Emulsified Body Butter Recipe With Chocolate & Peppermint

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This emulsified body butter smells great, & it feels great too. My skin is ultra soft, & I owe it to this extra creamy, buttery emulsion. I find the smell of chocolate so intoxicating.

In my recent body butter recipes, I’ve been talking about how most store-bought versions are actually emulsions. While I do think it’s a little deceiving, It did get me thinking that I could make a product that was similar but so much better than whatever the stores are offering.

homemade emulsified body butter with chocolate & peppermint fragrance oils


Most of my DIY body lotions are lighter and thinner than my DIY face creams. This is because we wear clothing, so it’s important for a lotion to sink in fast. However, what if we formulated an emulsion that was truly supposed to look and feel like body butter? One that is thick, luscious, ultra creamy, and extra-nourishing for our skin? 

I thought that if I couldn’t beat the stores, maybe I’d join them. And I know I could make a product that was so much better than whatever the stores are offering. So I did!

What’s In This Emulsified Body Butter Recipe

I’ve formulated the emulsified body butter with only fantastic, nourishing ingredients. But of course, as this is an emulsion, it has to include a few things we don’t really want, but need. I’m talking here about preservatives. But we’ve got some tricks to help you keep this as natural as possible. 

Let’s take a deeper look. 

Oil Part Ingredients

oil part ingredients

First up, let’s chat about our oil part. We’ll start with our liquid oils, which are Apricot Kernel and Jojoba Oils. Both of these are relatively light lipids, with medium absorbency speed. This absorbency might seem slow for body butter, but on the whole, these oils don’t feel that greasy anyway. 

Furthermore, they’ll help soften and moisturize the skin wonderfully. This synergizes amazingly with our cocoa butter, which is the cosmetic butter we’ve selected for this recipe. 

You might think that cocoa would make the perfect ingredient for body butter. But in reality, it’s really heavy, very hard, and a little too greasy for my liking. Plus, there’s no way to cold blend it. 

However, by using it here, in an emulsion where some of the greasiness is mitigated by our water part, we get the best of both worlds. A deeply moisturizing and hydrating butter, packed full of skin-loving minerals and vitamins, that also doesn’t feel too greasy! Perfect!

Water Part Ingredients 

water part ingredients

We’re keeping this phase super simple, because we want to focus the spotlight on our oil part ingredients, as this is still a body butter formula. So, we’re using ordinary distilled water and a bit of glycerine as our humectant. 

Of course, you’re welcome to do whatever you like here. You could easily take this part and run with it, replacing the distilled water with a hydrosol or a herbal infusion. You could even swap out the glycerine for honey, or whatever works well as a humectant for you. 

You can, of course, leave this part as it is too. This emulsion is all about butter, and sometimes it’s best to let an ingredient shine.

Cooldown Ingredients (Including Preservatives)

adding cool down ingredients

What would an emulsion be without cooldown ingredients? Well, probably dangerous, because this is where we need to add our preservatives

Yeah, there’s not much wriggle room here. This is an emulsified body butter, with a large water phase. We’re giving bacteria and fungi everything it needs to grow and multiply. So without one, we’re exposing ourselves to a variety of nasty skin conditions and ailments. 

If you prefer recipes without preservatives, take a look at some of our more traditional body butter recipes. These can all be made without preservatives, as the absence of water prevents microbial growth. 

So we recommend using either preservative eco, geogard ECT or plantaserv p (saligard). These are preservatives that are made using naturally occurring chemicals. However, you can opt for whatever broad-spectrum preservative you’d like – germaben II would also work just fine. 

We’ve also included some vitamin e, because all oil ingredients need a little to keep them from going rancid within a product formula. And of course, some essential oils. 

While you can use whatever you like for your aromaceuticals, we’ve opted for a fragrance oil this time. We know this is controversial, but it’s impossible to get a chocolate essential oil, and we wanted to carry on with the chocolate body butter recipe theme. 

We’ve paired this with some peppermint essential oil because it smells so heavenly alongside the chocolate fragrance oil. 

OK Let’s Make An Emulsified Body Butter

homemade emulsified body butter

Emulsified Body Butter, Chocolate & Peppermint

This emulsified body butter smells great, & it feels great too. My skin is ultra soft, & I owe it to this extra creamy, buttery emulsion. I find the smell of chocolate so intoxifying.

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Yield: 200 g
Difficulty Level: Easy
Author: Angela Wills

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  • Combine your water part ingredients, this will include the distilled water and glycerine.
    110 g Distilled Water, 5 g Glycerine
    water part ingredients
  • Combine your oil part ingredients, including the emulsifying wax, cetyl alcohol, cocoa butter, apricot kernel, and jojoba oil.
    32 g Cocoa Butter, 16 g Apricot Kernel Oil, 14 g Jojoba Oil, 12 g Emulsifying Wax NF, 4 g Cetyl Alcohol
    oil part ingredients
  • Place both beakers into a water bath to melt. You can make up a water bath by placing some water into a saucepan and bringing it up to a low simmer.
    water bath
  • Once all the solid oils have melted and the water is warmed through, remove them from the heat. Now it's time to combine them. Pour the water part into your oil part and stir vigorously.
    Pour the water part into your oil part
  • We need to wait for our mixture to cool to 40C (104F) before we can add our cooldown ingredients. You can use an ice bath to speed this process up. As this will also speed up the thickening process, you will need to stir continually. You can also allow the body butter to cool naturally, this will take longer and you may want to use the stir for a minute and stand for a minute rotation.
    stir continually
  • Once the butter has cooled to 40c (104f) we can add our cooldown ingredients. These include vitamin e, broad spectrum preservative, chocolate fragrance oil, and peppermint essential oil.
    2 g Vitamin E Oil, 2 g Preservative, 2 g Chocolate Fragrance Oil, 1 g Peppermint Fragrance Oil
    adding cool down ingredients
  • Once all the ingredients have been added and the butter is looking thick and creamy, it's time to whip it up using an eclectic hand whisk. This not only fluffs the body butter up but helps to incorporate all the cool-down ingredients. This shouldn't take much more than a minute or two, depending on the power of the eclectic whisk you are using. We will need to transfer the butter to a large bowl for this.
    whisking body butter
  • Once you are happy with the consistency of the butter, it's time to transfer to a pot to store. Your pot must come with a lid and must be made of glass, PET plastic, or aluminum.
    Cosmetic Jar 8oz
    spoon into container


Shelf life is around a year depending upon the shelf life remaining of your oils.
Category: DIY Bath & Body
Cuisine: N/A
Difficulty: Easy

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Final Thoughts

I find the smell of chocolate so intoxifying. Its creamy sweet aroma is heavenly, so I’ve been loving smearing this over my entire body for the last few weeks. 

Not only does it smell great, but it feels great too. My skin is ultra soft, and I owe it to this extra creamy, buttery emulsion. 

The only thing I wouldn’t advise is to use this on the face. Cocoa butter can be a little pore clogging, which is why I usually avoid it in my facial emulsions. Although you probably won’t have problems with this if you have very dry skin. 

Let me know what you think of this one. I thought it would be fun to try this out, as I’ve never made an emulsified body butter before. Give it a try and see how you find it. If you’re like me, you’ll probably love it. Let me know in the comments below!

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Discussion (2 Comments)

  1. I made several batches of this. It never really seemed to thicken up to the consistency I’d prefer – it’s more of a thinner lotion consistency. I think I’d like just a bit thicker, any suggestions on what I should do to thicken what I have already made?

    Consistency aside, I’m loving how this feels on my skin! It’s like a hybrid of lotion and body butter – not as greasy feeling as body butter, but feels more nourishing than lotion alone. I am really looking forward to my friends trying this!5 stars

    • Hi Stevey,

      Making a batch thicker at this stage probably isn’t worth it. You could try melting it down and adding an extra 4 or 5 grams of cetyl alcohol (per batch), but you risk losing the theraputic benefits of your heat sensitive ingredients. If it were me, I would give them as is but, in the future, change my ratios to improve fresh batches.

      But that’s for your lovely words, let me know what your friends think of your body butter! 😀


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