Making Layered Melt and Pour Soap

Layered melt and pour soap looks very impressive and can be created with almost any melt and pour soap base. The hardest part is knowing when to pour the melted soap and at what temperature.

Layered melt and pour soap

Layered melt and pour soap looks very impressive and can be created with almost any melt and pour soap base. The hardest part of layering soap is knowing when to pour the melted soap and at what temperature.

Once you’ve mastered the melt and pour procedure it really is very simple and you will soon be making some wonderful soapy gifts for friends and family.

Each layered mp soap may be scented with a single fragrance throughout, or to make it really interesting you can scent each layer to complement its color.

The latter is a particularly nice touch if the soap you are making is going to be a homemade gift.

Layered melt and pour soap

What You Will Need

How To Make Them

Your first step is to familiarize yourself with the basic melt and pour soap process.

Then, the quickest and most efficient way to make layered soap is to melt the soap and then separate it into individual bowls before adding color and fragrance to each bowl.

But you do need to work quickly with this method. If you are new to melt and pour soap you may find it a little easier to melt each layer separately.

Melt the soap in the usual way by cutting into small cubes and giving it 15 to 30-second blasts in the microwave, or melt in a pot that’s been placed onto a pan of boiling water.

When to pour the soap

Each layer of soap should be poured when a skin has formed over the existing layer of soap whilst it is still warm and fresh, I would say within 5 minutes of the existing layer being poured if possible. If you leave the soap too long it will start to solidify resulting in layers of soap that don’t stick together.

Remember this soap can be re-melted, so if your layers of soap do fall apart, re-melt it and try again.

Making layered melt and pour soap
Making Layered Melt And Pour Soap

Temperature of the soap

Don’t pour mp soap that is too hot over an existing layer of soap, this will just melt the layer of soap bellow and the colors will begin to bleed into each other. Wait until the soap you are about to pour has thickened slightly before pouring it.

The soap should be no more than 120F before pouring.

Pouring layers of melt and pour soap
Pouring Layers Of Melt And Pour Soap

Rubbing alcohol

Give each freshly poured layer of soap a good squirt with rubbing alcohol immediately after and just before pouring a new layer, this will help the layers stick together and remove any bubbles that may have formed. Don’t worry about using too much as it won’t harm the soap in any way.


Match your layer soap with some homemade bath salts for a wonderful gift!

Bath Salts & Layer Soap Gift
Bath Salts & Layer Soap Gift

Or you could add the solid body butter bar for an even better combination

Bath Salts, Body Butter & Soap Gift
Bath Salts, Body Butter & Soap Gift

Are you giving a soap gift this year? What are you making?

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