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A DIY stretch mark cream recipe that works well on fading and improving the overall texture of your affected skin. I came up with this recipe after having my little one and I must confess that I’ve never stopped using it.

It’s one of many beauty recipes that I used, but I just loved the smell and the way it moisturized my skin (far better than any store-bought moisturizer that’s for sure).

homemade stretch mark cream


Although stretch marks do eventually fade there’s nothing wrong with giving them a helping hand whilst improving the texture of our skin all in a very natural way.

The following DIY stretch mark cream is great and I highly recommend that you try it, but if you are short on time you could also make up a few easy oil remedies for stretch marks in less than a couple of minutes, I do this using a few essential oils and a little know-how.

What’s In My Homemade Stretch Mark Cream 

ingredients for diy stretch mark cream

(Updated for 2021)

Shea Butter is a fantastic moisturizing butter and is well known for its healing properties. Shea butter quickly melts into the top layers of skin and can be used just as it is to help prevent stretch marks and scars. On the downside, it can be very greasy so it’s much better when it’s combined with other ingredients to help it penetrate the more quickly. 

Murumuru butter is another great moisturizing butter, It’s high in vitamin A and holds some great elasticity and cell regeneration properties. It’s also rich in antioxidants which can help to delay the rancidity of the other it’s used with.

Murumuru butter has a melting point of around 90f (33c) so if you live in a hot climate you may want to substitute it for cocoa butter which has similar properties but with a higher melting point.   

Argon Oil holds some powerful antioxidants and fatty acids that can help to maintain and repair the skin’s elasticity, making it an excellent choice for a stretch mark cream. Argon oil also has a pretty quick absorption rate, and as we are creating a nourishing anhydrous cream (no water) this will help it feel a bit lighter.

Rosehip Oil is another fast-absorbing oil that’s great for treating scars. It’s full of naturally occurring vitamin A and fatty acids and is one of the best carrier oil on the market for cell regeneration. 

Lecithin is produced from soy or sunflower oil and is usually used as an emulsifier or thickener. It has some wonderful moistening properties that can add a touch of creaminess to any anhydrous cream. Adding a little lecithin in your cream will also enhance the penetration of all the other ingredients 

The Essential Oils in the following home remedy for stretch marks have excellent healing powers on the skin. They help to reduce the redness of stretch marks and optimize the skins natural regenerative powers. 

If you are pregnant I would advise you to wait until you are in the second trimester (13 weeks onwards) and lower the amount to 3 drops of each rather than 5.

Natural DIY Stretch Mark Cream Recipe

A homemade stretch mark cream recipe that works well on fading & improving the overall texture of your skin. I came up with this recipe after having my little one.
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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 15 minutes
Total Time: 20 minutes
Yield: 102 grams (approx)
Author: Angela Wills

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  • Gather all your ingredients together ready for use.
  • Weigh the butters into a heatproof container
    32 grams Shea Butter, 29 grams Murumuru Butter
  • Place the container containing the butters into a water bath, and heat gently on the stove until they are fully melted.
  • Remove the melted oils from the water bath and allow them to cool slightly before adding the argan and rosehip oils.
    16 grams Argan Oil, 16 grams Rosehip Oil
  • Now it’s time to add the lecithin, this can be a bit tricky as the lecithin its sticky and heavy and needs to be given a good solid stir to fully corporate it into the butters and oils. 
    5 grams Liquid Lecithin
  • Continue to stir until the oils have cooled to below 104f ( 40c) then add the vitamin E and the essential oils.
    1 grams Vitamin E Oil, 5 drops Lavender Essential Oil, 5 drops Geranium Essential Oil, 5 drops Frankincense Essential Oil
    essential oils
  • The oils need to be stirred until they are at the point where they are thick and creamy. As this can take a while you may want to consider placing the container/beaker onto an ice bath while you stir it to quicken the whole process up.
  • When the cream is nice and thick and cooled, transfer to a clean container. For best results leave for 24 hours before using.
    1 Cosmetic Jar
    perfect skin cream



How To Use The Stretch Mark Cream 

Massage the cream gently into your skin where your stretch marks are. Use this homemade stretch mark cream daily after either a bath or shower and your skin will feel softer after just a few days.

This cream also makes a wonderful intense moisturizer for dry or mature skin and is suitable to use as an all-over body moisturizer.

Some Easy Oil Remedies For Stretch Marks

Essential oils are excellent for treating any kind of skin problem and stretch marks are no exception. Stretch marks can be vastly improved to the point where they are hardly noticeable, by persistently applying the correct oils morning and night to the troubled spots on the skin.

If this is your first time using essential oils or if you happen to be on a bit of a budget and only want to splash out on just the one essential oil, for now, make it lavender, mix it with 15 drops with 4 teaspoons of Argon, Rosehip, Sweet almond or Jojoba oil and use as bellow.

How To Use The Oils

Massage the oil into warm skin morning and evening Use sparingly so that the carrier oil is fully absorbed into the skin. If you use too much it can end up being transferred on to your clothing and the oil will have been wasted. You will need to protect them from daylight by storing them in a dark cupboard or drawer.

I prefer to mix my oils as freshly as possible, so this is a fairly small batch that will last for about one week. If you would like to make a larger batch add vitamin e or a teaspoon of wheat germ oil as a preservative.

My Favorite Oil Recipe

Adding the essential oil

I’ve seen this simple mix of oils work so many times and with amazing results and although the Frankincense and Neroli are some of the more costly essential oils, they are some of the most important oils for this job, so if you can afford them, do try to get them.

  • 6 drops Lavender essential oil.
  • 4 drops Frankincense essential oil.
  • 4 drops Neroli essential oil.
  • 4 teaspoons Jojoba oil

Orange, Patchouli and Lavender

Adding essential oils to a small beaker

The lavender, orange, and patchouli essential oils in the following recipe have excellent healing powers on the skin. They help to reduce the redness of stretch marks and optimize the skins natural regenerative powers.

  • 6 drop Orange Essential Oil
  • 4 drops Patchouli Essential Oil
  • 4 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 4 teaspoons Rosehip Oil

Jasmin and Lavender

Melting butter and solid oil.

Jasmine is super expensive but it’s a fantastic essential oil to have in your collection. A little goes a long way, It smells wonderful and is one of the best oils on the market when it comes to healing scars or tackling wrinkles.     

  • 8 drops of Jasmine Essential Oil
  • 6 drops of Lavender Essential Oil
  • 4 teaspoons of Argan Oil

Final Thoughts

To keep the oils from waning, store the mixed oils in a dark or clear glass bottle. If you are using a clear glass bottle to keep your oils in you will need to protect them from daylight by storing them in a dark cupboard or drawer.

I prefer to mix my oils as freshly as possible, so this is a fairly small batch that will last for about one week, if you would like to make a larger batch add a vitamin e capsule or a teaspoon of wheat germ oil as a preservative.

Take a look at my homemade facial moisturizer and bath oil recipes to find many more recipes for mixing oils.

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  1. Hi! So I made the cream version and it has been wonderful. Intensely nourishing, and I think I’m seeing good results after a few months. Just curious–during the healing process with this cream, did your stretch marks both lighten and become less textured? I’m hoping for both.

    • Hi Riley,

      I’ve found that this helps to fade the color of stretch marks very well, and while it does help to restore elasticity to your skin it will never alleviate that scar tissue-like texture completely. While I wish it could, it’s simply that – wishful thinking. Stretch marks do, however, fade on their own in time. This cream essentially speeds up this process a bit.

      So the simple answer is yes, but only to a certain extent. It will definitely reduce that reddish color we associate with stretch marks as well as improve skin texture, but it won’t restore your skin completely.

  2. Thanks for the valuable information. I also prefer to use natural home remedies for skin care. As I know they will do their work perfectly and does not cause any side effect.

  3. While I was pregnant with my son, I had PUPP, an itchy skin disorder. I would end up scratching my skin so often that I ended up giving myself the stretch marks. My belly had so many, small and large, marks I was extremely embarrassed. As I lost weight, my stretch marks would disappear a bit but I’m still left with quite a bit after 3 years. I hope to be able to find a cream that will help me get rid of them all together.

  4. Hi Brady
    Unfortunately using liquid coconut oil will change the consistency quite a lot. You could try adding more beeswax and cocoa butter to harden it up, I’m all for experimenting with these recipes but I cant be sure of the results as I haven’t tried it myself. Beeswax can be either pellets or bars.

  5. I am a cosmetic producer here in Ghana and I am more interested the beauty products such as cosmetic so help me to now more about the stretch marks products thank you from Peter Ghana.

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