How To Make Homemade Bracelets

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how to make homemade bracelets

Here’s the easiest and most popular way to make homemade bracelets. The classic elasticated bracelet slips on and off without the need for a catch.

These practical bracelets are quick to make and will usually fit any wrist size.

And with the ever increasing selection of beads and stones available, and in virtually every shape, color and material thinkable, you can also be sure of making a unique matching homemade jewelry every time.


  • Beads: Anything goes, but do make sure the jewelry beads you use are not too heavy or sharp for the elastic.
  • Elastic: Jewellery making elastic and elasticity come in various thicknesses and colors, l usually find the 0.8mm thick elasticity in clear or black is suitable for most projects.Elasticity is a soft and flexible bead cord which resembles nylon but stretches like elastic. It has a limber nature which makes it ideal for bracelets especially when using beads with a small hole.
  • Glue: I usually use super glue or clear nail varnish, both work well.


homemade bracelet

  1. Take one piece of wrist length elasticity and add your beads.
  2. Tie the elasticity together at the ends in a couple of reasonably tight knots.
  3. Now glue the knot for additional security and that’s it.

And that’s it…  couldn’t be easier!

I literally made 30 of these bracelets within an hour and a half to sell at a charity sale, they cost me just under a dollar each to make and I sold them all for 10 dollars each.

All of the bracelets below have all been made using the same method; some of which have been made using left over beads.

Take a look below for a little inspiration, but don’t forget to come back and post a photo of your own creation on SavvyHomemade!


Making bracelets for men was also a lot of fun and extremely easy to do. It’s an economical gift idea that’s always unique, making it perfect for that someone special.

These homemade leather bracelets are defiantly high on the fashion list right now. They will take you less than two minutes to make and cost just a fraction of the price of store-bought bracelets.

Making this? I'd love to hear from you or see a photo!
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