Angela Wills

Angela Wills is a journalist and the founder of She is an experienced freelance writer, content creator, and a regular contributor to MSN Direct, the Associated Press Wire, and Blox Digital. Find more details here – Angela WIlls on Muckrack.

Angela is the driving force behind Savvy Homemade. With expertise in DIY Bath & Beauty products, skincare formulation, soap making, and other artisan crafts, she juggles her roles as an author, a mother of three, and recently, a doting grandma for the second time!

Angela has over fifteen years of experience and a Diploma in Skincare Formulation; she is a proud member of the Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild and infuses each DIY product with her passion and expertise. She is fearlessly dedicated to creating tried and tested beauty recipes, skincare formulations, soap recipes, and many other DIY crafts that will work for everyone.

  • Job Title: Founder and Author – Savvy Homemade
  • Competency: Beauty Recipes, Skincare Formulation, Soapmaking, DIY Crafts, Parenting
  • Languages: English
  • Alumni: Wellington
  • Credentials: Diploma In Skincare Formulation
  • Member of: The Handcrafted Soap & Cosmetic Guild
  • Employer: Savvy Homemade