Where To Buy Essential Oils Online

In this article, I’ll go over all of the trusted companies that in my experience produce some of the best essential oils online. I buy from many of them all the time, so hopefully, this info will make sure you buy the best quality pure products, and at the same time help save a little cash!

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Essential oils are amazing and they can be used for just about every health and beauty need. So, where to buy essential oils is a question I’m often asked.

And it’s an excellent question, especially for a beginner who has little experience with different essential oil brands. In this article, I’ll go over all of the trusted companies that in my experience produce some of the best essential oils online.

step 5: In a different beaker, add the essential oils

My preferred suppliers include top-quality essential oil brands such as Plant Therapy as they have a storefront on Amazon. And Mountain Rose, although not available on Amazon is also a fantastic choice if you are in the US. And if you’re in the UK, Mystic Moments on Amazon is probably the best brand of essential oils for you as they will be more affordable than the US imports.

This is not just my opinion, many blogging friends and associates also buy from these stores, so hopefully, this info will make sure you buy the best quality pure products, and at the same time help save a little cash!

I’ll even pick out my favorite products for you, as I save them all in my ingredient lists here.

Many recipes and craft projects at Savvy Homemade call for essential oils as ingredients. You can learn more about the uses and properties of these oils in my essential oil guide created over several years of experience.

My Opinion On The Best Essential Oil Brands

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I’ve been searching for the best place to buy essential oils online for well over a decade now, and I know what to look for in a brand. Below are all top-notch retailers and all of their products are of excellent quality.

Nevertheless, some stand out with amazing loyalty programs, fantastic customer service, bottle returns programs, and the work they put into giving back to their communities.

These companies have all been trading for a long time. They are all family-run businesses which I always tend to trust a little more and I’m happy to recommend them. They travel the world to source the best quality essential oils often at more affordable prices than over here.

Getting Started With Essential Oils

essential oil bottle

Below are links to 10 great essential oils from Plant Therapy via Amazon, this should help guide you when buying your very first oils. They are based upon Valerie Worwood’s recommendations in her Complete Book of Essential Oils also available here on Amazon.

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy

Plant Therapy is one of the most reputable essential oil companies selling online, they sell high-quality products and have a diverse selection. They also sell many of their products at Amazon.

It’s a great place to get affordable oils without sacrificing potency and quality. Plant Therapy has a wide range of options, offering 125 essential oils, 47 blends, 23 roll-on oils, 20 carrier oils and 43 sets. Each choice is 100% pure and promises to meet all of your health needs.

This is also a premier company to turn to if you want oils that are safe for use with kids. This is great if your child is having trouble sleeping or is having difficulty concentrating in school. You’d be amazed at what the right oil can do for your little one.

When I go to the Plant Therapy website I immediately click on the Bargain Bin because I just love a bargain. It introduced me to a wide range of other products Plant Therapy offers. I also love how they keep their special offers in one place, so you don’t have to work to see them all.

I also want to touch on the fact that they offer free shipping nationwide, and it’s fast too. After a couple of days of processing, you can expect to see it in around 5 days. For a small company, this is excellent. They even offer the chance to get free international shipping if you spend over $50. This is currently only available to customers from certain countries. They’ll also accept returns, within 90 days, for free and with no questions asked.

I love a good printable, and Plant Therapy is offering loads of them. From infographics on a range of topics to DIY how to’s on soap making, décor, candles and many many more! You have to check them out. With the holiday season hot on our heels, you’ll even find some cool printable tags to make your gift extra special. I like how they have free eBooks as well, mostly on different oil blend recipes, but also a kids coloring book as well. I especially liked the Fall Blend Recipe book, which gave me some great ideas to use this November.

Plant Therapy has a commitment to giving back, which is always great to see. They have been involved with lots of projects, but most notably their ‘Plant Therapy Water Project’ which, in partnership with Africa Heartwood Projects, builds wells in Africa to give people access to plenty of clean water. We take water for granted, but Plant Therapy gets that not everyone has this luxury we call a right in the first world. You can’t put a price on the satisfaction you’ll get from knowing some of your hard-earned dollars are being used to save lives. Shop Plant Therapy Oils on Amazon.

Mountain Rose Oils

mountainrose essential oil kit
Mountainrose essential oil kit

If you’re new to using essential oils, Mountain Rose offers some of the best starter collections to help you on your way to using essential oils for your health effectively.

The oils from Mountain Rose are organic and the company also sells carrier oils, waxes and other important natural ingredients. This is your one-stop shop for using essential oils, whether you’re new to the practice or have been using them for a while already.

They offer an impressive returns policy. You have 60 days from the time you are invoiced to return a product. They don’t make you jump through hoops either and you can just send them straight back without notifying them first.

Another great reason to buy essential oils from MR is that they offer the ability to buy in bulk, so if you buying for your business they make it much easier on you. They also don’t waste packaging when shipping in bulk, so you won’t need to feel guilty about lots of separate packages of a single item.

MR has a boatload of commitment to the environment, their suppliers and of course, your health as well! They have a commitment to sustainability. They use recycled materials in their packaging where they can, produce their own sustainability reports, and operate their ‘Mountain Rose River Project’ which is committed to improving and restoring rivers across the nation.

They also support the farmers that produce the raw ingredients that they use and sell, showing a real promise to upholding fair trade. It is also worth mentioning their dedication to the organics movement and there is a real passion for it at Mountain Rose.

Lastly, I wanted to mention their support of a whole host of charitable organizations and environmental projects. No essential oil supplier does as much as MR does to ensuring a better tomorrow. Go take a look at the different projects and charities they’re involved with, the sheer number of them is bound to impress you.

Now does this affect me today, on a personal level, when I buy essential oils? Perhaps not.

But these issues are bigger than all of us, and when you spend money on the Mountain Rose website you know that some of that is going to be put to good use. In a time when our environment is under such an attack, even from the halls of our own governments, this sort of commitment is vitally important.

More Great Essential Oil Brands

Edens Garden

When you want to be assured of the best oils out there, turn to Edens Garden where the stock is rotated every couple of weeks so you know you’re always getting the freshest product available. Quality control means that the oils are stored in the best conditions and each is 100% pure. The company also offers certified organic oils at affordable prices.

Edens Garden product range is vast and widely available on Amazon. It includes many different types of blends, single oils, roll on’s, kid safe products, hydrosols and even diffusers (which if you’ve seen our diffuser page, you’ll know we love them).

I loved their test kits, and the ability to create your own is a unique feature that I don’t often see. Kits tend to include standard essential oils that are great for beginners, but if you fancy trying out a completely new set of essential oils you haven’t tried, Edens Garden will let you do that. You can get a set of 6 bottles of any type for under $30, which is a pretty good offer.

Like many of these companies, Eden’s Garden will ship anywhere in the US free of charge. However, if you need to get it faster there are a few options to upgrade including 1 day delivery for a charge. I like this, as sometimes you just need to get something quickly for a friend’s birthday or the holiday season. Now if you create a free account, this is where the good stuff appears. You’ll be sent exclusive membership deals, excellent DIYs and an interesting and informative newsletter that includes new product spotlights, current promotions and much more. It’s definitely worth signing up!

Although I usually buy their products on Amazon I spent some time on their website, and came across what they call the EDENs Pledge, which I really liked. They have a commitment to good customer service, using natural products that work effectively, distributing good information and keeping their customers safe, which is all you can ask for really.

They also offer a loyalty program known as ‘Aroma Notes’, which offers you credit to spend on their products each time you spend a dollar. This, coupled with their pledge, makes me feel like a valued customer. I’m tired of companies that just don’t give a damn about the people that matter most, their customers! Eden’s Garden understands this, where many others don’t.

They have a great introduction to essential oils page, which gives you all the details you need to get started and get the most out of your oils. They go a bit further though and provide a printable download that covers 101 uses for essential oils. This is absolutely fantastic and useful for beginners and essential oil aficionados alike. An all-round excellent company that is totally deserving of your hard-earned money.

Majestic Pure

All of the oils offered by Majestic Pure are therapeutic grade and 100% pure. You can count on them for a wide range of health issues, from depression to fatigue. The oils can be inhaled, added to your bath, topically, or in a diffuser, depending on your health needs. The company offers a great selection of oils that can be used alone or combined with other oils to create a customized blend.

Now, I need to tell you that Majestic Pure is currently offering 20% percent off EVERYTHING they stock on their brand website, when using their promo code ‘MPOIL20’, because I just love saving money and you should too. So get over there and take a look at what they have to offer already! If that wasn’t reason enough to take a look, they’ll ship whatever you purchase free of charge, which is great.

I hate paying for shipping! Another neat thing Majestic Pure offers is the ability to buy all of their products on Amazon, so there’s no real need to create an account with them if you really don’t want to. I’d suggest you do though, as some of their deals are available through their website only.

Now, they’ll let you send back anything within 30 days for whatever reason, but there is a catch. Any orders over $50 incur a 25% restocking fee and 40% on orders over $101. Promotional items often can’t be returned either. While this is a bit of a bummer, it’s not really a deal-breaker. This is the sort of thing we’ve come to expect nowadays, and as long as you’re careful with your orders you should be fine. Besides, Majestic Pure makes up for it by the sheer number of deals and offers they have.

There always seems to be a promo code about and their promotional items will always save you money. They don’t try to hide them either as they’ll either email you the offers if you have an account, or they’ll usually be on their front page.

Their blog is pretty cool too, and worth checking out. Like many of these companies, they offer neat little DIYs, articles that dish out beauty secrets and info on how to get the most out of their products, all for free. So to round up, they have a bit of an annoying returns policy, but they more than makeup for it with their offers and cool blog!

Plant Guru

At Plant Guru, essential oils are created using 100% natural products that you can trust for all your health needs. The goal of the company is to offer oils that can be used daily and that provide all the benefits you’re looking for. Plant Guru offers oils that relieve stress, improve blood pressure and treat depression. There’s something for everyone here, no matter what you’re looking for.

It’s so simple to buy on Amazon and Plant Guru oils are one of the leading suppliers there. When we say they have something for everyone, they really do! They sell over 100 different varieties of essential oils, so if there’s a particular type you need you’re likely to find it at Plant Guru. Not only that, but they offer a variety of different gift sets and value packs to get you or a friend started in the fabulous world of essential oils.

You can get (10ml bottles) for under $30, which is an absolute bargain if you ask me. This, partnered with one of the Plant Guru carrier oil variety packs would make a perfect gift for the right person. But it doesn’t stop there, Plant Guru sells a whole host of different products and ingredients including butters, waxes, natural oils, superfoods and even incense!

Plant Guru will send your products free of charge to anywhere within the US. When they get to you, they’ll even show you how to use them. They have a section on their website called the ‘Learning Centre’, which includes basic information on how to get started, as well as background information on many of their products. This includes using essential oils for the first time, mixing carrier oils, how essential oils are extracted and the different benefits and applications of many of their products.

Better yet, they have a kick ass blog, filled with all types of DIYs, product spotlights, wellness, aromatherapy and much more. It’s definitely worth checking it out, especially if you’re new to using these types of ingredients.

The last thing I wanted to mention was the amount of experience the Plant Guru team have in this field. To date, they have sold a million products. For a corporation this might not seem like a big deal, but keep in mind that Plant Guru is a relatively small, family run company of around 30 employees.

Their success is a testament to their passion, as is their 99% customer satisfaction rating. If you have a problem with your order, they’re more than happy to help and their customer service is absolutely top notch. You can’t go wrong buying from Plant Guru.

UK Oils AT Mystic Moments

If you’re in the UK, Mystic Moments on Amazon is probably the best brand of essential oils for you. But they are also popular in the US.

The company promises oils extracted from the best ingredients and each is formulated for the best results, whether you suffer from acne, fatigue, eczema or any other health problem.

The oils offered by Mystic Moments can be used in a diffuser, topically or as part of a spray, bath or compress, so there’s sure to be something here for you.

What blew me away immediately was the range of products Mystic Moments offers. If it’s used in homemade cosmetics, you’ll be able to source them through Mystic Moments.

I liked how well set out their website is, with very easy navigation. I quickly found they have a top notch range of organic products and materials, have a section dedicated to their special offers, have marvelous gifting options (to include hampers and ‘create your own’ packs for friends and families) and of course their curious mystical products that are perfect for spiritualists.

Their products are of fantastic quality as well, and I personally shop with them often.

So they don’t offer free shipping, but that’s not such a problem if you live in the UK as their prices are very reasonable. If you’re looking to purchase here in the US directly from their website, then you’ll have to pay based on the total weight of your order.

However, if you’re savvy like me, you’ll notice that Mystic Moments sell through Amazon in the UK & US, and depending on what you’re buying you could qualify for free shipping within the US. It’s definitely worth a try! This goes for our friends across the pond in the UK as well; definitely check Amazon before you pay any shipping charges.

They have an excellent range of special offers pretty much all the time and they change regularly. They’ll always advertise them on their front page or in their dedicated special offers section.

They list the interesting stuff they get up to in the news sections, along with their products on the month. Right now, for example, their products of the month are Pecan carrier oil and Fee Gee fragrance oil, both of which are currently 50% off!

What makes me love them the most though is their commitment to customer service, speedy delivery and of course, high-quality products. If you have a concern or question, they always respond quickly to emails with reassurance and good, accurate information. You just can’t go wrong with Mystic Moments.

Rocky Mountain Oils

Rocky Mountain Oils is one of the best essential oil brands and you’ll find a huge selection of pure and blended oils that are formulated specifically to meet your needs.

They also offer excellent starter kits, which gives the beginner everything they need to get started. The variety of different oils available is dizzying, and if it couldn’t get better their prices are fair and totally affordable.

It’s important to mention that there’s also an assurance of 100% pure ingredients, which is always something to look out for.

Now, there are a few things that make RMO stand out from the crowd. They offer a 90 day returns policy for any reason. Don’t like the smell of essential oil you bought a couple of weeks or months ago?

RMO will let you send it back for a full refund! This will happen from time to time especially if you buy often, which also neatly leads me on to their rewards system!

For every dollar you spend, RMO will reward you with 1 club oil’ty point. When you have enough of them, these points can be redeemed for your favorite RMO products. You can rack up points by referring a friend, liking their Facebook page and following them on Instagram. They’ll even send you 100 points on your birthday!

I don’t know about you, but I’m always interested to see what reputable companies are doing to help preserve the environment, and RMO is definitely doing their bit.

Their packaging is made from 100% recycled materials and they started the first bottle recycling program in the industry. That’s right, you can send used essential oil bottles directly to RMO with the surety that they will be recycled.

Wanna know something cool? They’ll even accept any brand of used essential oils bottles, not just their own!

Now, the last thing I want to touch on is their learning centre. It’s a section of their site dedicated to teaching you all the tips and tricks of using essential oils.

Whether you’re new to the craft and need all the basics or if you’re looking for some more advanced techniques, you’ll find something for you. This includes the educating blog, which they regularly update to include lots of recipes, articles and updates on RMO products.

I strongly recommend taking a look at what Rocky Mountain Oils has to offer you on their site, as they’re truly one of the best brands of essential oils.

Thrive Market

Thrive Market aims to offer the best essential oils at a fraction of the cost at other stores or online shops. Every oil is 100% pure and offers all the benefits of the more expensive brands.

You can also find roll-on oils and blends that meet your specific health needs. If you want top notch oils at the most affordable prices, Thrive Market is your place.

Now, it’s important to keep in mind that Thrive Market is not an open marketplace. After your first purchase, you will begin a 30 day free trial. After that, you will be expected to pay a yearly membership fee.

Now, is this fee worth it? It really depends. If you’re planning to buy lots of essential oils or if you’ll use their site to buy other products, then absolutely. If not, then probably not.

They really do sell essential oils very cheaply. You can expect a saving of between 25-50% when compared with buying elsewhere, and they’re all the same brands that you know and love.

But if you’re going to use the Thrive Market website, be sure to take a look at what else they can offer you as well as the essential oils.

They have an extensive range of foods, beauty products, products for home and for kids as well as an extensive range of Thrive Market brand products. They have gluten free products, vegan products, organic products and pretty much anything you’d consider to be healthy or natural. It’s definitely worth a look.

Making Your Choice

So, which out of these is the best? Well, that’s tricky to answer. The truth is, all of them will provide you will a high quality product and excellent customer service. But we need to consider what else they offer, and when we do a few stand out from the crowd. I’ve narrowed it down to a couple that really deserve your money.

Mountain Rose Or Plant Therapy

Over the years I’ve learned to trust Plant Therapy & Mountain Rose, many of the leading experts in my industry won’t hesitate to buy their products and recommend them to friends and readers.

They are both great places to get affordable oils without sacrificing potency and quality.

They offer an amazing service to their customers and are very informative and quick to respond to your emails. So many companies are happy to take your money and ignore your emails, Mountain Rose and Plant Therapy won’t do that to you.

So there we have it, the best places to buy essential oils online, and I even shortlisted it down to 2 (which was actually very hard to do!).

In reality, all of these companies will serve you well and it’s probably best to shop around. Ordering from the same company every time is safe but not the best way to find products that work best for you. But you have to tell me, what are your favorite brands, where do you buy essential oils? Have I missed anything on my list? Leave a comment below, I love to read about your experiences.

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  1. Excellent post, I have been making my own soaps and lotions for some time and I found that bulk apothecary is really great, have you used them before? I love all of the excellent information you provided. Thanks so much!

  2. Years ago I would buy bath and body works sensual aroma therapy essential oil until they discontinued it. I can’t explain why I loved the fragrance I just did. The blend was vanilla and black currant. How can I bring this scent back into my home?

    • Hmm, this is a difficult one. Mostly because you cannot actually get vanilla or blackcurrant in essential oil form. You can, however, buy fragrance oils that mimic these scents.

      Nevertheless, if fragrance oils aren’t your thing, you could try using vanilla infused oil, which does have a nice albeit softer fragrance. You definitely can get Blackcurrent Seed Oil, however, it is a carrier oil and does not have any sweet aroma to it.

      On the whole, if you’re looking for a lovely fragrance that is strong and long-lasting, I would consider a fragrance oil. While essential oils have lovely benefits, if it’s just the fragrance you enjoy you will still be able to capture this with a fragrance oil blend. As a little tip, go easy with the vanilla. I find vanilla can very easily overwhelm a scent profile if used too aggressively.

      • It may be worth highlighting the difference between synthetic fragrance oils and essential / absolute aromatherapy oils – some of the suppliers mentioned sell a large range of fragrance oils and beginners may be tempted to buy them as a cheaper alternative to aromatherapy oils without realising they don’t have the same theraputic properties. As you have mentioned, if it is simply for the fragrance only, then this may not be an issue for them `¬)


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