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Fabulous Face Creams + Luxury Serums + Brilliant Bath Bombs

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Skincare Formulation Courses

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Step away from the unreliable realm of free online DIY recipes and embark on a journey to master proven recipes and techniques. Go beyond mere creation; delve into the art of formulating skincare recipes and bath products from the comfort of your own home. Lifetime Access – Self-Paced – Online – 50% Off Black Friday Week!

Radiance Skincare Workshop

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It’s your ticket to perfect-looking skin. For years, we’ve been talking about how there are just three DIY steps to perfect skin.

But with cosmetic science moving at lightning speeds, it’s now possible to achieve amazing results in just 2 steps!

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Fabulous Face Creams Course

Most Popular Course

In this course, you will learn how to make a variety of different facial moisturizing products, including face creams, oils, crèmes, balms, and gels.

I’ve carefully curated an array of amazing recipes. But that’s not all! With this course, I go beyond recipes and empower you to formulate your very own bespoke skincare creations in the comfort of your own home!

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The Luxury Serums Course

New Premium Course

In this course, we empower you with the knowledge to create your own sophisticated face serums that will rival even the most expensive skincare on the market.

Uncover the secrets behind gel serums, oil serums, groundbreaking cold-process emulsion serums, and their traditional counterparts.

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Brilliant Bath Bombs Course

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The basic bath bomb is quite simple to make but it takes time and lots of experimentation to get it just right”

Luckily, I’ve already done that work! I’ve been making and perfecting bath bombs for years, and thousands of visitors have used my basic recipe to make their very first bath bombs.

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