20 Foods That Promote Hair Growth, According to Science

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Feeling frustrated with flat, lifeless hair? What if the best, most accessible hair growth hack was hiding in your kitchen all along?

We’re talking vitamins, minerals, and healthy fats that work wonders for your hair from the inside out. You’ll discover hair-friendly foods to add to your plate from juicy berries to leafy greens.

Imagine giving your hair a healthy boost with every bite. This article goes beyond just “eat these foods.” We will show you how to get creative and incorporate these great foods into your everyday meals.

1. Berries

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Berries are packed with nutrients that keep your hair healthy and growing strong. They are rich in vitamin C, an antioxidant that shields hair follicles from damage. Vitamin C also helps your body produce collagen, a protein that strengthens hair (plus nails and skin) and prevents breakage.

It’s easy to add berries to your diet—toss them in cereal or whip up a smoothie. You can also add them to a salad for a refreshing touch, or just snack on them. If I’m craving something warm, I love to mix berries into my oatmeal.

2. Spinach

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Spinach is a leafy green vegetable with essential nutrients like iron, vitamins A, C, and K, zinc, and folate. These all work together to nourish your scalp, enhance your hair’s texture, and give it that shiny look. Even better, spinach acts as a natural DHT blocker, a hormone that causes hair loss.

You can creatively include spinach in your diet, because it goes with basically everything. I like to blend it into my daily smoothies (add some banana), mix it into salads, or add it to pasta.

3. Salmon

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Salmon is a nutrient-rich food that promotes hair growth. It contains high levels of protein, vitamin D, B12, and omega-3 fatty acids, which stop hair loss. In fact, a study found that a majority of women who took omega-3 supplements reported reduced hair loss and improved hair growth.

This fish is an excellent source of protein, the building block for strong, luscious hair. Also, if you want to save some money, get canned salmon. Mix it into salads, sandwiches, or any recipe you’re making that calls for flaked fish.

4. Sweet Potatoes

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Sweet potatoes are packed with beta-carotene, which your body converts to vitamin A. Vitamin A is key for hair growth—it helps your scalp produce sebum, nature’s built-in moisturizer for healthy, shiny strands. A deficiency in vitamin A leads to dry hair, which turns into dandruff.

Skip the flaky hair blues and grab a sweet potato. You can bake them whole, I like to put them in the microwave for about four minutes to get a perfect jacket potato. Or, not a bad alternative, chop them up to cook sweet potato fries in the oven.

5. Eggs

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Eggs are a powerhouse for hair health as they contain protein, biotin, and vitamins A, D, and B12. Biotin is your hair’s BFF; it strengthens strands and makes them less prone to breakage. The egg yolk’s vitamins A and E allow your hair to withstand harsh environments.

Eggs are already a kitchen staple (scrambled, sunny-side up, hard-boiled, etc.), but that doesn’t mean you must stop at breakfast. Whip up a DIY hair mask with olive oil for extra shine.

6. Avocado

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Every time you spread creamy avocado on toast, you give your hair a boost. Avocado is known for its healthy fats and vitamins B & E, which deeply moisturize your scalp and hair. This ingredient is also rich in monounsaturated fatty acids, phytosterols, and antioxidants, which are absorbed right into our hair shafts.

Avocado keeps your hair hydrated, stimulates growth, and unclogs blocked follicles (hello, fuller hair!). Next time you’re craving avocado toast, consider it a hair care ritual in disguise.

7. Yogurt

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Beyond a cool smoothie base, yogurt offers several hair care benefits. Yogurt is full of protein, vitamins, minerals, and probiotics, which encourage growth, balance scalp pH, and soothe itchiness. It is also loaded with lactic acid to cleanse the scalp and remove dead skin cells.

Why not power up your mornings with a granola and yogurt parfait? You’ll get a delicious and hair-healthy treat you can make any time.

8. Soybeans

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Soybeans give your hair a healthy boost because hair is mostly made up of protein, and soybeans happen to be a great source of it. Additionally, they contain biotin, omega-3 fatty acids, and vitamin E, which create an optimal environment for hair growth.

Soybeans even have isoflavones, which can help regulate hormones linked to hair loss. If you already make spinach and berry smoothies, like me, add soymilk to it. I can recommend it, it will make it more creamy compared to when you add water to your smoothie. Alternatively, enjoy it in your coffee, cereal, or smoothies.

9. Nuts

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I can’t write a list of natural hair care allies without mentioning nuts. Nuts are full of vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and healthy fats important for hair growth.

Almonds fight hair damage with vitamin E, Brazil nuts prevent brittleness with selenium (don’t eat more than five per day though), and sunflower seeds condition hair and stimulate growth. Next time you crave a snack, reach for a handful of healthy nuts to achieve luscious locks.

10. Oysters

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Oysters are a must-have if you want longer, stronger hair. Oysters’ two secret weapons? Zinc and iron.

Zinc is an essential mineral for hair growth (it keeps follicles functioning properly, makes your hair grow at a steady pace, and prevents dandruff) while iron delivers oxygen to your hair and scalp. Include oysters in your diet to support sustainable hair growth and give your mane extra vitality. It doesn’t hurt that they’re extremely tasty as well, and go very well with champagne.

11. Beef

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Watch your hair flourish with the hair care benefits of beef dishes. As you may already know, beef is a key source of protein, which helps your hair grow strong and repair itself.

Red meat provides you with all the iron you need to keep the scalp happy. Iron is also crucial for lasting hair growth and giving your locks a vibrant shine. Prepare dishes with lean red meat (around 2-3 servings a week) to help stimulate hair growth.

12. Lamb

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Level up your hair game with this surprising ingredient: lamb. Keratin, found in lamb, keeps our hair strong and elastic. Lamb is also bursting with protein and iron, essential for long, flowing hair and healthy roots.

If you love grilled lamb chops as much as I do, you’ll be glad to know how much it benefits our hair.

13. Poultry

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Did you know that eating chicken enhances hair health? It’s true—research has found that the protein and amino acids in poultry play vital roles in hair care. Protein, as mentioned, is the primary building block of hair, while amino acids allow your body to absorb hair growth nutrients.

Poultry is one of the most versatile ingredients on the market. You can’t go wrong with a quick chicken stir-fry or a salad with chicken breast. Now, that’s a delicious hair care routine.

14. Fatty Fish

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Fatty fish, such as herring and mackerel, are great foods that make hair look and feel good. They are packed with omega-3, which we can thank for hair follicle protection. Plus, fish is made up of protein, the most important nutrient for strong and shiny strands.

Whether you like your fish pan-seared, steamed, or grilled, your hair will thank you for the nutritious boost.

15. Shrimp

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Who knew eating more shrimp was the secret to thicker locks? Studies show that the nutrients in shrimp (vitamin B12, iron, zinc, and omega-3) contribute to nerve cell protection and stop your hair from thinning out.

We all love a great seafood dish. Next time you have shrimp pasta, a bread roll with shrimp, or a curry dish with shrimp, know you’re getting a hair care fix, too.

16. Chia Seeds

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Say goodbye to wimpy hair with the help of chia seeds. These seeds are highly nutritious and offer benefits such as strengthened roots, breakage prevention, and more resilient hair strands. Chia seeds are a rich source of fatty acids and antioxidants that contribute to overall hair health.

For your next hair-healthy snack, sprinkle some chia seeds on yogurt or oatmeal.

17. Quinoa

Quinoa Salad Cups MSN
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Incorporate quinoa in your diet to give your hair the A-list treatment it deserves. Quinoa fuels your hair with amino acids which act like a natural hair strengthener. They nourish and hydrate your scalp, leading to consistent growth and damage repair.

Quinoa also has built-in protection from harmful pollutants. Its humectant properties shield your scalp from dust and irritants. With quinoa, you can easily add unique textures to your salads, all while getting a natural power-up for your hair.

18. Flax Seeds

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Adding flax seeds to your diet is a natural way to get silky, smooth hair. These tiny powerhouses come with omega-3 fatty acids, vitamin E, and fiber, which work together to prevent hair breakage and speed up hair growth.

Ground flax seeds are known to have a calming effect on your scalp. They can soothe irritation and balance natural oils. Anyone dealing with a sensitive or dry scalp can greatly benefit from adding ground flax seeds to their meals (think smoothie bowls or muffins).

19. Pumpkin Seeds

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Pumpkin seeds are another ingredient that promotes fast-growing hair. These seeds contain high levels of zinc, iron, magnesium, and biotin—all crucial for strong, healthy growth.

What’s more, pumpkin seeds contain phytochemicals, a type of antioxidant that keeps hair shiny and vibrant. Have them raw, roasted, or buy them in single portions so you can snack on the go.

20. Bell Peppers

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When it comes to getting healthy, resilient hair, don’t forget to include bell peppers in your power pack. These colorful veggies have high amounts of vitamins A and C, which work double duty for hair care. Vitamin A keeps your scalp moisturized by producing sebum, while vitamin C strengthens strands through collagen.

So whenever you chop bell peppers for sandwiches or wraps, know that you’re also showing your hair some love.

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