Make Head Pin Earrings The Simple Way

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I love to make head pin earrings and I’ve spent many fun evenings with friends and a couple of glasses of wine showing them how to make them. Yes, they really are that easy!

The stylish head pin earrings you see above are great fun and incredibly cheap to make, you can literally create endless pairs for every occasion in minutes.

And you can make them in just about every style and color thinkable, so you can enjoy wearing unique homemade earrings every day without the hefty price tag! Which is great because let’s face it you can never have enough earrings!

simple head pin earrings

What You Will Need:

Materials & tools for making head pin earrings
Materials For Head Pin Earrings

Let’s Make Head Pin Earrings:

Step1 Thread the beads onto the headpins; you will need to leave about a 1/2 inch of the headpin free at the top. If you have more than a 1/2 inch, trim it down with the wire cutters.

How to make head pin earrings

Step2 Using the round-nosed pliers bend the headpin directly above the beads into a 45-degree right angle.

How to make head pin earrings Step2

Step3 Now hold the bent headpin at the very tip with the round pliers and roll it back up and around upon itself to create a loop leaving just enough space to slip on an earring wire before closing completely.

How to make head pin earrings Step4
How to make head pin earrings Step5
Homemade Head Pin Earrings
The Finished Homemade Head Pin Earrings

For more detailed information on this technique please visit the basics of making homemade earrings.

I’m sure that you will love learning how to make these head pin earrings as much as I did!

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