An Attractive Homemade Pendant Necklace

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This is the simplest method for making a homemade pendant necklace, it can give a really striking effect and can make an excellent last minute homemade gift for someone at very little cost.

Simply add an attractive pendant to a length of leather thong or cotton cord, the thong or cord can look quite attractive when knotted. There are also some wonderful large holed beads available so you can give each necklace a different look and feel simply by adding one or two extra beads.

two homemade pendant necklace

What You Will Need


The pendant that I’ve used here is a large-holed pendant, but most forms of pendants can be hung in a similar way (see notes on how to hang a pendant).

Step1 Hold the thong or cord in half and pass the folded half through the hole of the pendant and then pass the loose ends through the loop that you have just produced. Pull until the pendant hangs straight.

Step2 If you are not quite sure what length of necklace you want, slip knots are very useful as they allow the length of the necklace to be altered.

making a homemade pendant necklace

Step3 Finishing the necklace with a leather crimp gives it a more permanent and neat finish. To do this push the cotton thong or cord into a round leather crimp ensuring you have a tight fit (double the cord if necessary) grip the end coil only and squeeze firmly but gently with the flat/round nose pliers until the coil has tightened on the thong and feels secure.

crimping a pendant necklace
Crimping A Pendant Necklace

Step4 Then add a hook to one of the crimps.

attractive homemade pendant necklace


Why not try using two or three thinner strands of cotton or leather thong for an interesting look. Or, for an ultra-quick necklace, you can pick up some preformed metal or rubber chokers so a single pendant piece will thread onto it in an instant.

two homemade pendant necklace

This Silver Pendant Necklace is one of my favourite necklaces. It can be adjusted to any length so it looks great with just about any outfit. You don’t need any special jewelry making tools, and best of all it can be put together in a matter of minutes.

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