How To Make My Pretty Cupcake Soaps

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I don’t know about you but I love a diy soap gift. When someone delivers a hand crafted gift to me, I know they’ve really tried. But it’s not always easy, so today I’ll show you how to make beautifully decorated cupcake soaps that work wonderfully in a spa gift set or are fantastic as stocking fillers on their own.

Better yet, they’re SO easy to whip up, and I’ll show you how. You can decorate them pretty much any way you like, take inspiration from things you see in everyday life. I’ve decided to make my flower and cupcake designs that I encourage you to give a try, you won’t regret it!

flower petal cupcake soap

Flower Soap Cakes

These flower petal cupcake soaps look and smell amazing and yet they are probably one of the easiest soaps I’ve ever made. Seriously, the easiest, and I’ve made so many now! I adore the look of calendula and rose petals, so today that’s what I’ve chosen for my soap cakes. I also added a few drops of yellow colorant to the calendula soap cakes along with floral fragrance oil, just to give it that extra ‘wow, can I actually eat this?’ factor.

The dark rose petals look stunning against the pure white soap, so I didn’t add any color hear. A soft pink would be lovely however, so you could experiment and try adding a little red colorant. As always, I’ve been a bit extravagant and used a few drops of rose essential oil for these ones, although there’s no need to break the bank as geranium essential oil is a very good alternative. Any floral scent could substitute though, pick whatever you or your giftee likes.

flower petal cupcake soaps

What You Will Need To Make This Cupcake Soap

ingredients for flower petal cupcake soap

How To Make Them

Step 1 Melt the soap following our double boiler Melt and pour guide method, Add fragrance and color if you’re using. Don’t forget to add the color sparingly. The topping is our wow factor and the star of this soap, too much may detract from the focus of our petals.

how to flower petal cupcake soap step 1

Step 2 Hold back enough soap back for the thin top layer and then pour the soap into the paper cases leaving a gap of about 1/2inch at the top.

Why hold a bit back and leave a gap? Well, sprinkling flowers onto freshly poured soap can be a little tricky as they often end up sinking into the soap, discoloring and the effect is lost.

However if the soap is not runny and sticky the petals just won’t stick. To avoid this I pour the soap almost to the top of the cases and allow this to harden slightly. A thin layer of soap is then poured on top of this and the flowers are added to this top layer, trapping the petals without them being able to sink. Simple, but very effective!

how to flower petal cupcake soap step 2

Step 3 Allow the freshly poured soap to form a good skin on top, it needs to be solid enough to securely hold the additional thin layer of soap we’ll add in a moment.

flower petal cupcake soap

Step 4 Once a skin has formed, top up each paper case with the reserved soap and sprinkle with the flowers. Be daring and add plenty, nobody wants a boring soap! Some of them will inevitably fall of anyway, so adding extra makes sure they stay nice and pretty for longer.

Tutti Frutti Cup Cakes

tutti frutti cupcake soap

These soaps really do look and smell good enough to eat, so much so I actually took a bite once… Whatever you do, don’t do this it was stupid. They make great fun gifts for a birthday, Christmas or any occasion, and can be a good way to use up a few odd bits of left over homemade soap.

As these soaps can be stored or giving with or without their case you can use paper or silicon casers for your soapy cup cakes. I would advise using paper though, as it really give the effect of a cup cake. It just adds that little touch. However, I’ve made them with silicone so you can see that it’s possible and actually easier.

What You Will Need To Make This Cupcake Soap

  • 1 lb White melt and pour soap base
  • Small paper or silicon cup cake cases
  • Fragrance oil or Essential oil
  • A few colored chips of left over soap
  • Cosmetic glitter

How to make them

These cupcake soaps are made in a similar method to the flower cakes, so if you’ve read my recipe above or even made them before you’ll find these are just as easy!

how to make tutti frutti cupcake soap 1

Step 1 Melt the soap following our double boiler /Melt and pour guide method and add the fragrance. You can totally add color to these as well, and you could probably use more for these as cupcakes come in all flavors and colors.

Step 2 Don’t forget, we’ll need to hold back enough soap back for the thin top layer again. So, pour the soap into the paper or silicone cases, leaving a gap of about 1/2inch at the top.

how to make tutti frutti cupcake soap 2

Step 3 Allow the freshly poured soap to form a good skin on top, it needs to be solid enough to securely hold the additional layer of soap and the soap chips.

Step 4 Once a skin has formed, top up each paper case with the reserved soap and arrange the chunks of colored soap within it so that they look like chunks of icing, chocolate ships or put a bit of time into shaping them so that they can give the allusion of a whole host of different cake ingredients.

You could try carving little raisins! Soap can be quite brittle though, so be careful not to let your adorable little sculptures break. Today, I’ve just thrown my chips in as is, to show you that it doesn’t have to be complicated or difficult to get a great looking soap!

Step 5 Now, you’ll want to let the whole thing harden up, but we’re not quite finished yet! For that extra pizazz, I like to sprinkle a bit of glitter on top. Sure, it’ll probably rinse away after a couple of uses, but it really makes this soap a show stopper.


So that’s it, this is my recipe for two wonderful soap cakes that are easy to make, look fantastic and trick your friends into thinking you’re a master at sculpting your soaps into cool and interesting things when in reality this is quite easy. You can give these in their cases or without. Obviously you’ll probably want to keep your cups if they’re silicone, but gifting in paper cups looks absolutely adorable!

I like to include one of both types in a homemade spa kit gift because they’re just so much fun. I’ll include other homemade soaps, face masks, body lotion and lots of other homemade beauty recipes as well.

Batches of 5 or 6 make a great gift on their own! The floral cupcakes have a sophisticated look and are great gifts for anyone who appreciates beautiful flowers. The cup cakes are probably a good fit for someone younger or an adult with a playful personality.

Don’t forget to leave a comment letting me know how you get on! Be creative. Experiment with different toppings and tell us all what works amazing and what really doesn’t. I can’t wait to hear your stories!!

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