Make Your Own Teddy Bear

a cute little homemade teddy bear

The first thing you need to do when you make your own teddy bear is to find a pattern that you like which can be a challenge in its self as there are many choose from ranging from beginner to advanced skills.

Teddy bears are one of my favorite homemade crafts. The two below have been created with very easy to handle patterns that can be made over and over again with different fabrics and materials, rather than extra levels of difficulty.

I mean, who says your homemade teddy bear has to be brown and just fuzzy enough to be cuddly? Why not make your own teddy bear with ultra-long purple hair? There are so many fun materials out there; it seems a shame to only make “normal” teddy bears.

You can often find old curtains and blankets or even a pair of favorite pajamas that your child has just grown out of that can be cut up and sewn into stuffed bear or animal. You may even find old battered stuffed toys that can be taken apart and reused to stuff your bear or make new patchwork bears.

Kid’s First Teddy Pattern

Make your own teddy bear

A funky mini teddy that looks great when made with a wild patterns and bright colored fabrics.

This teddy is perfect for a child to have a go at; it’s small enough to make from a bit of left over fabric yet big enough to get creative with.

What You Will Need:

  • Material about 1/2 yd
  • Thread
  • Needle
  • Buttons, embroidery floss or fabric pen

How To Make It:

  1. Print off this free Teddy Bear Pattern and then cut it out. To make your teddy template, place the pattern onto a piece of cardboard (an empty cereal box is good for this) draw around it then cut it out. Place the cardboard teddy template onto the wrong side of your material, check that any pattern on the material will be running the right way down the bear, then draw around the template, flip it over and draw around it again. Cut both pieces out.Make your own teddy bear Step 1
  2. Place both pieces on top of each other, wrong side out. Sew together leaving a gap big enough to stuff the bear.Make your own teddy bear Step 2
  3. To help to stop any puckering when you turn the bear right side out clip around the curves of the bear.Make your own teddy bear Step 3
  4. Turn the bear right side out. You may find it easier to use the wooden handle of a wooden spoon to push out the arms and legs.Make your own teddy bear Step 4
  5. Stuff the bear with poly fiberfill stuffing or a soft toy stuffing of your own choice, then Sew up the gap.Make your own teddy bear Step 5
  6. For the teds eyes I’ve used a couple of sew on button eyes, however if the teddy is going to a small child its best to sew on some eyes with floss. You can plan nose shape by stitching a triangle, and then fill it in with vertical stitches. Using a (Y) shape for the nose will lead down to a mouth nicely. Now customize your bear with some ribbon; use a bow on the head for a girl or a bow around the neck for a boyMake your own teddy bear

Of course you don’t need to be a child to have one of these cute teds; these fun little teds can make a great gift when given as a pin cushion for mum or grandma!

Fun little teds can make a great pin cushion gifts

How To Make Little Ted

a cute little homemade teddy bear

This cute little teddy has a tubby little tummy and arms and legs that have enough flexibility to enable the teddy to be easily posed into a sitting position, yet this little Ted is easy to make and can be been created by hand or sewing machine.

I’ve used a long thick fur for the teddy in the picture, the great thing about using long fur (apart from looking wonderful of course) is that it doesn’t show up any flaws so the stitching doesn’t have to be perfect, which is good news because such thick fur can be hard work for a sewing machine, so I normally stitch this one up by hand. When using any other fur or fabric I would normally use a sewing machine.

What You Will Need:

  • Sewing needle or machine
  • Scissors
  • Marker or chalk
  • Pins
  • Cardboard (a large cereal box is good for this)
  • Fake fur or cotton fabric (3/8 yard)
  • Thread
  • 2 1/4 inch eyes or Buttons
  • 1 small plastic nose or embroidery floss
  • Polyester Fiberfill
  • Embroidery Floss for the mouth (optional)

How To Make It:

  1. Print off and cut out this free teddy bear pattern teddy pattern. Place the pattern on to the cardboard and draw around it then cut it out to make the template.Homemade teddy bear Step1
  2. Place the fur down back side up and place the templates on to it making sure you have the fur running from top to bottom. Draw around the templates with the marker or chalk then flip the templates over and draw around them again.
    Homemade teddy bear Step2
  3. Cut out all of the four pieces (two backs and two fronts). This pattern has been made to allow 1/4 inch seams. With right sides together, pin or tack the 2 front pieces together. Sew the two front pieces together; start at from the top of the bears head and finish at the start of the legs (see pins in pic) Repeat with back sections, but leave an opening in the middle of the back as shown in pattern (see middle pins in pic).
    Homemade teddy bear Step3
  4. Clip the curves (this helps to stop any puckering when you turn the bear right side out)
    Homemade teddy bear Step4
  5. If you are using a plastic shanked nose and eyes, insert them now
    Homemade teddy bear Step5Homemade teddy bear Step5b
  6. Pin or tack the front and back pieces together (wrong side out) and then sew all around it.
    Homemade teddy bear Step6
  7. Turn bear right sides out, you may find it easier to use the handle of a wooden spoon in the arms and legs to push them out.
    Homemade teddy bear Step7
  8. Stitch along ear marks as shown on the pattern. Stuff the teds head with Fiberfill, using sufficient stuffing to give character to muzzle area. Once again a wooden spoon handle will come in handy here.
  9. Tie off the head area with strong thread by wrapping the thread around the neck of the bear and knotting it, this will be vitally unnoticeable later and can be covered by a ribbon. Stuff both arms and legs (using wood spoon if need be) then Stitch along marks as shown on pattern. Finally stuff body cavity and sew up the opening in the back.
    Homemade teddy bear Step8
  10. Stitch on the buttons for eyes if you have not used shanked ones. pluck out any fur that’s got trapped in the seams
    Homemade teddy bear Step9
  11. If you have not used a plastic nose you will need to plan the nose shape. You can easily create a natural looking nose by stitching a triangle on to the muzzle, and then filling it in with vertical stitches. you may find it easier to cut a triangle from a piece of black felt and then sticking it on the bear before stitching over it, this will stop any fur poking through your stitching and give the nose a neat finish. Using a (Y) shape for the nose allows you to lead down to a mouth nicely.
    Homemade teddy bear Step10
  12. Finally, finish your homemade teddy off with a posh new ribbon.

making a cute little homemade teddy bear

Did you make your own teddy bear? What pattern did you use?

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