18 Home Remedies For Glowing Skin Using Kitchen Cupboard Ingredients


If you like cooking, you probably have a full pantry. Even if you don’t cook much, you might still have kitchen ingredients that can be used to make home remedies for glowing skin.

You may have always wanted to try DIY natural recipes. It’s easy when you have good ingredients on hand. From homemade masks and scrubs to soaks — the sky is the limit.

Let’s look at 18 natural skincare remedies that will not cost you money or require you to buy lots of expensive ingredients.

1. Homemade Scrubs 

Face Scrubs, Cleansers & Masks That You Can Easily Make At Home

A super easy way to scrub those dead skin cells away. Any form of sea salt or pink Himalayan salt would be best. They have fantastic detoxifying properties and when used within a scrub, can encourage blood circulation. 

Mixing the salt with an oil of your choice, olive, avocado, or sunflower, would work well. You could add essential oil or even a bit of honey for moisturizing purposes. Whilst in the bath and shower, Rub the salt scrub over the body, then rinse off. 

A note of caution: Not everything in your kitchen is great for exfoliating the face. Sugar, for example, is way too harsh and will cause micro-tears. For a homemade face scrub, you need a recipe using Rapadura brown sugar, jojoba beads, baking soda, and bamboo powder, all of which are much finer.
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2. Hair and Scalp Oil 

carrier vegetable oils

This one only takes a couple of minutes to put together but can have some amazing results for both the scalp and hair. You can use any of these oils for healthy hair, but my preferred oils would be olive oil, avocado, coconut, and rosemary. 

Gently Warm the oil in the microwave. Leave it to stand for a couple of minutes just in case it is still heating through (we don’t want to burn the scalp). Massage into the scalp and through dry hair. Leave for at least 30 minutes, and then wash out with a gentle shampoo. 

By applying oil to the scalp once or twice a month, you will notice your hair is softer and less brittle, and your scalp will feel cleaner, less itchy, and moistened.  

3. Cocoa Face Mask

cocoa face mask

Cocoa is delicious in desserts, but it can also hydrate aging skin. Add it to sour cream and honey. Combine with an egg white and apply it to your face.

Let it dry naturally before washing it off. Your face will feel and look tighter. Lines will greatly diminish, and you’ll feel your skin softer. Sour cream is a gentle exfoliant. It’s a great addition here.
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4. Aloe Vera Cleansing Makeup Remover  

aloe vera gel

Aloe vera gel is a great kitchen cupboard ingredient that I would recommend everyone has. It’s suitable for making a moisturizer, using it on cuts and burns, and in this case, using it as a face cleanser. 

You will need to use the store-bought gel, as the juice from the plant will not mix with the oil we will be adding. Mix one teaspoon of caster oil or olive oil into three tablespoons of aloe vera gel. 

Massage the cleanser into the skin using circular motions, then remove it with a damp cotton pad. Rinse with warm water or use a toner afterward.

This cleanser will be safe to keep for a couple of weeks as long as you keep it in an airtight container and pop it in the fridge. 
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5. Sugar Wax Recipe

women sugar waxing her leg

Sugar waxing can leave your skin smooth with just a few ingredients. Combine sugar, apple cider vinegar, and water. Melt all the ingredients. Cool off, and apply once it looks and feels like wax.

Once you feel how soft your skin is, you’ll never reach for your razor again. You can also add tea tree oil to this recipe. It will act as an antibacterial and keep your skin safe from blemishes.

6. Hand Soak with Milk

female hands soaking in a bowl of milk

If your hands are dry, a hand soak is perfect for treating them well. Use whole milk warmed in the microwave. Whole milk contains many great vitamins and fat, which helps the skin regenerate.

Simply heat some milk in the microwave or on the stove, and soak your hands in it when it’s comfortably warm. After ten minutes, your hands will feel better.

7. Coffee Scrub

diy coffee scrub

Coffee wakes you up in the morning. It can also wake up your pores and clean them in depth. Combine coffee with sugar and coconut oil.

Apply to your body and scrub gently. If you have essential oils, you can add one or a blend. They aren’t required, but they can make your scrub smell heavenly. Some also have skin-healing properties. Your coffee scrub works without them, as well.
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8. Oat Face Mask

oat and honey face mask

Oats are a great start to your breakfast. They contain saponins. Saponins are nature’s powerful cleansers that can clarify your skin.

For best results, add apple cider vinegar to your oats. Adding lemon juice and brown sugar can also regulate pH levels and gently exfoliate. The mask only needs five to ten minutes to penetrate the skin. After you rinse it, your face will glow.
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9. DIY Face Cream

Mature beautiful woman applying moisturizer

You can make face cream at home, but you’ll need more than kitchen ingredients. If you want to stick to an easy recipe without the need for some more difficult-to-find ingredients, you can.

Melt coconut oil and cocoa butter on the stove. Once they mix well, take them off the heat and add a few drops of essential oil of choice. They will solidify at room temperature. However, you can melt them in your palms and apply them to your face, hands, or even hair. The cream is very rich and moisturizing.
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10. Coconut Oil for Cuticles

close up of women applying oil to finger nails cuticles

Coconut oil tastes great and has many uses in the kitchen. Outside of it, it’s great to hydrate your cuticles. I use it all the time to avoid hangnails.

Just rub a tiny amount of coconut oil into your cuticles every night. To help it penetrate the skin, wrap your fingertips in plastic wrap for at least half an hour.

11. Baking Soda Foot Soak

women with feet in a baking soda foot soak

If you combine baking soda with warm water, you have a great foot soak bath. Baking soda is amazing for your skin. It treats calluses because it gently loosens dead skin.

Soak your feet for at least half an hour in this foot soak. Follow up with your favorite foot cream or butter and put on socks. Cotton is best because it lets your feet breathe.

12. Honey Face Mask

mature women on a home spa day

A little bit of honey mixed with green tea and turmeric can reduce the size of your pores and remove dark circles. Use this face mask to make your face look fresh.

In addition, honey can work as a lip scrub. Combine it with sugar and lemon juice and rub it gently into your lips. Just make sure you don’t eat it off before it does its job!

13. Tea Leaf Toner

Homemade green tea face toner

Mixed and oily skin often suffers from acne. The debilitating condition makes life miserable for many women, myself included. However, I’m an avid tea drinker, and I’m happy to report that it works to fight acne inside and out.

Combine peppermint tea leaves, lavender oil, and distilled water. Steep for at least 10 minutes. After it’s cool, mix with aloe vera and refrigerate. Apply it to the skin as you would any toner — morning and night.
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14. Rice Body Scrub

Rice Body Scrub

You don’t need to buy expensive body scrubs. Rice is a great way to make your skin smooth and remove dead cells. It is a natural exfoliant. Rice starch can also help repair damaged skin and reduce irritation.

Mix ground rice with coconut milk, brown sugar, and a little ginger. Apply to the body and leave for a few minutes for the best effect.

15. Olive Oil Lip Scrub

diy sugar lip scrub

You can use olive oil or coconut oil for this recipe. If you have sweet almond oil, you can also add it. Sugar is the exfoliator in this scrub. For their part, olive and coconut oil hydrate lips.

If you have a little food coloring or a flavor oil, add that to enhance this recipe. After applying this scrub, use a natural lip balm to help avoid dry and chapped lips. Olive oil can restore the lips’ natural hydration, and coconut oil acts similarly and is rather inexpensive.
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16. Cucumber Eye Mask

senior woman, holding cucumber piece over one eye and smiling

When you stay up late and wake up early, your eyes may look puffy and tired. Grab a cold cucumber from the fridge and grate it.

Wrap the grated cucumber in paper towels and apply them over your eyes. Cucumber contains lots of water and active nutrients. It can calm your delicate skin and reduce puffiness. Rested eyes will make you feel rejuvenated instantly.  

17. Tallow Body Butter

women using body butter

Tallow is rendered fat. It’s a saturated fat. It usually comes from beef, but it can also come from other animals. You can render tallow on the stove at a low temperature.

Once it’s rendered and separated from any meat, you can make your body butter. Mix it with shea butter and avocado oil. To make it smell amazing, use your favorite fragrance. Essential oils are not kitchen ingredients, so we’ll leave them off.
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18. Vanilla Extract Perfume

women making perfume with essential oils

Perfume is not a skincare must, but it’s expensive. If you have vanilla in the kitchen, here’s your chance to make your own fragrance and skip the store. Use a light oil, like sweet almond oil or avocado oil.

Combine vanilla extract with your oil and put it in a dark bottle. If you use it sparingly, it can last for as long as six months. You can make a new batch easily if you apply a lot of fragrance.
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