12 Secret Benefits Of Olive Oil For Hair, Get Healthier, More Radiant Hair

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Olive oil has been a staple of our kitchen for decades. But did you know that it’s also been a staple skincare product for thousands of years? It has untold benefits for our hair, too.

The ancient Romans used olive oil to moisturize their hair and skin. So, I decided to take a leaf from their book and see what it could do for my hair and skin. The benefits surprized me. So, let’s go through all the different benefits olive oil has for hair health and radiance. 

1. Moisturizes Dry Hair

dry hair
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Olive oil is deeply hydrating for hair. It can penetrate the shaft of hair much more easily than many other oils, providing moisture where the hair needs it most. Overwashed hair can become very dry, so olive oil is the perfect treatment to restore its glow.

2. Enhances Scalp Health

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Olives are rich in many different antioxidants, and their oil is no different. Antioxidants are associated with reducing free radicals in the skin and hair, which can cause damage to our skin cells. Antioxidants also help combat dandruff and minimize scalp irritation. It’s wonderful stuff! 

3. Promotes Hair Growth & Prevents Hair Loss

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We all want long, thicker hair. But did you know that olive oil is high in vitamins E and K, both of which can stimulate hair growth? By using olive oil treatments, we can help stimulate our hair follicles so that our hair is not only longer but also thicker and more voluminous. 

As well as helping to promote more hair growth, it also prevents hair loss too. This is because olive oil is deeply anti-inflammatory, which helps to minimize hair loss by maintaining a healthy scalp. 

4. Reduces Frizz and Enhances Shine

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We’ve all had a bad hair day. You wake up, and whatever you do, you just can’t tame the frizz. But olive oil treatments can actually help you reduce that frizz, preventing any morning stress before it happens. I’ve also found olive oil helps enhance the natural shine and sheen of your hair. 

5. Strengthens Hair

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Olive oil is packed full of fatty acids, all of which help to reinforce the health of our hair. By doing so, they also strengthen our hair, making it less prone to breakages. We want to avoid breakages at all costs, as this leads to split ends. A weekly olive oil treatment can really fight back against this. 

6. Natural Conditioner

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Olive oil also has the power to condition your hair. A hot oil or deep conditioning treatment using olive oil will help considerably improve the texture of your hair. It’ll soften and help protect your hair from future damage – especially as a heat protectant. The best way to do this is to add a small amount of olive oil to the hair before styling, allowing it to act as a barrier between your hair and any heat. 

7. Detangles Hair

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Because of its super smooth, slippery texture, olive oil also makes for a good detangler. It’s important to try not to brush through knots and tangles in the hair, as it can cause lots of breakage and lead to split ends. By adding a little olive oil to the hair before combing, it’ll make the job a lot easier.  

8. Fades Dark Spots and Discoloration on the Scalp

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This is one benefit that we usually bring up when talking about benefits for our facial skin. But our scalp is also susceptible to many of the symptoms of aging. Olive oil is great for helping to fade dark spots and even out discoloration in the skin and scalp. A regular hot oil treatment is more than enough to see this benefit. 

9. Eco-Friendly and Cost-Effective

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Because olive oil is super popular the world over, it’s become very sustainable as a result. It’s also biodegradable, and so completely environmentally friendly. I’ve also found it to be a lot more cost effective than many commercially available hair products that do similar things. 

10. Versatile Use in DIY Hair Masks

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Olive oil is a super versatile ingredient and can be combined with a variety of other ingredients you probably have lying around. Add a little honey, egg or avocado for a customized hair treatment that will nourish your hair and scalp from the roots up. 

11. Improves Hair Elasticity

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Elasticity is super important for the skin. Without it, our skin becomes saggy, and wrinkles form. But did you know that elasticity is also important for our hair? As we age, our hair becomes more prone to snapping and breakage. By implementing a little olive oil into your hair care routine, you will help your hair weather the stress of your daily life. 

12. Protects From Pollution & Sun Damage

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Much like how olive oil can protect our hair from heat when we style it, it can also help fight off the harmful effect of UV Radiation from the sun. Furthermore, it’ll also protect your hair from environmental pollutants, helping it bounce off rather than sinking into the scalp.

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