Eat Your Way To Healthier Hair: The 16 Haircare Superfoods

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I remember my mom always saying, ‘You are What you Eat’. Let me tell you that saying holds true for everything, even your hair! Ive experimented with all sorts of shampoos and hair treatments. It wasn’t until I started focusing on my diet that I noticed a significant improvement in the overall health of my hair. The right foods provide your hair with the necessary nutrients to grow strong from within! Here are 16 foods to eat for healthier hair.

1. Oysters

Oyster Shell Extract
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I’m the kind of person who can develop a liking, for something thats good for me. When I first tasted oysters, I was initially put off by their texture, but knowing their health benefits, I decided to enhance them with vinegar and spices, and soon enough, they became a favorite. If you’re dealing with hair loss or breakage, zinc could be the element. Fortunately oysters are rich in zinc, crucial for promoting hair growth and repair. Zinc helps maintain resilient hair by ensuring the health of your hair follicles. Additionally, oysters provide an array of nutrients for hair, like protein, B12, and selenium. Two oysters a day can meet your zinc requirements!

2. Cinnamon

Cinnamon sticks
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Who would have thought cinnamon could be a natural way to care for your hair? Studies suggest it can actually boost hair health and combat hair loss. How? It may enhance scalp circulation, delivering vital nutrients to your follicles, while its antifungal properties tackle pesky dandruff. The secret? Cinnamaldehyde, the powerhouse compound in cinnamon, ramps up blood flow to your roots, promoting lush hair growth. So don’t hold back when adding that sprinkle of cinnamon to your morning coffee or oats!

3. Blackberries

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Inflammation often plays a role in issues like alopecia and stress related hair loss. Incorporating raspberries into your meals can make a difference. Loaded with inflammatory and antioxidant properties such as anthocyanins and quercetin, these berries help reduce oxidative stress keeping your hair follicles healthy and encouraging growth.. Did you know that one cup of blackberries contains more than a third of your daily vitamin C needs? I enjoy snacking on raspberries by themselves or mixing them into yogurt with a sprinkle of cinnamon!

4. Guava

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This tropical fruit isn’t just tasty—its packed with vitamins B and C that’re essential, for nourishing the hair and supporting growth. Guava is rich in lycopene, an antioxidant commonly found in pink fruits such as tomatoes and watermelon. Lycopene plays a role in shielding hair from sun damage. Keeping it looking healthy and lively.

5. Eggs

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Eggs are not just a breakfast favorite but a great source of nutrients for your hair! Packed with vitamins like A, E, and biotin as proteins and healthy fats in the yolks, eggs do wonders by hydrating the hair and adding volume. They are easily accessible budget friendly and provide energy. I enjoy whipping up egg frittatas with ingredients like spinach and salmon that’re beneficial for hair health!

6. Salmon

oily fish is a skincare superfood
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Salmon is loaded with so mach Omega 3 fatty acids, and they work wonders for your hair’s shine and fullness. These essential nutrients are not produced by the body. It can greatly benefit your hair health. Some studies even suggest that Omega 3s may aid in promoting hair growth! Moreover since protein is crucial, for healthy hair growth (keratin being its component) incorporating enough protein into your diet is essential. Luckily, salmon serves as a protein source that supports hair health.

7. Lean Poultry

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95% of your hair is made up of keratin, a protein essential for its health. When you’re low on protein, your hair growth can suffer, leading to more shedding. Lean poultry like chicken and turkey are rich in the protein your hair craves. Just one chicken breast dishes out about 31 grams of protein, nearly half of what most adults need daily!

8. Spinach

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I wasn’t a big fan of spinach as a kid, but as an adult, I learned how to incorporate it into my diet in a tasty way. I like to add it to smoothies, cook it into an omelet, and add it to wraps. Spinach is a top-notch source of iron, essential for transporting oxygen to your hair follicles. This means better growth and less breakage! Plus, it’s loaded with vitamin A, beta carotene, folate, and vitamin C, teaming up to keep your scalp and hair healthy and hydrated. 

9. Sweet Potatoes

sweet potatoes
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Sweet potatoes have always been one of my favorite foods with their rich flavor and smooth, creamy texture. Would you believe that just one medium sweet potato packs over 102% of your daily vitamin A needs? Naturally containing beta-carotene, sweet potatoes may be your ticket to a healthy scalp and moisturized locks. Vitamin A stimulates hair follicles for new growth, while vitamin C boosts collagen production, keeping your hair strong and breakage-free. 

10. Avocados

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I have a fondness for avocados. Thankfully they are packed with vitamins and healthy fats that do wonders for your hair. Biotin, vitamin E and essential fatty acids present in avocados play a role in promoting shinier hair. Research suggests that minerals like potassium and magnesium in avocado oil can potentially seal cuticle cells giving your hair a shiny appearance while preventing breakage. They may even help your scalp and hair absorb other nourishing nutrients from your diet. 

11. Nuts

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Nuts are sources of vitamin E, and they also offer an array of B vitamins, zinc and fatty acids. Insufficient levels of any of these nutrients could be linked to hair loss. Among nuts Brazil nuts shine as contenders for promoting hair! These nuts are abundant in selenium which helps support hair growth. Selenium plays a role in activating enzymes for the maintenance of healthy hair follicles to ensure that your mane remains strong and vibrant.

12. Ginger

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The active compound responsible, for gingers flavor is known as gingerol. This same compound might improve circulation in the scalp, which some believe delivers more nutrients to hair follicles. Ginger has anti-inflammatory and antimicrobial properties, which might be beneficial for scalp conditions like dandruff. I love ginger tea made with just hot water and fresh slices of ginger, but this unique root also tastes delicious and grated into a stir fry!

13. Chia Seeds

Chia Seeds
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In my morning smoothie routine, I often add chia seeds for their protein and fiber content, which are thought to support hair growth. These small black and white seeds are rich in omega 3 fatty acids, zinc and iron helping strengthen hair strands and maintain hydration for shinier and less brittle hair. They are also known to combat inflammation while promoting hair growth.

14. Avoid Sugar

avoid high sugar foods
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So those are the best foods to eat for healthier hair, but are you thinking, what should I avoid? Refined sugar is one of the obvious answers here! While indulging in a slice of cake occasionally won’t cause hair loss, it’s worth being mindful of the impact of high sugar diets on health and potentially thinning hair. Research suggests that excessive sugar intake might interfere with absorption for healthy hair growth by disrupting hormone levels like insulin that play a role, in maintaining strong and vibrant locks.

15. Stay Away From Greasy Foods

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Lets face it. Greasy food is incredibly satisfying, which is why we find it so hard to resist. Who doesn’t love a serving of fries? However consuming amounts of fried foods can have an impact on hair health. Greasy foods, rich in oils and refined carbohydrates can increase the production of sebum on your scalp. Be cautious with dairy products and sugary treats as they may disrupt your balance resulting in hair.

16. Limit Alcohol Consumption

occasional alcohol
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Enjoying a drink occasionally can be enjoyable. Overindulging isn’t ideal for your hair. Alcohol acts as a depleting moisture from your scalp and leaving your hair dry and brittle. Moreover excessive alcohol intake interferes with absorption depriving your body of vitamins and minerals necessary, for healthy hair.

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