Cold Process Soap

Cold process is perhaps the most authentic form of making soap. It seems complicated at first, but it’s actually very easy and not much harder than baking a cake. In fact, I’ve found it to be extremely addictive, and a wonderfully rewarding hobby.

If you are new to soapmaking I would urge you to read my tutorial on how to make soap at home using cold process before you go any further. Then below you will find all of the Cold Process soap recipes on Savvy Homemade. I’ve made dozens of batches and they all make wonderful gifts!

my best bastile soap recipe

How To Make Castile Soap At Home

Here’s how to make Castile soap, it’s absolutely one of my favorites. It’s simultaneously one of the most inexpensive soap recipes you can make (making it a great beginner soap), but also the most gentle of cleansers at the same time.