Cinnamon Honey & Almond Soap Recipe

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If you’re going to try a honey & almond soap recipe, you have to try this one! It smells so good I was actually tempted to take a bite when I first made it (I didn’t, I promise).

I stumbled upon this while I was researching the therapeutic properties of cinnamon and have found it to be a nourishing soap that will gently exfoliate for beautifully soft skin. I like to have a bit of fun with the presentation of this one. Raw, halved almonds on top and using an interesting cutter (you can even use a cookie-cutter) can take your soap making at home to the next level.

homemade honey and almond soap

This Cinnamon honey & almond soap recipe will produce a medium to soft bar with lots of lovely, creamy bubbles!


ingredients for a homemade honey almond soap recipe


Watch How To Make Basic Cold Process Soap

Before you make this soap, take a few minutes to watch the video below for the basic method. For more detailed information see how to make cold process soap at home.

  1. Make sure the room you are making the soap in is well ventilated. Unless you are using a silicon or flexible mold that is easy to remove the soap. You will need to prepare the mold by lining it with wax paper.
  2. In a large-sized stainless steel pan, melt the vegetable shorting, olive oil, coconut, and beeswax, over low heat. This can also be done in a heatproof container in the microwave.
  3. Put on protective eyewear, mask, apron, and long rubber gloves. Pour the distilled water into a plastic jug. Slowly, add the lye, using a plastic spatula to stir until dissolved.
  4. Use a thermometer, to keep an eye on the temperatures. You will need to let them cool to between 120f (49c) to 140f (60c)
  5. When both mixtures cool to 120f (49c) to 140f (60c) immediately pour the lye mix into the oils.
  6. Give your electric hand blender a quick blast to remove any air bubbles before placing it in the soap batter.
  7. Blend the batter until the mixture becomes thick enough, (when a bit of the soap is drizzled over the top and it leaves a line/ trace before disappearing back into the batter.
  8. Using a spatula stir in the ground almonds and cinnamon at very light trace. Then add the sweet almond oil and essential oils along with the honey and benzoin, mix it in thoroughly then pour it immediately into your mold.
  9. Leave it covered with cardboard, in a warm, dry place for 24 hrs in order for it to set.
  10. Line a wooden board with greaseproof paper, put some protective gloves on, and turn the soap out onto the board.
  11. Use a carving knife to cut into your desired shape/size. Then press an almond into the soap whilst it is still warm and soft.
  12. I’ve had some fun using a crinkly soap cutter to trim some of the edges, this is optional and the soap still looks great without it.
  13. Put them into a tray lined with greaseproof paper and leave for four weeks in a warm dry place, turning them occasionally.


homemade honey and almond soap
I used a crinkle edge soap cutter on the sides for a nice finish

I hope you enjoy making this honey & almond soap recipe, please feel free to add any comments or ask questions below, and please let me know if you have any other interesting honey & almond soap recipes.

Step 3: Pour into your soap mold

Soap Calculator & Formulation Guide

Select your chosen oils, along with the weight or percentage. The soap calculator will then show the total weight of lye and water required. The result can be instantly adjusted by changing your preferred superfatting level or water/lye ratio.

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  1. Hi, I didn’t understand the way you did to shape the soap with the “side bars”. Can you explain? Thank you very much.

    • Hi Bolanle,
      Benzoin is good for helping you relax, it’s great for dealing with general sleep problems along with reliving anxiety and stress.


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