15 Ways Cocoa Butter Fights Aging And Is Amazing For Your Skin


Cocoa butter has been used in skincare for a long time, and there’s a good reason why! This lovely smelling natural ingredient has many benefits for aging skin. It helps hydrate your skin and keeps it healthy for longer, mainly because of amazing vitamins, like vitamin E.

These powerful properties support the repair and renewal of our skin, allowing us to achieve that radiant skin that glows from within. Let’s look at some of these crucial benefits cocoa butter has for our skin.

Fights Aging Signs

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Cocoa butter is powerful for fighting unsightly wrinkles. With its antioxidants, it fights aging and eliminates free radicals that hurt the skin. Removing free radicals from the skin improves the appearance of wrinkles.

Cocoa butter is also good at restoring skin elasticity. Elasticity usually disappears as we age. Applying cocoa butter to our face prevents sagging skin and gives it an unmatched glow. I use it in several of my skincare recipes, I make them all myself at home, because I want to control what goes on my skin!

Moisturizes Skin

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Cocoa butter moisturizes skin. It makes it soft and smooth with each application. It’s perfect for a DIY body lotion that hydrates our entire body.

Cocoa butter is also wonderful for your lips. It is edible and smells amazing. What better product to use on your gentle, sensitive lips? Combine it with sugar, and you get a beautiful lip scrub that prevents lips from drying and chapping.

Relieves Eczema

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Cocoa butter is very rich. It can help with eczema, which often thrives when skin is dry. Making sure your skin is hydrated is super important if you have eczema. Cocoa butter can help with this.

Because it’s also soothing, it can relieve itchiness and improve the look of eczema patches. It prevents you from scratching, reducing the risk of infection. Here’s a way to care for your skin if you have eczema.

Reduces Stretch Marks

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Many products claim to reduce stretch marks, and most have cocoa butter as an ingredient. However, nothing beats the real thing. Use cocoa butter on your stretch marks for best results.

If you like to pamper yourself, this can be your new ritual. Moreover, your baby bump will smell amazing after each application. Cocoa butter is a pleasure to apply, even without the benefits!

Hydrates Dry Skin

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Cocoa butter is very hydrating for our skin, in general. It coats our skin to prevent moisture loss but also sinks into the skin. However, it leaves a film on the skin, so it’s not ideal for oily skin types.

Nevertheless, cocoa butter can benefit a range of skin types. Together with shea butter, it is the best choice for dry, rough skin.

Reduces the Appearance of Scars

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Cocoa butter is also good for scars. Similarly to how it reduces the look of stretch marks, it fills the scars and makes them less noticeable. It won’t remove them, but they’ll be harder to spot.

If you’re trying to prevent scars, cocoa butter can stop the skin from drying out. The butter keeps it supple. Scars are less likely to form on hydrated skin.

Eases Psoriasis

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Sometimes, doctor-prescribed treatments don’t work, and people turn to natural options like cocoa butter. Its moisturizing properties can help alleviate the plaques and itchy patches that plague psoriasis sufferers.

Combine cocoa butter with coconut oil to make it easier to spread. The ointment will smell delicious and gently hydrate your skin. Rub it on your affected skin as many times as necessary. Too much won’t hurt you.

Nourishes the Skin

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Besides helping with chronic conditions like psoriasis, cocoa butter nourishes the skin because of its fatty acids. Its natural plant compounds also improve the elasticity of skin all over our bodies.

Apply cocoa butter liberally to your skin, especially if it’s dry. Don’t skimp on it after showering or shaving, especially if you have sensitive skin. It will naturally heal any nicks from your razor and repair damage to cells.

Enhances Scalp Health

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Dandruff is often caused by a dry scalp. To prevent the skin from drying, you can apply cocoa butter mixed with an oil, like sweet almond oil or coconut oil, to your scalp and leave it overnight. There are many oils that are great for your skin, I posted about 10 of my favorites here.

You can wash it out in the morning with a gentle shampoo. Don’t wash your hair often if your scalp is dry. The condition may worsen. A healthy scalp translates to healthy, shiny hair, which leads to our next entry.

Reduces Frizz

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Cocoa butter can also help you tame your hair. Its fat content keeps frizz under control. It acts very much like a sculpting gel, with the exception that it protects the hair rather than only shaping it.

Don’t apply too much cocoa butter to your hair. It will become too heavy. Instead, use it sparingly to eliminate frizz and keep your hair in shape. It works wonders for curly hair, and it smells like you’re walking around in a chocolate cloud.

Fades Discoloration

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As skin ages, discoloration starts appearing on the most exposed areas. It usually affects our hands and faces, where it’s most visible. Cocoa butter can help fade these unsightly patches that age us.

If you use cocoa butter regularly on your discoloration, it will slowly start to fade. Your skin tone will become even, and your face and hands will recover their glow.

Soothes Burns

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Many sunburn lotions contain cocoa butter. This ingredient benefits inflamed or irritated skin. It’s ideal not just for sunburns but also for extra-dry skin. Its antioxidant content helps it repair skin damage.

Irritated skin can easily become infected. When we introduce cocoa butter, its restorative power fights back. Skin becomes moisturized and can heal itself. Painful, dry skin soon becomes history when you use cocoa butter.

Prevents Moisture Loss

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Cocoa butter is great for dry or aging skin. Our skin needs barrier protection to stay healthy and hydrated. Without it, it doesn’t look healthy and beautiful. Cocoa butter seals moisture in and closes the barrier. It helps retain moisture and protects the skin.

Cocoa butter is rich and doesn’t allow water to leave our skin cells. When you use it, you reduce pollution damage to your skin. You also encourage a healthy appearance.

Also Safe for Sensitive Skin

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Cocoa butter is safe for sensitive skin, which is great news for those who have to avoid many ingredients because of their skin’s sensitivity.

The best thing about cocoa butter is that it works for all skin types. Only very oily skin can react by breaking out. However, there are products to use when that happens. Cocoa butter also works on the sensitive skin of babies. And because it smells so good, your baby is unlikely to complain.

Helps Healing

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We’ve already mentioned that cocoa butter is great for reducing irritation and soothing burns, but did you know it also helps healing?

When the skin suffers damage, it loses moisture. A rich moisturizer like cocoa butter restores the moisture barrier to begin the healing process. It then speeds it up. There’s nothing this wonderful product can’t do for us!

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