How To Make Homemade Solid Perfume

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homemade solid perfume

Homemade solid perfume is very practical to use and it doesn’t contain any alcohol, so if you don’t like the thought of rubbing alcohol into your skin this one’s for you.

The Essential oils in my diy solid perfume recipe can be very therapeutic particularly when rubbed into the pulse areas of the body. Take a look at our essential oil guide to find out all their beneficial qualities so that you can create a perfume to match both your personality and moods.

DIY Solid Perfume Ingredients:


Step 1 Put the beeswax or petroleum jelly into a small bowl and melt by either standing the bowl in boiling water or microwaving for a few seconds.

Step 2 Mix in the jojoba or almond oil.

making solid perfume

Step 3 Add the essential oils and give it a good stir, I would recommend using something disposable for stirring e.g. cocktail stick or maybe a straw unless of course you like the idea of perfumed utensils.

Step 4 Transfer the melted perfume into your container and leave in a cool dark place with the lid on top but still ajar allowing the perfume to set whilst preventing condensation. The petroleum jelly based perfume will be lighter and a little softer than the beeswax base, but both work well.

make homemade solid perfume

Step 5 Rub your homemade solid perfume on the neck, wrists and behind earlobes for a longer lasting fragrance

homemade solid perfume

Want to learn more about making homemade perfume?

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Angela Wills
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  1. My solid perfume didn’t set overnight. I used coconut oil in place of petroleum jelly. Guess I’ll just have to wait for my roller bottles.


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