A Complete Candle Making Supplies Guide

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What exactly do you need to make your own candles and where do you buy candle making supplies? Don’t worry, this page has everything you need to make some fantastic candles.

I’ve separated the section into essential supplies, and optional items so you can make an informed decision on what you need and what you could probably go without in the short term.

What you will need to make a candle that looks amazing

If I’ve missed anything off the list, let me know. However, I think I was relatively exhaustive. I’ve left links to the best places to buy these supplies, and I use many of them myself. You can also find these ingredients on the candle-making list via my ingredients store on Amazon. So there you have it, now there’s nothing standing in the way of you and your gorgeous candles.

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Essential Supplies

Candle Wax

Beeswax for candlemaking

Wax is perhaps the most essential ingredient for candle making. It’s the thing that keeps your wicks burning, melting, and then vaporizing into the air.

You can find more information about the different types of candle making waxes, their pros, and cons and where to buy them in my detailed guide to candle making wax.

Where To Buy

In short, the main types of waxes we use for candle making are paraffin wax, soy wax, beeswax and gel wax, all of them can be found easily on Amazon here: Paraffin Wax, Soy Wax, Beeswax , Gel Wax

Candle Wicks

the best candle wicks

Candle wicks and wicking are just as important as wax , as without them we wouldn’t be able to light our candles. Once you light a wick your candle wax will begin to melt. With continued exposure to the flame, the wax vaporizes and the wick disintegrates as it burns.

Wicks come in a variety of types and sizes, and the one you need will depend on the type of candle you intend to make, as well as its size. Take a look at this handy table below to help you decide which wick type and size you’ll need to buy.

Some wicks will come ‘pre-waxed’, which means they’ve already been dipped in paraffin wax or beeswax. These wicks are perfect for tealights or smaller jar candles and are slightly rigid, so require less support from a wick holder. Generally you will want to use ECO wicks when working with soy and the LX wicks when working with paraffin.

Diameter of Candle (mm)Paraffin Candle WaxSoy Candle Wax
25-50LX 10ECO 1
50-65LX 12ECO 4
65-75LX 16ECO 6
75-90LX 20ECO 10
90-100LX 26ECO 14
BuyLX Wicks from AmazonECO Wicks from Amazon
BuyPrewaxed tealight wicks from AmazonPrewaxed Tealight Wicks from Amazon

Take a look at our in-depth guide to candle wicks and wicking for more information about how to use candle wicks.

Candle Molds

candle making molds

Candle Molds will also be an important component to have amongst your candle making supplies. They come in all shapes and sizes, and are the perfect way to get cool and interesting shapes out of your candles.

Candle molds are usually made of 3 different types of material, metal candle molds, plastic molds and silicone molds. Metal will give you the best finish, but plastic and silicone offer more diverse shapes for you to experiment with.

It’s important to keep in mind that only certain types of wax are suitable for pouring into molds. Paraffin wax is probably your best choice for molds, although you can use beeswax or a paraffin-soy blend if you prefer.

Pure soy and gel wax are completely unsuitable, as you need a harder, more stable wax that can stand up on its own.

You can buy basic candle molds on Amazon, there are lots to choose from.

Candle Jars

candle making jars

Candle making jars can also be found on Amazon, they are a nice alternative to your traditional freestanding candles, and look wonderful too. They’re also extremely versatile as you can use pretty much any type of wax that is suitable for candle making.

Also, you don’t have to stick to just jars, these decorative candle tins from Amazon can look equally as pretty and luxurious.

When making jar candles, it’s quite possible that you won’t get a perfect finish on the sides of your candles. This is due to how candle wax contracts when it cools, and this can be quite visible with a fully transparent jar.

When looking at supplies for candle making try to find a jar that has a very polished, smooth interior surface, or alternatively purchase frosted jars to conceal any imperfections.

Double Boiler (Bain Marie)

Soy Candles double boiler

The double boiler, or bain marie as it is more commonly known in Europe, is pretty much the only sure fire way to melt your wax without burning any off. While you can buy purpose-built double boilers pots from Amazon, many of you will already have the equipment necessary to put one together.

A double boiler is essentially a metal pan, filled with a few inches of water, with a metal or heatproof glass bowl sitting on top. When you pop it on the stove, the water in the pan will boil and begin to heat the contents of the above bowl slowly, without subjecting it to any direct heat.

Optional Supplies

Candle Dye

candle dye

Candle dye is exactly what it says it is, dye that is specifically designed to color your candles. Amazon has various types of candle dye, including block, flake and liquid. I personally have had the most success with flake candle dye, and have found it to be the most efficient dye to use. Just make sure your flakes are quite dark, as that’s an indication of how strong they are.

Soy doesn’t take to dye as well as other types of candle wax and will create more pastel colors, so keep this is mind when sourcing your supplies for candle making.

Where To Buy

You can buy candle dye on Amazon here: Candlemaking Dye Flakes

Fragrance or Essential Oils

fragrance oil for candle making

You can buy fragrance oils and essential oils online, they are a wonderful additive to any candle, infusing the beautiful aromas of flowers, spices, foods and other pleasant scents.

You can learn more about how to use fragrance oils and essential oils in candle making on our in-depth guide to scented candles.

Candle Sealant

candle mold sealing

Candle sealant can also be found online, it’s important only if you’re planning to use a mold, otherwise, it’s not really needed.

Candle mold sealant is used to plug up the hole in the base of candle molds, making sure none of your lovely wax leaks all over your kitchen countertop.

While I do sometimes use good old blue/white tac, I find nothing works quite as well as a good quality candle sealant so I tend to always have some in my candle supplies.

Wick Holders

supporting the candle wick

Wick Holders are important for anyone planning to make jar or container candles.

These little beauties keep your wicks in place when you’re pouring your wax, and while the wax is still cooling in your jars.

While you can buy specialized wick holders, I find a pencil or bamboo stick works quite well. You also won’t need any if you’re using pre-waxed wicks, or making candles in molds.

Wicking Needle

A wicking needle will take the stress out of threading your wick through molds, so if you’re making freestanding candles I highly recommend you get one. They come in various sizes, but you probably only need one.

They’re especially helpful when you’re working with quite a thick wick, which can be a bit of a nightmare to thread (especially when the hole is a bit small).

Temperature & Glue Guns

checking temp coconut oil soap

I like to have my infrared thermometer gun to hand when making candles. It’s not imperative to use this for making candles but it’s a tool I have for making soap and home skincare recipes, in fact I use it all the time in my kitchen so I may as well use it for this.

The other thing I find handy is my hot glue gun which I use to stick down the prewaxed wicks in my candle jars.

So there you have it, all of the candle making supplies I use regularly to make candles. If there’s anything that you use to make your own candles, or if there’s something you feel I left out please feel free to let me know.

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