A Lovely Whipped Body Butter Recipe With Raspberry

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This whipped body butter with raspberry fragrance oil is absolutely to die for. As you know from my most recent post showing you how to make the best DIY body butter recipes, I’ve been experimenting with body butter’s quite a bit, and this is my newest creation.

gorgeous raspberry whipped body butter recipe


So in my last whipped body butter, I used an ingredient called Isopropyl Myristate. While this ingredient really is the best way to reduce the greasiness of a whole range of skincare products, I can understand that some people might want to leave this one out.

So I did some experimenting and found that arrowroot powder can actually be used as kind of a substitute, while also helping to thicken your body butter and distributing various skin-loving vitamins.

This recipe also doesn’t feature any liquid oils. I decided to see how far we can push the limits of using a heavier carrier oil. While this does sometimes feel a little greasy (even with the arrow root), I didn’t actually have any problems whipping at all. So perhaps there’s more leeway in what oils you can and cannot use after all.

As I’ve already said, this combination of ingredients does lead to a slightly greasier end product, but that’s not always a bad thing. And don’t get me wrong, it totally does sink in completely, just takes a little longer. I find this is a great body butter to use straight out of the bathtub or shower, when your skin is still quite warm from the hot water. It’s also a great skin product to massage into the body, too!

The Ingredients

Raspberry fragrance oil can smell absolutely delicious. But if you’re not into it, totally switch it up with whatever fragrance oil your prefer, be it fruit or floral. You could even add a touch of luxury to this and substitute it for a fabulous essential oil. For more information on essential oils and which ones are good for your own unique skin, take a look at our essential oil use chart.

Like I’ve said before, refined shea butter is the easiest cosmetic butter to whip using an electric hand whisk. However, I have used mango and avocado in the past and they have both worked (although avocado was a little grainier). If you’re a newcomer to making your own whipped body butter, stick with the shea.

If you would prefer to use Isopropyl Myristate instead of the arrow root powder, take a look at my previous whipped body butter recipe for more information. While arrow root powder is great for imparting vitamins to the skin, as well as thickening and reducing greasiness, IM will do a much better job at maintaining a light texture to the finished product.

The beetroot powder, while being packed full of lovely vitamins and minerals, is what gives this body butter it’s lovely light pink color.

While I prefer beetroot powder as it’s much better for your skin, if you’re looking to switch up fragrance oils or just can’t get hold of this stuff, you can substitute for a skin-safe colored mica instead.


Step 1: First, weigh out and place the shea butter into a good size bowl.

Body butter recipes step 1a: Weigh the shea butter

Whisk on a low setting until creamy, this shouldn’t take more than 1 or 2 minutes.

Step 1b: Whisk your shea butter until fluffy

Step 2: Gently melt the coconut oil in a hot water bath or by short blasts in the microwave. You don’t want to heat it just melt it.

Step 3: Blend the beetroot powder/ mica into the melted coconut oil. If you have a small milk whisk/frother this works really well to disperse the powder. If you are using beetroot powder you may notice a slight graininess where the powder hasn’t dissolved completely into the oil. Don’t worry too much about this, as long as there are no lumps of powder it won’t affect the finished product.

Step 3: Add the beetroot powder to the coconut oil and mix

Step 4: Using a spatula start to mix the coconut oil into the whipped shea butter then switch back to whisk and beat the mixture on the lowest setting until it’s well combined.

Step 4: Add the coconut oil and beetroot powder and mix

Step 5: Gently fold in the arrowroot powder followed by the fragrance oil.

Step 5: Add the arrowroot and the fragrance oil to the mixture
Step 5b: Stir thoroughly

Step 6: Transfer to a suitable container and enjoy it.

This should last around 6 months (depending on the quality of your oils). To extend this a little add some Rosemary CO2 Extract (at 0.1%) or Vitamin E oil (at 1%) during step 5 when adding the fragrance.

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  1. Hi..

    Can this recipe be used for selling as small scale business ??
    Shelf life ??
    As beetroot powder is used , will it last long as good ??

    • Hi Amina,

      I have not had a problem with the beetroot powder myself, but I tend to use my body butter quite quickly (within 6 months.) However if you are planning on selling it, you won’t know how the customer will be using or storing the product so I would say perhaps add a preservative at 1%.


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