15 Reasons Why You Should Make Your Own Bath & Beauty Products

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Tired of spending all of your money on bath and beauty products that are full of chemicals, leave you itchy, or don’t feel as refreshing as they should? You might want to consider making your own products. 

While learning how to do something for the first time can feel daunting, it will get easier over time. Plus, some courses and guides have been carefully curated by people who’ve gone through trial and error, so it takes much of the guesswork out of the process.

Control What Ingredients Are in Your Products

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If you have sensitive skin like me, all the additives in store-bought bath and beauty products can make you itchy and uncomfortable. I have lost count of the number of times I’ve broken out in hives, even when using “natural” or “scent-free” options. 

Making your own bath and beauty products means you know exactly what ingredients are going into the final product, enabling you to avoid harmful chemicals.

Reduce the Expense of Buying Makeup & Other Products

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Cosmetics can be costly, especially if you wear makeup daily or use a lot of shampoo, conditioner, etc. Even if you keep it relatively simple and don’t have a 14-step skincare routine, the cost of these items adds up quickly. 

Make your own products and see how you can reduce the cost and the amount of time you spend.

Learn What Ingredients Work for You 

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Every person is different, and so are your skincare and beauty product needs. You can rarely identify the long list of ingredients in most store-bought items, which makes it challenging to know what they do and how you’ll react to them. 

Creating your own products enables you to try out different ingredients and figure out what works for you and what doesn’t.

Enjoy the Creative Process 

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Creating something for yourself can be an enjoyable and satisfying process. It allows you to be creative, expand your problem-solving ability, and add something to your skill set. 

You must be willing to go through trial and error, but online DIY instructions and courses can make it easier.

Create Gifts for Friends & Family

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Sure, you could buy another knickknack for your friend that will clutter up their home. Or you could make something like bath bombs that they could use and enjoy to care for themselves. 

You can even ask your friend what type of scent or products they use the most so you can customize your gift to their preferences.

Reduce the Time You Spend on Your Routine

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Are you overwhelmed with your skincare routine or feel pressured to buy a dozen products every time you visit the store? 

I’m not a dermatologist, but I have seen enough MLM products and influencers selling skincare products to believe you do not need a 14-step routine to care for your skin. When you make your own skincare, you can often use the same ingredients multiple times for different products.

Ensure the Freshness of Your Products

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Most skincare or bath and body products you buy at the store have a stated shelf life, which varies based on the item. However, most of those products also have a ton of unnatural ingredients that act to preserve their shelf life, which means that they may not be fresh. 

You also have no clue when the product was manufactured and when that “shelf life” started. If you create your own skincare products, you control where the ingredients come from and know exactly how old they are. 

Reduce Clutter in Your Home

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The number of products we are encouraged to buy can become overwhelming, especially when considering the items in your bathroom, kitchen, and other areas where you clean or use beauty products. This is especially true when you buy items in larger quantities, only to discover it may not work for you or you don’t like it. 

Say you start making your own lotion or shampoo. You can create a small amount to start and make more if/when needed. There is no urgency to go out and buy a new jar every time.

Reduce the Amount of Garbage You Produce

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In addition to the waste of gas and resources driving to the store, constantly buying and throwing away plastic jars, bottles, and other packaging is incredibly wasteful and harmful to the environment. I don’t have an exact statistic to quote, but there is plenty of information out there about the amount of carbon emissions involved in the manufacturing and transportation of products and packaging. 

DIY bath and beauty products are a great place to start if you’re interested in reducing your personal footprint and helping the environment.

Consider Starting a New Business

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While an endeavor to create skincare or bath and body products can be for personal use (and gifting!), you may also find yourself motivated to start your own business. This could even be a small endeavor where you sell items only to close friends or create something unique that is desirable, such as a pain relief cream or dry shampoo.

Resolve Specific Skin Issues

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In addition to removing toxic chemicals from your skincare products, formulating your own recipes can allow you to address specific skin issues. For example, do you get itchy skin? Dark patches? Or you would like a renewed glow. Switching to homemade face moisturizer may show you results you never could have dreamed of. 

Protect Animals From Testing

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Did you know that dozens of makeup, skincare, and bath and body companies still test on animals? Whether you are vegan or care about your cruelty-free products, creating your own can help you sleep better at night, knowing that you did not test them on animals.

Customize Scents & Colors

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Do you ever wish your favorite cosmetic came in a different shade, or you could buy a different body wash scent? Now you can! 

Once you understand the basics of what ingredients go into the process of each product, the ability to customize to your preferences is nearly endless.

Increase the Nutrients in Your Products

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Many store-bought products on the shelves make broad promises about what they can do for your skin or claim to be full of certain nutrients. These claims are questionable, especially when those “nutrients” come with plenty of chemicals.

When you make your own products, you can ensure they are nourishing and soothing and know exactly what vitamins or nutrients are added to your routine.

Impress Your Friends & Family

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Even if you don’t start your own business or give gifts, your newfound knowledge will impress others. You may even be able to encourage them to stop buying as many store-bought products as possible and turn to natural recipes. 

Most recipes and how-to guides for making skincare or bath and body products are easy to follow. If you like your instructions to make your own, you can send them to your friends and family.

It’s Important To Look After Your Skin Naturally!

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Experts say the global skincare market will be worth $273.3 billion by 2023. But making your skin look and feel fantastic doesn’t have to break the bank! Homemade skincare recipes can deliver the same or better results than big-name brands, often at a fraction of the cost. From natural cleansers and specially formulated face scrubs to eye serums and lip balms, you’ll discover an array of recipes you can make at home to combat the signs of aging or use as gifts for loved ones!
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