Homemade Vanilla & Chocolate Soap

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My chunky homemade vanilla and chocolate soap smells good enough to eat… A must for all chocolate cookie lovers!

You will need one or two bars of the chocolate bar soap from my goat’s milk soap recipe, but don’t let that put you off as the chocolate goats milk soap is so lovely and moisturizing on its own, well worth having a go at.

homemade vanilla and chocolate soap

The vanilla fragrance oil in this recipe gives the soap a very pale cream color.

I’ve also tried it using white chocolate fragrance oil instead of vanilla, but it can turn the soap brown which kind of misses the point, so do check with your supplier first.

I’ve used individual molds for this recipe but it works just as well in a loaf mold.



Watch How To Make Basic Cold Process Soap

Before you make this soap, take a few minutes to watch the video below for the basic method. For more detailed information see how to make cold process soap at home.

Use the cold process method plus the following recipe specific steps:

  • In Step 5 – Add the fragrance oil at light trace and then bring the soap mixture to a heavy trace to avoid the chocolate chunks sinking straight to the bottom.
  • In Step 6 – Pour (spoon or push) the soap into molds and then add the chocolate chunks, you may need to manipulate the chunk a little into various places.
  • In Step 6 – Finish by leveling out the soap as best you can, a quick shake or tap usually helps but don’t get too hung up on it as you can always give the soap a trim once it has set.

Photos Making This Soap

Add chocolate chunks to soap
Add chocolate chunks to soap
Level your vanilla and chocolate soap
Level your vanilla and chocolate soap
Trimmed vanilla and chocolate soap
Trimmed vanilla and chocolate soap
Finished chunky vanilla and chocolate soap
Finished chunky vanilla and chocolate soap

Have you made your own chocolate flavor soap? What ingredients did you use?

Discussion (3 Comments)

  1. Hi. I am kaneez . I follow your soap making sites. I found your chocolate soap has shortening and tallow. I want to avoid using these to ingredients . What can I use instead of that. As I am planning to make it.thank you

    • Hi Kaneez,

      You can use practically any type of oil or cosmetic butter! That’s the beauty of soap making, you have so much freedom to experiment. HOWEVER, it is important to run the amended ingredients through a lye calculator. All oils and cosmetic butters saponify differently and require different amounts of lye for them to sap properly. We have a wonderful lye calculator that I use regularly. It’s pretty easy to use.

      You’ll also find that when you substitute ingredients in a soap, you may end up with an end product that differs wildly from the original recipe. While this not necessarily bad, you may find that your soap is far too soft, does lather well, has a grainy texture and so on. But that’s the fun of experimental soap making! Just be prepared to make it more than once to tweak your recipe to your satisfaction.

      Hope this helps, and good luck with your soap making!

  2. I would like to join your soap making site. I have been looking at it for a while now and I think it could be quite entertaining.
    Thanks Claire


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