Which Jewelry Making Threads or Wires

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There are lots of jewelry making threads and jewelry making wires to pick from.

Your choice is determined by the size and weight of your beads, pendants or charms, the size of their holes and whether or not any of the thread will be left showing.

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Jewelry Making Threads

Leather Cord

A popular jewelry making thread because of its natural qualities. It might be inflexible when first purchased but quickly softens. It’s available in a number of colors and thicknesses. A leather thong is pretty strong however thin sized (fewer than one millimeters in thickness) shouldn’t be used for single-stranded necklaces. It’s solid therefore it doesn’t fray helping to make threading relatively simple.

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Nymo Loom Thread

Ideal when using beadloom. It’s very strong yet fine enough to go through the tiniest bead holes. It’s also great for creating jewelry with small holed beads off the loom.

Super Lon is yet another useful jewelry making thread and it is slightly stronger than Nymo. It has a really smooth finish. Both are available in a number of colors to match your beads. Both threads have to be used with a beading needle.

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A thermally bonded, water-proof bead weaving thread that’s abrasion resistant, wont fray and has hardly any stretch. It’s perfect for stringing seed beads, plus due to its strength it works particularly well with multi-strand necklaces. It’s available in several neutral tones.

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Cotton Thread

Aka bootlace or ‘veggie leather’ is overtaking genuine leather in global recognition. Even though it appears similar to genuine leather thong it’s more consistent in thickness as well as quality. It is actually considerably stronger than leather and it’s more economical. One small drawback with cotton thong is the fact that it’s woven and might therefore fray somewhat when used with tight fitting beads.

Waxed Cotton Thread

Simple to thread, easy to knot, and incredibly strong. This impressive combination of factors can make it the most versatile of threads. It’s especially ideal for filled necklaces of smaller beads. The only real drawback is its color range. It’s obtainable in white, white as well as white. It is somewhat less versatile relatively. Black linen thread makes a good alternative when a little of the thread is likely to show.

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Silk Thread

Will cost you more but can provide a beautiful and professional looking finish when knotted between each bead. Two colors knotted together make an appealing look. It often comes with its own threader, making threading through even very small holes simple. It’s very strong as well as flexible, which makes it perfect for special items of jewelry.

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Nylon Thread

Passes easily through very small holes, with out needing a needle. It’s transparent characteristics allow it to be unobtrusive, a benefit with some designs. However, it’s a bit hard to knot and can hang somewhat awkwardly unless beads of weight are used. Over time it might stretch. Nylon thread benefits from a dab of glue or nail varnish on knots to bolster them.

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Beading Wires

Tigertail and Beadalon will be the strongest threads available. They incorporate a base of twisted steel wire coated in nylon. They make the most effective long-term solution for weightier necklaces featuring glass and other materials that may have sharp edges. Beading wires are strong yet sensitive.

They aren’t happy being knotted and have a tendency to form kinks if care isn’t taken. One exception to the rule is Beadalon that is kink resistant. Just like a rain mac, note that the key word is ‘resistant’ and not ‘proof’.

If you are searching for cheep and cheerful, plastic covered beading wire is ideal. It’s zingy color makes it the extrovert of the beading world. Beading wires are perfect for ‘floating’ necklaces where beads are separated along the wire by crimps.

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Jewelry Making Wires, Chains And Various Alternatives To Thread

There are many attractive and straightforward alternatives to using threads. Your works of art can be impressive as well as uncomplicated but remember that versatility is not the most notable feature of these products.

Metal Chokers

Pre-formed circles of stiff wire that usually comes with a loop on each side to close. A single pendant piece can thread on in a moment. If you’re careful it is possible to straighten one end out to allow yourself to add some large holed beads.

Gently re-bend the wire when you are happy with the arrangement.

Rubber chokers tend to be more limited since the ends are already finished with a clasp. A jump ring is generally provided that can be used to add a pendant of your choosing.

Memory Wire

Maintains it’s shape, hence its title. It’s similar to the metal choker wire and may be bought in a selection of ready cut pre-shaped lengths, or non ready cut lengths. As memory wire doesn’t already have pre-formed ends, it’s fast and simple to add numerous beads and pedants.

After you have added the beads or pendant you will have to bend the end into a loop (like the metal chocker above). If you’re feeling truly imaginative, curl the very ends to create a decorative loop.

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Or Power Cord is a soft, flexible bead cord which resembles nylon but stretches like elastic. Its limber nature makes it ideal for bracelets particularly when using beads with a small hole. Take one piece of wrist length elasticity and add your beads.

Knot the elasticity tightly (but not too tightly) together at the ends. Glue the knot for additional security if you want. It couldn’t be easier.

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Jewelry Making Chains

Is an exception to the rule when it comes to non versatility! It can offer a considerable array of uses. Charm bracelets have made a big comeback and bag charms have grown to be very popular lately. A number of weights are usually available. Preferred choices tend to be 3mm (light-weight) as well as 5mm (heavy-weight).

An extremely delicate chain known as trace chain (2mm)
Is also readily available and this is ideal if you wish to create a dainty looking necklace. Short lengths may be separated by beads on eyepins for a bohemian look. As well as silver and gold plated, additional colors like black antique are also in the marketplace.

You might also encounter assembled chain. This is essentially a length of chain with the fastener already connected. This may limit your design but, if a speedy necklace is what you’re after, it’s a handy solution.

Extension chain is also available. This is a short length of chain with a fastener attached. It may be added to a pre-existing necklace or bracelet to provide additional length.

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Hopefully, this overview of the available jewelry making threads will help out a little when you make your own jewelry.

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