My Fizzy Bath Salts With Lovely Fragrances

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If you’re a regular here, you probably know that I’ve written about how to make bath salts before, but it still took me a few experiments to get the bath salts to fizz properly.

Scented with lovely fragrances, these fizzy bath salts will turn a mundane soak into a luxury spa treatment just for you!

homemade fizzy bath salts

The first time I made these I used too much baking soda, which meant the citric acid got a bit wet and slowly fizzled away in the jar I was storing them in.

What a disappointment that was! But with a few tweaks, I finally came up with the formula for long-lasting bath salts that fizz spectacularly in the bath!

Easy & Fun To Make

These are super easy to make and are great fun in the bath. This is also a great opportunity to show your kids how to make bath salts the natural way, as the fizzing is just such fun in the bath. I told my young grandson that we were making a potion, just like in harry potter!

He was transfixed and we had such a fun afternoon. Bath time has been a breeze since then, too!

So let’s take a look at the different ingredients we’ll need to make bath salts that fizz in the tub. Spoiler, they’re very similar to bath bombs.

Pouring bath salts into your container for storage

Important Notes on Ingredients

  • For the container, PET plastic is a good choice. I wouldn’t recommend glass, as the build-up of gas from the reaction caused by salt and bicarb mixing together can cause the glass to shatter. I personally haven’t seen this happen, but I have seen reports of it, so its best to be safe than sorry.
  • I’m using Pink Himalayan salt mainly for its naturally attractive color, so feel free to substile it with Epsom salts if you wish to.
  • While I am using raspberry fragrance oils in this recipe, you can substitute this for whatever you like. You can even use essential oils if you so wish. I make Lavender Lullaby baths salts all the time, using lavender essential oils and throwing in some whole lavender buds as well. If it’s winter I like to use spicy, Christmassy aromas such as Orange and Nutmeg or Apple and Cinnamon. The choice is all yours. Although you may prefer to use fine-grain Epsom salts when adding a fragrance that doesn’t match up with the pretty color of pink Himalayan salts.
  • Due to the high content of salt in this recipe, and its ability to quickly absorb liquid I try to avoid any type of liquid soap dye. As it can cause problems when you add citric acid. You can add a small amount of powdered mica, but it is prone to clumping in the water. So although it may make the salts look pretty when added to the salt it doesn’t lead to a having a good bath experience.
homemade fizzy bath salts

Fragrant Fizzy Bath Salts Recipe

Scented with lovely fragrances, my fizzy bath salt recipe will turn a mundane soak into a luxury spa treatment just for you.

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Prep Time: 5 minutes
Active Time: 10 minutes
Total Time: 15 minutes
Yield: 300 grams (approx)
Difficulty Level: Easy
Author: Angela Wills

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  • Weigh out your Himalayan salts into a good-sized mixing bowl, preferably made of glass (although plastic is fine to use, make sure not to use it for anything food related again).
    Break up any lumps that are in the salt.
    248 grams Pink Himalayan Salt
    step 1: weigh your salt
  • Now it’s time to fragrance to our salts. Add the 10 drops of raspberry fragrance oil and mix thoroughly.
    10 drops Essential Oil or Fragrance Oil
    Step 2: Add your raspberry fragrance oil
  • Add the baking soda and mix until all the lumps are gone, you may find it easier to use your hands for this, especially if there are a few lumps in the baking soda.
    28 grams Baking Soda
    Step 3: Add the bicarb
  • Add the citric acid. Start with a little, and if there is no reaction go ahead and add the rest. Mix thoroughly.
    24 grams Citric Acid
    Step 4: Add the citric acid
  • Pour or scoop your salts into your chosen container. You can get some nice plastic PET jars, or you can even use cellophane bags (although don’t use ordinary sandwich bags). And as mentioned already in the ingredients notes above, don’t use a glass container.
    Basically, you don’t want to use anything that will absorb your fragrance and leave you with scentless granules of salt.
    You’ll also want to make sure you have a good tight seal on your container, Salts tend to extract liquid from the air, and so eventually you’ll find your bath salts become a mushy mess after a while. 
    Step 5: Mix and pour into your container for storage
Category: DIY Bath & Body
Cuisine: N/A
Difficulty: Easy

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Final Thoughts

So there we have it, the 6 easy steps of my fizzy bath salts recipe. Whether you want to make bath time a bit more fun for your little ones, or you’re just looking for a luxurious experience just for you. Everyone needs to pamper themselves. Go on, treat yourself!

I found this pretty easy to make once I managed to get the quantities of the ingredients right. I doubt very much you’ll find this difficult if you follow my steps properly. Like I’ve already said, it’s so easy your kids can have a go too! If you find that these are still not fizzing, check the quality of your citric acid. If it doesn’t fizz on its own when submerged in hot water, you might need to buy a fresh batch (preferably from a different supplier).

Don’t forget to share this fizzy bath salt recipe with your friends on social media! I’m sure they’d enjoy learning how to make these as much as you will. Feel free to drop any questions you might have in the comments section below. I love hearing about your experiences! So tell me, what’s your favorite fragrance or essential oil to use in your bath salts?

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I’m using Lavender, Rose, and calendula in this recipe for floral bath salts. Not only are they vibrant & pretty, but they all also have superb skin benefits.

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  1. This was super easy to follow and I got lovely fizz – feels very uplifting after some unsuccessful bath bomb attempts! I swapped pink salt to epsom and used peppermint and tea tree EOs, however my quantities were way more larger than in your recipe (I used online fragrance calculator) thus it came out very strongly scented. Great for stuffed nose, but bit too much cooling effect from the peppermint. I will use it mainly for foot bath and planning to swap peppermint to lemongrass EO to try another batch. I also used tapioca starch to help EOs disperse better, I put about half of the amount of citric acid. Have you tried or have you heard anyone trying natural colorants in the fizzy bath salts, like spirulina?5 stars

    • Sounds absolutely lovely! I’ve used tapioca starch for exactly the same reason and found it works quite well. As for the natural colorants, that sounds like a great idea and I’m already obsessed with the idea of using spirulina, I will try it soon. I’ve been using it in my bath salts and cp soaps as a colorant for a little while now, but this sounds like a good experiment. Let me know what you think when you come to try it? I think anything powdered would work, and would be extra good if it’s water soluble, as it will take to the bath water wonderfully.

    • Hi there, take a look at this section of my soap supplies page. I know it talks about soap, but the mica features in the amazon marketplace list are the same stuff you can use for bath bombs and salts. You might also want to consider liquid bath dye, the ones that are used for melt and pour soap. Those are great in bath salts and bath bombs.

      Hope this helps!


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