Yes,​ ​You​ ​Can​ ​Make​ ​A​ ​Necklace, Really!

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Here’s another one of my homemade jewelry tutorials. It’s a quick and easy way to make a necklace using cotton cord with pretty beads and simple jump rings, it makes for another wonderfully unique homemade gift idea.

Of course, if you prefer making necklaces using a leather thong or cotton thong with ribbon, then go ahead, the main thing here is to check that your cord or leather will fit through the beads and that the leather ends are compatible with your chosen cord.

homemade necklace gift

Materials You Will Need

supplies needed to homemade necklace gift


Step 1. To make a necklace start with placing the cotton cord around your neck to get an idea of what length you would like make the necklace. The cord is easily trimmed later so leave it just a little longer than needed, just in case the cord begins to fray at the ends whilst threading on the beads.

Step 2. Thread 5 jump rings on to the cotton followed by 1 bead.

Step 3. After the first bead thread 4 jump rings on to the cotton followed by 1 bead.

thread jump rings and beads

Step 4. Repeat step 3 (4 jump rings to 1 bead )until you have used all your beads, finish with 5 jump rings.

Step 5. Trim the ends of the cotton to make them neat and tidy or to remove the extra length you left on.

squeezing neclace ends closed

Step 6. Place the cotton into the leather ends and squeezing the ends closed. I find it easier to hold the leather end and a tiny bit of cotton cord with one pair of pliers whilst squeezing the leather end closed with a second pair.

hook through necklace clasp

Step 7. Open the jump ring and hook it through the clasp and leather end.


Step 8. Close the jump ring and repeat with the other side.

necklace using cotton cord beads jump rings
finished necklace using cotton cord beads jump rings
finished homemade necklace gift

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  1. I am excited about learning stuff like that, I wish I knew where and how to obtain the beads and other stuff to make the necklaces.


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