Homemade Soap Recipes & Methods

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Many homemade soap recipes and methods can be found below, but if you are new to this craft I recommend starting with my post on soap making at home for beginners, it’s a great place to begin learning how to make soap in different ways.

With DIY soap, you have the traditional methods which involve using a wonderful array of textures and fragrance. Beginner tutorials on this include how to make cold process soap, a simple hot process soap, and the three different ways to make liquid soap.

Besides this, you have a simpler method known as melt and pour soapmaking, this creates a less complex soap but is quick and still lots of fun.

my best bastile soap recipe

How To Make Castile Soap At Home

Here’s how to make Castile soap, it’s absolutely one of my favorites. It’s simultaneously one of the most inexpensive soap recipes you can make (making it a great beginner soap), but also the most gentle of cleansers at the same time.