Top 20 Halloween Treats & Snacks To Scare The Kids This Year

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YES, we’re finally here! It’s that time of year again when the zombie put on their dancing shoes, the witches stir their cauldrons and the ghosts come out to play!

So, in aid of this very special Halloween holiday I’m going to show you 20 amazingly creative and just damn ghoulish DIY Halloween treats and snacks to scare, delight and inspire your kids! And tomorrow I’ll share my favorite creepy spooky homemade Halloween props and decorations.

20 Creative DIY Halloween Treats and Snacks To Scare TheKids


So if you’re planning some Halloween activities or putting on a terrifying Halloween party, then listen up! I’ve scoured SavvyHomemade and the web to find these amazing recipes for the creepiest food you’ll ever see (cut to me, 3 in the morning, staring at my computer screen as I stuff chips in my mouth).

They’d be perfect as Halloween party snacks for the buffet table, and some could be super impressive inclusions for any good DIY Halloween treat bag for the neighborhood kids.

The creators of these yummy DIY Halloween treats have really outdone themselves with their creativity. Go ahead and click the link to their websites, and check out all the other cool stuff they’re doing at the same time!

So, without further ado, here are the best homemade Halloween treats and snacks I could find online. Enjoy!

Witch Finger Pretzel Rods

By Elizabeth LaBau

Witch Finger Pretzel Rods

When I saw these Witch Finger Pretzels, I just died. They look so much like severed witch fingers, what an amazing Halloween party snack! Also, they don’t look too hard to make. I don’t know about you, but I’m obsessed with sweet and salty flavors at the moment, and this is the perfect homemade Halloween treat to satisfy that craving.

These use pretzel rods as a base, almonds for the fingernails and green candy coating to get that witchy vibe that, I think, takes this to the next level.

Elizabeth at The Spruce is candy smart, a real expert in the field. So go and check out her how to already, you won’t regret it. She has loads of amazing candy recipes and ideas for all occasions too, so definitely have a look at what she’s up to at the moment.

Ghosts in the Graveyard Puddings

By Kate Jones

Ghosts in the Graveyard Puddings

I LOVE PUDDING. Who doesn’t? So why not include this absolutely yumtastic Halloween party treat idea! Those little ghosts look so adorable, and the pudding and chocolate Oreo soil really adds to the illusion. The only thing I’d consider adding would be some grey frosting on the cookie to take it to the next level. But even if you don’t, these would look terrific as Halloween party food.

Kate and Sara over at Our Best Bites post tried and tested recipes, as well as lifestyle articles and reviews. Their content is super useful and those two are super cute as well! Head over there and take a look at their graveyard pudding cup recipe, as well as all their other great articles too.

Frankenstein Brownies

By Vedika

Frankenstein Brownies

We’ve all had brownies, but have you had tasty Frankenstein brownies!? You’ve gotta give these a try, they look amazing. Not only that, but these make amazing DIY Halloween treats that you can make with your kids. I love the addition of the red decorating gel as blood, a tiny detail that makes all the difference. I also can’t get enough M&Ms, so it ticks that box as well. An easy to make Halloween treat that’ll impress anyone!

Vedika is a real gal, posting wonderful recipes on her site Hot Chocolate Hits. She gets that not everyone is a whiz in the kitchen, and describes her recipes as impressive and delicious, but also approachable and easy to make. They definitely are, especially these great Frankenstein brownies.

Avocado & Wasabi Deviled Spider Eggs

By Laura

Avocado and Wasabi Deviled Spider Eggs

These avocado and wasabi deviled eggs look like they could be real spider eggs – cracked effect is a super clever idea. If it couldn’t get better, these are one of the most delicious Halloween treats to make, and look impressive on the table. These are colored naturally, with blueberries for the cracked effect and the avocado and wasabi won’t need any extra additives. Laura, the creator of this recipe, even offers a pumpkin and ham alternative which is worth a look see.

Laura posts delicious recipes on her website Family Spice. Her content is great, and her recipes really have a homely feel to them. You should check out her spider eggs recipe, and while you’re there have a look at the other things she doing. She even sells her own award-winning cook book!

Voodoo Doll Cookies

By Lorraine Elliott

Voodoo Doll Cookies

I let out a squeal when I saw these Voodoo Doll cookies, because they’re just fantastic! They look so yummy and adorable I had to include them on this list. Lorraine includes lots of different design ideas for you to copy or inspire you to create your own!

Probably my favorite thing about them is that they remind me so much of Sally Stitch, my favorite character from The Nightmare Before Christmas! These make amazing additions to any DIY Halloween treat bag, minus any real needles of course.

Lorraine Elliott is a foodie who places enthuses on food artistry. Her very popular website, Not Quite Nigella, is popular for a reason! She post lots of delicious and beautiful recipes for you to have a go at, and I definitely recommend that you do. Quick, go check her out!

Halloween Brain Cake 

By Sheryl

Halloween Brain Cake

No table of Halloween party snacks is complete without a cake, and I’ve included a few on this list. This one is something special though, and is surprisingly easy to make! This Halloween brain cake will really creep your kids out, because it really does look like a brain.

The coils of the brain are achieved with fondent, but I think marzipan would make a nice alternative. The blood is good ol’ food coloring. Another suggestion I’d have is dying the sponge as well as they fondent, so it looks realistic even after it’s been cut.

Sheryl at Sherbakes posts interesting and delicious looking recipes regularly, as well as lifestyle and travel articles. Her photography is beautiful, and she’s absolutely worth checking out. This gal has a real love for baking, and it’s infectious too!

Pretzel Pumpkins 

By Elizabeth LaBau

Pretzel Pumpkins

Here’s another recipe by Elizabeth at The Spruce. It’s super easy, and the first thing I thought when I saw these pretzel Pumpkins was ‘my kids could totally do this with me’, which I just love.

Again, Elizabeth is satisfying my salty sweet cravings as well as proving you don’t need to throw a kitchen sink at homemade Halloween treats to be creative! Absolutely delicious, and make an excellent addition to any DIY Halloween treat bag.

Bite-Size Eyeballs

By Anna Helm Baxter

Bite-Size Eyeballs

Whenever I hear the words ‘bite’ and ‘size’ together, I immediately get excited. Just the thought of lowering bits of food that’s already been cut up for me puts me in sloth mode, my favorite mode. These cucumber, olive and cream cheese eye balls sound undeniably heavenly, and you there’s even a delicious dipping sauce recipe to go with it! They look so spooky, and if you opt for low fat cream cheese, they’re also healthy Halloween party snacks as well!

Women’s Day is like your favorite women’s lifestyle magazine, but online! They post about lots of topics, and their content is absolutely worth your time.

Hot Dog Mummies

By Jennifer

Hot Dog Mummies

Okay, so these are seriously cool, and cute! Mini hot dog mummies remind me of my own mummy pizzas, so anything I can make with or for the kids I’ll give a go! These are super easy to make, but look quite impressive even next to some of the more complicated Halloween snack ideas.

They’re pretty much a take on the old classic, pigs in blankets, only creepier! You could try making the eye dots a little bigger by using more ketchup, and then make little evil looking pupils with a small dot of mustard!

Jennifer at Seakettle is super cute, and post lots of delicious recipes and cool DIYs. She indexes them under types of parties and occasions as well, so you can get everything you need for your next bridal shower or birthday party. Hop on over to Seakettle and see what she’s got to offer.

Vampire Apple Pie Milkshakes

By TheSeasideBaker

Vampire Apple Pie Milkshakes

What Halloween is complete without milkshakes?! No Halloween, that’s what!

This Vampire Milkshake Halloween treat looks spooky but tastes delicious, everything we’re looking for when it comes to Halloween treats and party food ideas! I love how the fake blood drips down the sides of the cups, and I’ll definitely keep this own in my recipe book for this Halloween!

The inclusion of syringes is genius as well, and could be used as spoons! If you leave them empty, the kids (and grown-ups) could inject the shake into their mouths like some kind of modern, hipster vampire!

The Seaside Baker posts a bit about everything, including yumazing recipes! Last month she posted a seasonal pumpkin flan cake that I’ve also put straight into my recipe book for the autumn season. She’s amazing at what she does, and I definitely recommend having a look at her blog The Seaside Baker.

Hilarious No-Bake Vampire Doughnuts 

By Brandi Bidot

Hilarious No-Bake Vampire Doughnuts

These Vampire Doughnuts are just amazing and laugh out loud. Sometimes it’s not always possible to make everything from scratch, and this recipe calls for store bought ringed doughnuts. The teeth look super cool, and these semi-DIY Halloween treats really do ‘get the most laughs for the least effort’, as Brandi says.

You could go all out and whip up a dozen doughnuts yourself, just to make them extra special. If you want them a bit creepier, you could always add more blood. Also, what’s stopping you from experimenting with different Halloween character ideas; zombie doughnuts, anyone?

This recipe was posted by Brandi Bidot of SheKnows, a very popular lifestyle digital media platform. They and their users post on a whole range of topics, other than tasty Halloween snack ideas of course. Go check them out, you could spend hours there!

Black chocolate Witch Cake 


Black chocolate Witch Cake

Another recipe from Women’s Day, the black chocolate witch cake! I love how the witch looks like shes crashed into the cake, and those legs sticking out really remind me of the wicked witch of the east from The Wizard of Oz!

You could make this even better by including a broken broom, perhaps made from a pretzel rod and frosting. Or, if you really wanna go for The Wizard of Oz look, maybe pop a frosting house on top, make her shoes ruby red (or silver, for canon die hards) and swap the bats out for flying monkeys! This would look great on the buffet table, right next to all your other spooky Halloween party snacks.

Poison Candy Apples 

By Nate

Poison Candy Apples 

Don’t worry, these aren’t actually poisonous. But by the look of them you would really think so, right? These poison candy apples uses gel icing color to get that rich blue and black color in the picture. Why not experiment and see what other colors looks good (besides boring apple color).

I just love how they’ve used real wood to skewer the apples rather than an ordinary lollypop stick, it really takes it to the next level. You could also try using plastic witches wands if you’re a bit worried about using actual sharpened sticks. The perfect spooky snack that could also be wrapped to make a great addition to your DIY Halloween treat bags!

Nate, Lacy and their adorable daughter Hannah, post delicious recipes that you’ve gotta try! Their blog, WannaBite (the story behind the name is real cute) has such a family-style feel to it, while still looking absolutely professional. Go and have a look at what they’re doing at the moment, especially they’re delicious crockpot recipes!

Cheesy Halloween Breadstick Bones 

By Kelly Senyei

Cheesy Halloween Breadstick Bones

These cheesy Halloween breadstick bones are simple, yet totally delicious and effective! I love how they look both yummy and like the real deal at the same time! This recipe can either be easy as pie by buying a store-bought pizza dough, or follow her fantastic pizza dough recipe as well (which I recommend).

You could go one step further by cutting the bones in a zig zag so they look broken, and injecting pizza sauce or ketchup into the side so it looks like bone marrow! Nevertheless, these tasty yet easy Halloween snacks are just what the zombies ordered.

Kelly Senyei is a professionally trained chef, and posts her amazing recipes on her site Just a Taste. She does everything; designs the recipes, takes the pictures, styles her food and stars in her own cooking videos! Her site is great, and definitely worth bookmarking!

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls (Calavera de Azúcar)

By Beth

Day of the Dead Sugar Skulls

So I LOVE Day of the Dead celebrations! If you didn’t know, Day of the Dead (Día de Muertos) is a Mexican holiday centred on the celebration and remembrance of friends and family who have past away. It’s a groovy holiday, with lots of color and beautiful Mexican designs. These Day Of The Dead sugar skulls are just the thing to celebrate Halloween in style, and honor a beautiful cultural holiday! These would look great as table decorations, as they look almost too good to eat. Nevertheless, these are a gorgeous yet tasty treat that would be a great addition to DIY Halloween treat bags!

Beth posted this on her site, Hungry Happenings, which has lots of creative cake and dessert recipes and design ideas! Definitely check her out. She posted the actual recipe on Tablespoon, which you can find a link too via the page I’ve linked to above.

Easy Halloween Drink With Peep Straws

By Kimbo

Easy Halloween Drink With Peep Straws

This Halloween drink is one easy to make Halloween treat that I just had to include here. When you’re whipping up a Halloween party, it’s easy to forget about the punch. This takes all the stress out of thinking about what everyone is going to drink, and looks way cooler than a couple of soda on a table.

I love the use of the peeps on the straws, also because I just love peeps! The eyeballs and nerds are really selling this spooky Halloween treat.

Kimbo is a true crafter, and like me seems to be obsessed with everything glue gun (hence the name of her site). She posts great how to’s and crafty ideas on her fabulous site A Girl and a Glue Gun, and you should take a look around. She even sells stuff on etsy!

Candy Corn Jello 

By Jen

Candy Corn Jello 

Jello is one of those things we eat as kids (and a shot as college students, apparently) that I just never gave up. It’s my guilty pleasure, and this candy corn jello is my festive guilty pleasure.

They work as a great Halloween party snack, as well as being relatively easy to whip up. Did I also mention that these are totally cute?! I mean look at these little guys, they’re adorable! Okay, they’re not exactly spooky, but the colors really do make me think candy corn, and the piece on top is the icing on the cake!

Jen is a total foodie, who posts her fabulous recipes on her blog Cincy Shopper. She shows you how to get the most out of your dollar, whilst also eating like a queen! You have to go check her out, she recently posted a yummy pumpkin cheesecake dip that could be a great addition to a Halloween party buffet table as well.

Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks 

By Debbie Chapman

Cheese and Pretzel Broomsticks

I’m loving these pretzel and cheese broomsticks. They’re so cute, easy to make and are super creative Halloween snacks that are perfect for parties or even your kid’s festive Halloween lunch boxes.

If your kids are anything like mine, they’ll love string cheese and pretzels, so this will go down a storm in your house. You’ll likely spend little more than 5 minutes in the kitchen whipping these up, but they probably won’t even last that long before they’re all devoured!

Debbie is a fantastic blogger. She’s a busy mom of 3 beautiful children but finds the time to post about DIY crafts, food and a whole host of other things. How does she do it all? I know, one little project at a time! Go and have a look at what she’s up to, her organization tips and tricks might change your life.

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cake

By Elizabeth

Chocolate Peanut Butter Swirl Cake

I love peanut butter, so any way to work it into my favorite foods will always catch my eye. This incredible Halloween cake looks and tastes absolutely amazing. I have to admit that I’m not a fan of spiders, but this one is so charming and loveable.

The way the chocolate has been allowed to drop over the sides of the cake makes my mouth water just thinking about it. This is a must have to sit at the centre of your table next to your Halloween snacks and treats at any good Halloween party.

Elizabeth has a beautiful blog that you need to check out. She’s a Canadian born, British based mother of 3 who’s recipes are full of motherly love and taste great too! As well as posting about food and crafting on her blog Elizabeths Kitchen Diary, she keeps us up to date on her travels, which are always fun to read.

Mini Bat Treats

By Chelsea @Chelsea’sMessyApron

Mini Bat Treats
Mini Bat Treats By Chelsea

These mini bat treats are easy to make and look great! Made with Reeses chocolate cups and oreos, a match made in heaven. No Halloween is complete without some form of bat decoration or sugary goodies, so give these a try and tick that off your list.

With only 4 ingredients, you really can’t go wrong. Chelsea has a few other how to’s in her ‘Ultimate Bat Halloween’ post. These were my favorite, but the others are great too. She even has a healthier alternative, and they look so much spookier as well!

Chelsea describes herself as a recipe developer, photographer, writer and pro taste tester. She must be good at all these things, because her website Chelsea’s Messy Apron is just fabulous. Her recipes always look delectable, so don’t waste any more time and go take a look at some of them!

And that’s it! My 20 favorite creative DIY Halloween treats and snacks to scare and delight your kids. I can’t tell you how hungry I feel now I’m finished writing this, and might go treat myself to some of them! What’s your favorite Halloween snack? Do you know any easy to make DIY Halloween treats? How about your go to DIY Halloween party snacks? You have to share them with me, I love your input.

Don’t forget to check out my favorite creepy spooky homemade Halloween props and decorations!

Have a fabulously spooky Halloween everyone!

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