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Jemima kicked things off when she sent me photos of some lovely soaps she made, and I thought I would share them with you here.

Then, while writing this page a thought struck me: Many people have learned to make soap using my soap making recipes. Why not see if they would like to post their soapmaking photos?

Please feel free to send me photos and any text about ingredients, method etc, its all up to you how much you want to say You can send me photos using the contact info here.

Some Interesting Soap Designs

By Sherry

Yes, I truly enjoy making soap and agree that the cold process is easy and rewarding! I have just started making soap and having such fun….I watch a lot of youtube videos and I’m reading several books, there are so many people doing cool work!
The candles are based on the work of Royalty Soaps and the wreaths are based on a youtube design From Grace to You.

Sherry Soap making

Blue Swirl Cold Process Soap Recipe

By Jemima

blue swirl cold process soap

I went a bit crazy with the blue Mica and I ended up with a deep blue cold process soap. It’s my 8th batch of cold process soap.

I used the basic recipe of coconut oil, olive oil, distilled water, sodium lactate to harden the soap and unmold quickly. I did not add any fragrance oil. I let it go through the gel phase as with all my cold process soaps.

I use a 10″ Silicone cake mould for my soaps.

making blue swirl cold process soap


This makes a 2 pound batch of soap.

  • 4.8oz (136g) Lye.
  • 12 oz (340g) Distilled water (don’t use tap water as it’s full of chemicals).
  • 1 lb 5 oz (600g) Olive oil or olive oil pomace.
  • 10.5 oz (300g) Coconut oil.
  • 2 tablespoons Castor Oil.
  • 1 teaspoon of blue Mica powder dissolved in 1 teaspoon of sweet almond oil.
  • 2 teaspoon sodium lactate for easy unmolding.
homemade blue swirl soap

Peppermint Candy Stripe Glycerine Soap

By Jemima

peppermint candy stripe mp soap

This is one of my Christmas glycerine soaps that will be at the craft market soon. I never measure my melt and pour base. I do an eye assessment and know how much I need.

The soap is clear glycerine and opaque glycerine with soap shavings with peppermint essential oil added. Its a 6 layered soap. It’s starts out as a loaf and then sliced into pieces.

peppermint candy stripe mp soap loaf

Rainbow Glycerine Soap

By Jemima

layered rainbow mp soap

This is my 8 layered rainbow glycerine soap.

A combination of 8 colours and opaque glycerine soap. I wait 5 mins to place the next layer of soap on top while spraying with rubbing alcohol. The loaf was cut into three chunky slices and it sold almost immediately.

homemade layered rainbow mp soap

Orange Cold Process Soap Recipe

By Pamela from Philadelphia

orange cpld process soap

This is my first time at making my own CP soap and I’m so pleased with the results.

At first glance it looked quite complicated so I opted for doing the small lard batch on the 3 Simple Homemade Lye Soap Recipes page as this would only cost me about a dollar to make (2 with the essential oil) actually I found it relatively simple; took around half an hour.

I used a silicon muffin tray for a mould, turmeric for the color, not sure how much but I’m guessing a couple of tablespoons, and a tablespoon orange blossom essential oil (it smells lovely)

So pleased I had a go at this, can’t wait to make more !!!

Peppermint Passion Soap Recipe

By Tisha

peppermint soap recipe

Hi Everyone,
I just started making homemade cold process soaps back in December 2016 so it has only been a few months that I have been at this.

One of my early soaps was a peppermint soap – it was a one off trial and it was not spectacular in my mind but I found one customer who loved it! He specifically asked me to make this for him – he wanted an entire loaf (1200g). He tells me he will not use any other soap!

Great! Now how do I replicate the mistake I made before – I can’t (to be honest) so I upgraded and this batch is so much better!

Because the basics for soap are so expensive here where I live I make my soap base with only lye, water, coconut oil (76 degrees) and vegetable oil (new with palm).

I do add colors – using micas and essential oils for scent. If I have fresh ingredients on hand like coffee, ginger or honey then I sometimes add them in too – all depending on what soap I am making that day.

This recipe is for 1200g but I always seem to have more than my 1200g mold.
I superfat @ 5%

  • Water: 456.00g
  • Lye NaOH: 190.69
  • Fragrance: 37.20
  • Coconut oil (76deg): 780.0
  • Crisco, new w/palm: 420.00

This is just a plain and simple base that I use for many of my soaps. I try to Keep It as “Stupid Simple” as possible (KISS)

Hope you like the pics and hope this helps someone.

Have a beautiful crafty day!

Tisha Emery

Step 3: Pour into your soap mold

Soap Calculator & Formulation Guide

Select your chosen oils, along with the weight or percentage. The soap calculator will then show the total weight of lye and water required. The result can be instantly adjusted by changing your preferred superfatting level or water/lye ratio.

Luscious Lavender soap

By Tisha

Good morning Angela, Thank you so much for posting my recipe for Peppermint Passion.

The very next night I had another order to fill – one oy ladies asked for a lavender soap, Yes, I used the same recipe just using lavender essential oil and I had some dried lavender flowers that I added into the mix.

Oh, I had changed up the color scheme to be purple and gold. Well, the purple came through and looks lovely, the gold on the other hand looked muddy grey/brown.

So here is a look at my Luscious Lavender soap:

homemade lavender soap

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    I have notice you have change your soap recipes. There is one recipe requiring just under 500g of avocado oil, shea butter just two ingredients I remember. I was wondering do you still have the recipe?



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