Making Clustered Earrings

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homemade clustered earrings

It’s hard to believe that this tutorial on how to make clustered earrings is still very much in the beginners section of easy homemade jewelry.

Most of the beads I’ve used to make these homemade earrings are from a basic glass bead mix that I had left over from the homemade clustered necklace I created earlier.

Bead mixes can usually be picked up for a reasonable price online or at a crafts shop. I’ve also added few small inexpensive charms just to give it a bit of bling, if you can’t get hold of any charms metal beads work just as well.

When making clustered earrings there’s no rule as to which size or shape bead you should use, but you do need to make sure you have two of each style or your earrings won’t match.

What you will need:


  1. Open the jump rings and set them aside, then thread each bead on to a head pin.Making clustered earrings Step1
  2. If the hole in the bead is two large for the head pin you will need to use a bead cap or a small bead to stop it falling off.Making clustered earrings Step2
  3. Charms are treated in the same way as the beads, but they will need to be hung on to eye pins rather than head pins. Open an eye pin with the pliers pop on the charm and close it up again.Making clustered earrings Step3
  4. With the wire cutters trim the head pins so that you are left with about half an inch coming out from the top of the bead.Making clustered earrings Step4
  5. Make a loop at the top of the bead by bending the head pin over into a right angle. Now hold the very end of the head pin with the round nosed pliers and twist the head pin up and back over upon its self to make a loop. (see process for hanging drops and beads on head pins).Making clustered earrings Step5
  6. Repeat the same process with all the beads until you have 16 beads/ charms with loops above them.
  7. Thread four of the beads onto one of the jump rings, and then close the jump ring with the pliers making sure no gaps are left.Making clustered earrings Step6
  8. Thread another four beads onto a second jump ring but this time before you close it up; also slip on the jump ring containing the other four beads, along with one of the earring wires. Close the jump ring up with the pliers once again making sure there is no gap. Repeat the same process with for the other earring.Making clustered earrings

If you enjoy making the clustered earrings you may want to match it with the necklace so don’t forget to check out how to make a clustered necklace.

Homemade clustered necklace with matching earrings
Clustered Necklace with Matching Earrings
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