How To String A Necklace With Thread

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Making a strand of simple beads is an ideal homemade gift and a great way to familiarize yourself with traditional stringing using a needle and thread.

The following technique covering how to string a necklace with thread is a method that’s been used for centuries.

homemade beaded jewelry

Though stringing homemade jewelry using beading wire may be cheaper, I think this method provides a traditional high-quality finish, especially when making use of pearls and semi-precious gemstone beads.

I personally find the 0.7mm silk thread one of the most versatile threads to use. It’s usually strong enough to tackle most beading jobs and it comes in an array of different colors. Silk thread can also be purchased in 2-meter lengths (makes about 3 good sized necklaces) and it comes complete with its own integral needle, making it extremely easy to use.

For more advice on threading, materials take a look at the Which jewelry making thread guide.

Stringing A Necklace With Thread

homemade beaded jewelry

You Will Need


Step1 Start by working out the length and pattern of the necklace, a beading board is useful for this, but if you don’t have one using a piece of felt to work on will stop your beads rolling about too much whilst you arrange them.

Jewelry Beading Board

Step2 Thread a beading needle with the required length of thread and tie a knot in the end. You can give your knot added body by passing the end of the thread back through the knot for a second time. If you are using the silk thread with the integral needle attached, remove the entire thread from its holder and tie the knot in the very end of the spool. By feeding the beads through the entire length of silk thread, you will be keeping the integral needle intact for your next necklace.

String on the beads

Step3 String on the beads, following a repeated pattern if you are using different styles or colors, finish with another knot and then dab a little glue onto each knot and leave to dry.

Step4 Lay the knot inside the hollow of the calotte and squeeze it tightly closed. Trim the loose strands that stick out at the very top.

Squeeze calotte tightly closed

Step5 Open one of the loops on the calotte and fix it to the clasp. Open the other loop on the calotte and add a jump ring. Adding a small length of curb chain to the jump ring will allow the necklace to be adjusted in length

Add a small length of curb chain


Over time, the thread will stretch, creating unattractive spacers between the beads and the clasp. You can prevent this to an extent by stretching the thread prior to making your beaded homemade jewelry. I recommend stretching the thread overnight by suspending an object weighing 1lb (0.5kg) from the length of thread.

homemade beaded jewelry

What’s Next?

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making a homemade necklace

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