Wholesale Soap Supplies and Equipment

Olive oil soap ingredients
Basic Soap Recipe

Let’s take a detailed look at where you can buy wholesale soap supplies and soap making equipment.

Most of the recipes on SavvyHomemade require some ingredients and the homemade soap recipes are no exception. You may already have some of the following items naturally in your kitchen, but some you will need to find.

Soapmaking Oils and Natural Ingredients

Mountain Rose Essential Oil
Where To Buy Oils Online

With many a project calling for essential oils as ingredients, we’ve developed an essential oil use chart and a carrier oils chart. These both show a wealth of information on the uses and properties of many soapmaking oils.

In fact, we have a whole section dedicated to organic natural ingredients. Plus, as I’m ordering natural oils on the internet on a regular basis, I also have some important info on where to buy oils online. This valuable info will make sure you purchase high quality 100 % pure products, and help you save a bit of money!


Natural Soap Coloring and Textures

soap making ingredients
Natural Soap Making ingredients

In order to give your homemade soap a nice fragrance, color or texture, try including a few of these natural soap making ingredients.

Simply add a little when you have reached the “trace” stage until you are satisfied with the look and aroma of your soap blend.


Lye (Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda )

soap making lye
Soap Making Lye (Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda )

Lye is a necessary ingredient used in the cold process soapmaking recipes, it has become a more difficult item to buy throughout local retailers. Most of them have removed lye crystals from visible sale on the shelves as it was being used for alternate purposes by less-desirable elements. You may need to ask at the counter for lye and present identification.

However, I have managed to locate soap making Lye on Amazon many times and at the time of writing the best available at a reasonable price is the Red Crown High Test Lye. I purchased this specifically for cold-process soapmaking, and yes it worked beautifully.


Melt & Pour Ingredients

Ingredients for Homemade MP Soap
Ingredients for Homemade MP Soap

All of the ingredients used in our melt & pour soapmaking recipes can be found on Amazon.

The basic things you will need include the Melt & Pour Soap Base, some Soapmaking Dyes, a few Frangrance Oils and possibly a couple of Soap Molds

Soap Making Equipment:

Many of these items can be found in your local stores or you may already have them to hand. But for the sake of convenience I wanted to give you my thoughts and tips on each item, along with some direct links making it easy to purchase wholesale soap supplies from Amazon.

I also did a quick calculation and if you needed to buy every item here, the total cost of your soapmaking kit would be around $60-$70. You would then be set up to make lots of soap and will just need to gather some natural ingredients for each recipe.

The only other thing I could recommend would be a good book on making soap, when I started I got a copy of The Soapmaker’s Companion, it’s a great book with all of the information you will ever need.

Hand Whisk or Soap Making Stick Blender

soap making stick blender
Soap Making Stick Blender

Even though a hand whisk is proven to reach the ‘trace’ stage, it’s often very time-consuming and usually takes over an hour. The hand held blender however can perform exactly the same task inside of a few minutes.

Whether you’re considering creating soap for presents or simply for your own individual use. I’m relatively confident that when you begin to use your soap, the shop bought products will be a thing of the past. Therefore an inexpensive soap making stick blender will be really worth the investment.

When I started I bought the cheapest one I could find, and at the time that was the Proctor Silex hand blender and it works great!


Soap Making Scales For Perfect measuring

When making your own soaps, creams and butters in smaller quantities it’s much easier to work in grams than ounces. Most cosmetic products are actually measured in grams rather than % because they can give a more accurate measurement/ weight. This can often seem a bit daunting when you are used to working in ounces, but once you’ve got the hang of it you will notice that it’s much easier and you should be able to understand and tweak any recipe to perfection using grams.

soap making scales
Digital Kitchen Scales For Soap Making

There are basically 28.3495 grams in 1 ounce so if a recipe contains 100 grams 1grams =1% of the recipe and so on. If you are considering creating lots of your own products, make it easy and get yourself a set of digital scales that can weigh as little as gram, that way you can convert ounces to grams and grams to ounces at the touch of a button. Honestly a few dollars on digital scales is well worth the investment.

There’s a host of well-priced soap making scales available on Amazon. But basically all that’s required is an affordable kitchen scale that’s not too difficult to work with.

The Ozeri Pro Digital Kitchen Scale will do the job and won’t let you down. It’s a simple scale that does its job very well. It’s extremely precise and consistent for its size, and is by no means difficult to work with.


Plastic or Wooden Soap Molds

durable silicone loaf pan as soap mold
Durable Silicone Loaf Pan as Soap Mold

There are literally hundreds of soap molds available on Amazon, but if you don’t have a specific soap mold any good size container will do. Durable plastic containers that possess a little ‘give’ in order to ease the soap out once it has set will make the best molds. There’s also no need to line these, a swift grease around using some solid oil from your recipe, and they are ready to go.

When I started making soap I used a 1.5 liter Really Useful Box that I had to hand. This worked great and I’m still using it today for the basic soap recipe.

Looking on Amazon I also found that this 12 cavity silicone loaf pan had some great reviews and is working well for soap making. With this you can make individual soap bars so you won’t need to cut a loaf.

Glass, wooden, ceramics, and even cardboard all lined with freezer/butcher paper will also make ideal molds. Stay away from any kind of metal molds unless you are sure that they are stainless-steel.


cutlery bin as a soap mold
Cutlery Bin as a Soap Mold

I make a lot of soap and I found a great little tip that helped out. This was to buy a simple, cheap plastic cutlery bin from Amazon.

As you can see in the photo to your right it’s a great half moon shape and was perfect for the goats milk soap.

It also has a little give in it to help ease the soap out. It makes around 10 large bars per compartment… Perfect for making multiple batches of soap!


Soap Mold Liner

In the event that you would like to line a mold the easiest way is to use freezer/butcher paper. Cut 2 pieces, one to go across the width of your box and another to go down the length, allow sufficient paper so that you can then fold it over the sides and secure it with tape.


Soap Cutters

handmade soap cutters
Handmade Soap Cutters

I cut a lot of my soap by hand and to be honest I do a fairly good job. By hand I’m actually getting a nice homemade rustic feel to the soap. Plus I don’t always want my soap to be the same loaf shape and size.

So I would advise that you pass on these items until you get a little more serious and/or you want a more polished product.

Do a search on Amazon for Soap Cutter and there you will find many options. I purchased a soap cutter and later I got hold of a separate soap cutter box to hold my soap in place while I cut.

The box isn’t really anything special; it just holds the soap in place and has a slot in it to cut down through on a straight line.


Soapmaking Thermometers

soapmaking thermometer
Soapmaking Thermometer

It’s important to measure exact temperatures when making soap, so a good quality thermometer will be an important part of your homemade soap supplies.

If you don’t already have one at home, then I would look to purchase one of these candy thermometers as this will provide what’s needed.


Safety glasses

soapmaking safety glasses
Soapmaking Safety Glasses

Again it’s important to be safe when making soap, therefore safety glasses are an essential part of your soap equipment.


Other Items

  • Large stainless steel pan
  • Large plastic /glass jug or plastic bucket
  • Plastic spatula
  • Apron
  • Rubber gloves

Now you have an idea of what wholesale soap supplies are needed, take a moment check out some pleasant homemade soap recipes.