The 15 Skincare Superfoods You Need For Healthy Glowing Skin

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Americans are spending thousands of dollars a year on skin care products. But did you know that you eat your way to radiant skin? There are many different skincare superfoods that are scientifically proven to improve skin health and appearance, and you might be surprised by some. Let’s dive in and uncover the secrets to perfect skin through good nutrition.

Oily Fish

oily fish is a skincare superfood

Oily fish, such as salmon and mackerel, has long been known for its high omega-3 content. Its fantastic for your brain, but it’s also wonderful for your skin too.

Omega 3 is an essential nutrient for our skin. It aids the skin’s natural oil production, balances as well as supports skin healing. There is also some great anti-agining benefit too!

Dark Chocolate

dark chocolate

Okay, I promise I haven’t gone mad, but Chocolate is actually great for the skin. Like green tea, it’s packed with antioxidants, which help to fight back against those free radicals. However, it’s also high in manganese, which is another nutrient that supports the production of collagen in the skin and body.

However, there is one ‘but’ here. We’re not talking about milk chocolate, which is mostly cocoa butter and sugar. You want good quality, unsweetened dark Chocolate to see those benefits.



Fresh grapes are absolutely delicious. In the UK, it’s tradition to bring a bag of grapes when visiting a loved one in hospital. This is because they taste so good, and also because they’re packed full of vitamin c! But did you know vitamin C is so good for your skin, as well as your immune system?

Vitamin c is important for the production of healthy new skin cells, as well as bathing them in antioxidants as they grow. If you haven’t found a way to incorporate vitamin c into your diet, definitely consider grapes.


Fresh ripe avocado fruit

Much like our fish, avocados are absolutely packed with essential nutrients that our skin craves. They’re particularly high in palmitic and oleic acids, both of which support skin health and reduce inflammation (in both the skin and the body).

It’s the perfect superfood for anyone who experiences skin irritation or inflammation, such sufferers of eczema or acne.

Sunflower Seeds

Sunflower Seeds

You’re seeing a common theme here right? Foods high in natural, unprocessed, and unsaturated oils are wonderful for the skin. This continues with our next entry, sunflower seeds!

Another ingredient that’s high in oleic acid, making sunflower seeds great for calming irritated skin. But it’s also high in linoleic acid, which has been found to support the formation of collagen and elastin in the skin. Both of these are important for making skin feel and look more youthful.

Green Tea

Green tea matcha in a cup on the brown mat

Green tea truly is a skincare superfood. It’s anti-inflammatory, antibacterial, and full of vitamins B2 and E that support the formation of fresh skin cells as well as collagen. Furthermore, it’s absolutely packed with antioxidants, which are proven to help bind free radicals – perhaps the number one cause of skin aging.

Drinking green tea every day is a great way to support your skin’s health, as well as restore radiance and glow. I’ll be drinking 4 cups, just to be sure.



Broccoli is another undeniable superfood. It’s packed with essential skin nutrients like zinc and vitamins A and C. Zinc is another nutrient that’s great for disrupting inflammation in the skin and body, helping to soothe and reduce the symptoms of acne.

Vitamin A is a powerhouse skincare ingredient. It’s also known as ‘retinol,’ which is currently taking the skincare industry by storm. It’s fantastic at speeding up skin healing and reducing inflammation, but it’s most prized as a powerful anti-aging force, helping to prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles.

Bell Peppers

bell peppers

This is another food for anyone interested in increasing their vitamin A intake. Bell peppers are high in carotene, which the body can convert to vitamin A. Once it does this, we see the benefits we expect, such as better skin health and the easing of fine lines and wrinkles.

However, carotene also promotes a soft pinkish-bronze tone to the skin that actually helps it appear more glowy and radiant. Don’t worry, you won’t look like a Cheeto. I promise it’s not that strong.

Sweet Potato

Sweet potato on Wooden background

That’s right, one of our favorite baking potatoes is also fantastic for the skin! This versatile ingredient is packed with vitamins A, C and E. They come together to provide an excellent source of nourishment that will maintain the health and vibrance of your skin.



Almonds are a delicious nut that we all know is the perfect topping for cereals as part of your morning granola or eaten as a healthy snack. But it’s also rich in skin loving vitamins that help to contribute to the normal production of skin.

The most important two vitamins we want from our almonds are B2 riboflavin and B3 niacin, both of these are vital for healthy, glowing skin.


Walnuts. Kernels and whole nuts on wooden rustic table

Another nut that helps us keep our skin looking fantastic, walnuts are rich in many vitamins. The most important of these are vitamins E and B5, or pantothenic acid. Studies have shown that when vitamin b5 is eaten, it helps to moisturize the skin and reduces acne blemishing.



Shellfish, much like our oily fish, is super high in omega3, which is an essential nutrient for healthy skin. However, it’s strongly recommended to eat wild caught, sustainable shellfish for this purpose. Farmed fish does not always have the same vitamin and mineral content as their wild cousins.


Fresh ripe strawberries

Not only are they tasty snacks that can satisfy your sweet cravings, but strawberries are also a skincare superfood! It’s high in vitamin C, which we know is an amazing skincare supplement, but it’s also full of ellagic acid.

Ellagic acid is fantastic at helping to create a photoprotective barrier on the skin. Furthermore, it reduces the formation of melanin production in the skin, making it the perfect food for anyone who suffers from hyperpigmentation.


Fresh green kale smoothie

High in vitamins C, A, and B, this leafy green vegetable can help keep skin looking and feeling healthy. Furthermore, it has decent levels of lutein, which helps speed up collagen production in the skin and body.

Olive Oil

olive oil

Olive oil has been used as a natural moisturizer on the skin for thousands of years, but did you know that its essential fatty acids also nourish the skin from within?

Pouring a little extra virgin olive oil on top of salads is a great way to help protect your skin from so much sun damage, as well as reducing dark circles, broken capillaries as well as reducing inflammation in the skin.

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