade Baking Soda Dry Shampoo

My DIY Arrowroot Powder Dry Shampoo

arrowroot powder dry shampoo

Arrowroot is a leading powdered absorbing agent. It’s completely natural, which is an absolute boon for this recipe. But it can actually make hair look and feel fuller and more voluminous, as it adds texture and volume to the hair at the root.

I’ve found most people get on fine with Arrowroot. It’s very gentle, so irritation is unlikely, and therefore should be fine for those with sensitive skin and scalp.

Get The Recipe: DIY Arrowroot Powder Dry Shampoo

Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair Or Colored Hair

diy dry shampoo for dark hair and black hair

If you have darker hair, you can say goodbye to a white residue with this DIY dry shampoo for dark hair. Easy to make and perfect for quick touch-ups! And you can use any of the absorbing agents for this recipe.

Get The Recipe: Dry Shampoo For Dark Hair Or Colored Hair

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  1. Hi Angela

    I like to shop from Natually Thinking who are good quality it does not do calendula tincture what should I do? Also is it shampoo SLS Free I need?

    • Hi Paula,

      This question couldn’t come at a better time, because I’ve just written a whole post about how to make your own tinctures! You could also consider using a herbal infusion instead if you’d prefer. Another option would be to look for a calendula glycerite and add it at a concentration recommended by the supplier.

      As for the SLS free shampoo, I would recommend looking for one. SLS is a great surfactant, but it can cause irritation for dry and sensitive skin types.

  2. Hi Angela

    Do you also have receipes for conditioners, masks, deep conditioner treatments, other treatments and more!

    • Hi Paula!

      While I don’t have recipes for conditioning products just yet, I do have two different recipes for facial masks, although I have a feeling you’re talking about hair masks. Experimenting with different ingredients and formulations specifically for hair is something I definitely want to get into, so watch this space! 🙂

  3. Hi Kiran,

    Without a preservative, I wouldn’t keep it longer than about 2 months. If you did want to add a preservative, it could last as long as 6 months, maybe longer! Any broad spectrum preservative would do.

  4. Hair is either dark or light mentioned in recipes. I have gray hair. Would I use the light recipes?

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