An Easy Homemade Bubble Bath Recipe

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homemade bubble bath & soap gift

The easiest way to create a unique or novel homemade bubble bath recipe or shower gel solution would be to use a ready-made liquid bath base. Below I’ve made an easy bubble bath, a homemade sea salt scrub and a shaving cream , all three of them using the liquid base.

  • A basic bath base is a clear thick liquid that’s been specially prepared for you to add your own colors, scents and skin enhancing ingredients resulting in the perfect diy bubble bath recipe or shower gel to suit your skin and personality.
  • As this readymade base can easily be crafted to make many other homemade beauty products. Instructions for some of my tried and tested favorites are shown bellow. Although it’s almost imposable to mess up a liquid base recipe, like most things there are a few basic rules to follow.
  • A liquid bases can often come in different thicknesses, which can be thickened or thinned to make a consistency of your choice. As bases vary, full instructions will be given on the bottle.
  • Some fragrance, essential oils or colorants can cause a reaction in the base. For example a green coloring can look almost blue in some bases and various scents can thin out or thicken the base, so always do a quick color/scent test in small shot glass before making a large amount.

At this point I feel I most point out that I’ve never had a good result with geranium essential oil with any bath base, for some reason and I really have no idea why it renders my bath base useless. Keeping the variation bases in mind, all of the recipes below can be tweaked to give a consistency that you will be happy with.

Making The Homemade Bubble Bath Solution

easy homemade bubble bath

This homemade bubble bath recipe makes a lovely gift for anyone. It’s super easy to make and smells absolutely wonderful (in fact I can’t stop smelling the lime one and it’s even making my mouth water!)

What You Will Need

Easy bubble bath ingredients

How To Make It

  1. Choose a fragrance and color, then do a shot test to see if they are compatible.Easy bubble bath Step 1
  2. Pour the liquid base into a clean glass or jug, and then stir in both the color and fragrance oil.Easy bubble bath Step 2
  3. Cover the glass with double thick plastic wrap or something similar to keep the scent contained, and set aside for 24 hours to allow all the bubbles to rise and disburse.

    Easy bubble bath Step 3
    Easy Bubble Bath at 24 Hrs

  4. Pour the bubble bath into bottles and decorate with a gift tag or sticky label.Easy bubble bath Step 4
  5. As you can see below these little bottles look great teamed up with our homemade melt and pour soaps. See my loofah soap and glitter lip soap for individual recipes.
    Homemade Bubble Bath & Loofah Soap Gift
    Homemade Bubble Bath & Loofah Soap Gift

    Homemade Bubble Bath & Glitter Soap Gift
    Homemade Bubble Bath & Glitter Soap Gift

A Relaxing DIY Bubble Bath Recipe

If you want to give your homemade bubble bath recipe a lovely, relaxing scent, then you can add a few drops of lavender essential oil to the basic recipe.

A Smooth Skin Bubble Bath Recipe

I usually add a few drops of almond oil to the basic recipe to make my skin silky smooth. Almond oil is almost fragrance-free, so it’s perfect to add to another scented version of your bubble bath.

A Healing Bubble Bath Recipe

My daughter gets eczema in spring and summer, so I add a couple of drops of patchouli essential oil to her bubble bath mix. It helps to reduce the inflammation of eczema on her skin and reduce the incidence of further flares on her body.


So, now you have the recipe for DIY bubble bath, what else can we make using the liquid bath base? How about a homemade sea salt scrub using liquid base or this ladies shaving cream recipe.

Do you have a homemade bubble bath recipe? What other spa recipes have you made using a ready-made liquid bath base?

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