DIY Shampoo Bar Recipe Without Lye

Savvy Homemade

We have a recipe for a super easy shampoo bar that will last for around 8 washes. 

There are lots of advantages to using a homemade shampoo bar rather than a liquid.

The most important being how much cheaper they are to make, as well as how much more environmentally friendly they are. 

Shampoo bars are pretty much condensed liquid soap, so basically liquid soap without the water, resulting in less plastic packaging and waste!  

It’s also more convenient to take a shampoo bar when traveling, especially when flying as it can be difficult to limit yourself to the small liquid quantity allowance. 

Plus, there’s no chance of it spilling en-route.  I can’t tell you how disappointing it is to open your case and see your clean clothes covered in liquid soap!     

Not only do these shampoo bars work wonders on your hair, but they look fantastic as well!