10 Ways The Benefits Of Beeswax Hydrates, Nourishes and Heals My Skin

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If you’ve never heard of beeswax, you’re in for a treat today. This unassuming yellow wax, produced worldwide by many different kinds of bees, actually has superpowers. 

Beeswax is used to make hundreds of different consumer products. Everything from candles to shoe polish. But it’s most famous for its use as a luxury skincare ingredient. Beeswax has been in skincare since the days of the ancient Greeks. 

It can hydrate, soothe, protect, speed up healing, and even prevent the formation of fine lines and wrinkles. Let’s examine the benefits of beeswax for the skin. 

1. Hydration Hero

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First and foremost, beeswax is a fantastic moisturizer. Products with this ingredient can be powerhouse hydrators for our skin. It softens the skin and makes it look and feel more supple and radiant.

But beeswax has another trick up its sleeve; It’s one of the most potent occlusives in our skincare arsenal. Occlusive substances can form a barrier on the skin that water cannot penetrate. So when we apply beeswax to the skin, it slows down the rate at which our skin loses moisture (known as TEWL), leading to softer and smoother skin for much longer.

2. Nature’s Protector

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That barrier we just talked about? Well, it has a lot of other benefits for our skin, too! Not only does it slow down TEWL, but it also protects the skin from our environment. In our modern world, our skin is exposed to a crazy amount of pollutants and chemicals. 

Beeswax can help put a stop to this. Instead of reaching the skin and into the pores, they sit on our beeswax barrier. Just make sure you’re cleansing and toning correctly to see this benefit. 

3. She’s Non-Comedogenic

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Beeswax is a solid ingredient that must be melted down and mixed with others to be used. However, unlike solid ingredients such as shea and cocoa butter, beeswax is non-comedogenic. 

When something is ‘comedogenic,’ it means it is a substance that is likely to clog pores. If it is ‘non-comedogenic,’ we mean it is the opposite and won’t clog pores. It’s great for anyone who suffers from recurring blackheads or acne.  

4. A Balm For All Seasons

homemade beeswax lip balm

If you add all the benefits we’ve just mentioned, you’ll be left with the perfect ingredient for making lip balms. And funnily enough, that’s one of the best uses of beeswax!

During the winter, the air becomes damper and colder, increasing the rate at which our skin loses moisture. Once the skin becomes dry and cracked, it can become super irritated! Let’s face it: we’ve all had chapped lips from time to time. 

5. Gentle On Sensitive Skin

soothing eczema

Beeswax is an entirely natural ingredient, as it’s produced by bees alongside honey. But it’s also soothing. These two things make it perfect for use on sensitive skin. Barring any possible allergies, beeswax is less likely to irritate the skin compared to many other common moisturizing agents. 

6. Antioxidant Powerhouse

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When our skin ages, it becomes damaged by agents that ‘oxidize’ in the skin. These are also known as ‘free radicals’ and can cause what is commonly known as ‘oxidative stress.’ As our cells become increasingly damaged, our skin loses its soft texture, firmness, and elasticity. Therefore, scientists believe that free radicals are one of the leading causes of skin aging.

But we can fight back against this! Using products high in ‘anti-oxidants,’ we can bind these free radicals and prevent them from causing more damage. A healthy, balanced lifestyle is also crucial for preventing oxidative stress. 

7. Supports Skin Health

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Because beeswax is so soothing, it’s also great for treating minor skin wounds, inflammation, and rashes. Conditions such as eczema and diaper rash benefit from this beautiful natural ingredient. 

Some research also suggests that beeswax’s antifungal properties benefit the skin. This could help prevent conditions such as diaper rash from forming. 

8. Helps Minimize Skin Infections

acne inflammation on skin

So, with its antifungal properties, beeswax has some serious firepower. But did you know that keeping the skin soft and supple is enough to avoid infections anyway? 

When skin becomes dry and cracked, it creates a rough surface where microorganisms (bacteria, mold, etc.) can quickly become trapped. When this happens, the skin is very susceptible to infection. So, slapping on a product with beeswax is a great way to fight back against this.  

9. Long Lasting Hydration

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All oil-based ingredients penetrate the skin at different rates. Beeswax, for example, sinks in very slowly. This is ideal for anyone with dry skin, as the longer a moisturizer sits on it, the longer it will provide continued hydration. Therefore, products with beeswax in them can provide moisture for much longer than those that don’t. 

10. Easy to Use In DIY Recipes

My amazing honey comb soap recipe!

The cheapest way to use products that contain lovely beeswax benefits for the skin is to make them yourself. DIY soaps and lip balms are a great example of this, and they are simple to make with ingredients under your control. 

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