Making Homemade Drums

Homemade Drums

Kids love the sound of these homemade drums. And yet you don’t need any special bits to create them with.

If you can dig out an old tin can, or spare a storage container or cake pan for a while they can make themselves a great little drum set to go with your other homemade musical instruments.

What You Will Need:

  • Selection of Tin cans, storage containers or cake pan
  • Balloons, small average size for tin cans and a punch ball sized balloon for large items
  • Elastic bands or tape
  • Patterned tape and colored elastic bands for decoration (optional)
Materials for Making Homemade Drums
Materials for Making Homemade Drums


  1. Make sure any tin cans are clean dry any free of any Sharpe edges.
  2. For the small drum cut the top off the balloon and stretch it over the can.Making a Homemade Drum 1
  3. Secure the balloon with an elastic band or tape.Making a Homemade Drum 2
  4. For the storage container and cake pan, cut the top from one of the punch ball balloons.Making a Homemade Drum 3
  5. If like my balloon you have a rather large tip (the bit where the elastic is attached) you will need to tie this off or you will end up with a large gaping hole in the middle of the drum.  To do this, cut the stronger rolled opening band off the piece of balloon you have just removed, and tightly knot it around the tip to tie it off.making a homemade drum 4


    Making a Homemade Drum 5

  6. Turn the balloon inside out and stretch it over the container or pan, and secure with an elastic band or tape.Making a Homemade Drum 6
  7. Use patterned tape or elastic bands for decoration.Making a Homemade Drum 7


Homemade Drums
The Finished Homemade Drums

If you enjoy making these homemade drums don’t forget to check back tomorrow as we’ll be making some homemade Maracas… Yes, more noise :)

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