Making A Homemade Gift Box

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Homemade Gift Box

Surprise your parents or friends with one of these stylish handmade boxes! You can make a small homemade gift box from paper or larger ones from thin card.

A double layer of wrapping paper would make an attractive box! Use paper that suits the gift.

For example, make a box from flowery paper to hold a packet of seeds or use red paper for a valentine box. Plain paper can also be decorated with stickers, ribbon or colored tape.

Try decorating paper first with crayons or pencils. A set of boxes could be used to hold cake and party favours and you can personalize the boxes with your guests names.

Once you have mastered the method you will find that making a gift box is quick and very easy!

You Will Need:

  • Paper or thin card
  • Ruler
  • Scissors
  • Glue


  1. Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half.
    Fold a rectangular piece of paper in half
  2. Fold each half in on its self, so that both ends meet in the middle.
    Fold each half
  3. With the paper opened out, you will see crease marks like this.
    Crease marks
  4. Now fold the paper into thirds in the opposite direction to your first folds.
    Fold the paper into thirds
  5. Now the creases should look like this.
    Creases should look like this
  6. Cut along the crease lines and cut out the triangles as shown in the picture below.
    Cut along the crease lines
  7. Fold in and glue flap B onto A, flap C onto flap B and flap D onto flap C. finally stick the open edge with sticky tape on the inside and make a hole at the top of both triangles if you are adding a ribbon.


Making a homemade gift box


Now, why not make some simple homemade bracelets to fill those boxes!

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