How To Make Custom Leather Bracelets

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diy licorice leather bracelet

My daughter requested one of those custom leather bracelets for her birthday this year and at around $30 to $80 each I was soon searching the internet for a DIY tutorial on how to make leather bracelets of the same style and quality at around a fraction of the cost.

It didn’t take long before I had the information and guess what, they are extremely simple to make!


So I found some beautiful wholesale licorice leather, you can get it in just about any color you could think of. Licorice leather also known as regaliz leather is named after the old style licorice sticks, it’s flat on one side and rounded on the other very much like the letter “D” shape.

Also freely available was a good variety of leather bracelet clasps and slide on beads that fit perfectly to make my diy leather bracelet.

As I was making this for my daughter who’s not so girly I went for black leather and a few simple beads, but I did notice a shocking pink licorice leather and some great sparkling beads whilst looking and I can’t wait to get my hands on some of them!

What You Will Need For Custom Licorice Leather Bracelets:

supplies for makinkg a licorice leather bracelet

  • Wholesale Licorice Leather Cord
  • Licorice Leather Bracelet Clasps – (the magnetic once are really good).
  • Slide on licorice leather beads
  • Strong Jewellery Glue

Making The Custom Licorice Leather Bracelets

This part hardly needs any instructions!

how to make a licorice leather bracelet step1

Slide the beads on in the order you require.

how to make a licorice leather bracelet step1

Glue on the clasps, you should only need one drop of glue on each side to glue the clasp on to the leather ends. Be sure to test the clasps on both ends before gluing as it’s possible to accidentally glue one part on upside down, and please don’t ask me how I know this!

From Simple To Fully Loaded:

basic diy licorice leather bracelet

basic diy licorice leather bracelet with beads

diy licorice leather bracelet

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