10 Benefits Of Aloe Vera For Radiant Skin


Aloe vera has become a staple of skin care for centuries. And for good reason, too! This unassuming ingredient seems to have unlimited benefits for our skin. It can soothe, calm, heal, fight bacteria, and so much more.

At the very core of Aloe is a combination of amazing vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, and amino acids. All of these help support the functions, repair, and renewal of our skin. With it, we unlock the secrets to healthier, more radiant skin. Let’s take a look at a handful of these benefits of Aloe vera for skin. 

1. Moisturizes Dry Skin

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Aloe is also very hydrating for our skin, in general. One of its greatest strengths is the fact that it’s water soluble, and so sinks in at lightning-fast speeds. No oily residue or film is left on the surface of our skin. For this reason, It’s perhaps one of the best skin moisturizers for anyone with oily skin types. Although all skin types will benefit from the hydrating powers of aloe vera gel. 

2. Soothes Sunburn

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Aloe is one of the most soothing botanicals known to man. Its abundance of cooling properties and antioxidants helps to soothe and calm damaged and inflamed skin. This can be damage caused by the sun, but a variety of burns will benefit, too. 

Burnt your hand on the stove? Rubbing sunburn cream containing Aloe vera gel can be an instant relief. In fact, it also helps to restore moisture to your compromised skin and prevents peeling. It’s such wonderful stuff, and you can make it at home with simple ingredients!

3. Speeds Up Wound Healing

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Not only is Aloe great for soothing burns, but it also helps to heal them faster. It’ll also aid in repairing minor cuts and abrasions on the skin. It does this by boosting the production of collagen. This helps to renew skin cells, as this protein is one of the building blocks of our skin.  

4. Fights Aging Signs

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Is there nothing this wonderful ingredient can’t do?! Aloe also helps fight the common signs of aging. It’s rich in vitamins C and E, both of which are high in antioxidants and are powerful age defiers in their own right. Vitamin C is especially good, as it’s known to brighten skin, providing a more youthful and radiant appearance. 

By combining Aloe with other ingredients in a super lightweight face serum or cream, you can create a powerful skin elixir that will help you age gracefully. It’s easier than you might think, two great examples are my lavender and aloe vera face cream and my aloe vera body lotion.

5. Reduces Acne and Infection

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Another benefit of Aloe is its ability to reduce acne inflammation and prevent infection. This is because Aloe has some natural antimicrobial properties that will fight off common types of acne-causing bacteria. Furthermore, because of its soothing properties, Aloe can also help bring any existing acne and inflammation back under control. It’s one of nature’s true gifts for our skin! 

6. Lightens Blemishes on the Face

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We already know that Aloe is high in vitamin C, which aids in the rejuvenation of our skin. However, this has one other benefit. It can also brighten skin, helping to reduce the visibility of age spots, scarring, and blemishes. Combine it with some carrot seed essential oil in a face cream emulsion for added benefit. 

7. Eases Eczema and Psoriasis

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Eczema and Psoriasis can be debilitating skin conditions. But making sure the skin is properly hydrated is super important. Aloe can help with this. Furthermore, because it’s so soothing for irritated skin, it’s perfect for fighting back against the itchiness associated with these conditions. But there are other ingredients that are great for eczema, take a look at my DIY eczema cream recipe for more info.

8. Helps with Cold Sores

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Did you know that Aloe can also help soothe and heal your cold sores? It’s perfect for helping to ease the pain of a flare up around the lips and mouth. It also helps maintain skin hydration in this area, which can become excessively dry, flaky and itchy. 

Because Aloe has some antimicrobial action, it may have some antiviral properties too. While this can help you recover from cold sores faster, it will not eliminate the virus that causes them.  

9. Exfoliates the Skin Gently

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Aloe vera is a natural source of salicylic acid, which helps to gently exfoliate the skin. When you slather it on, it actually enters the pores to help unclog them. It also buffs away dry, dead skin cells. This is important for anyone that suffers from acne and blackheads, or dry and flaky skin.  

Its best application for this purpose is in a homemade face mask. Simply combine your Aloe with a little French green or pink clay before applying it to the skin. You can add a few of drops of Lavender essential oil for enhanced benefit and a beautiful aroma. 

10. Nourishes and Conditions the Skin

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Not only does aloe hydrate and soothe the skin, but it also helps nourish and condition it. Aloe vera is a rich source of amino acids and various minerals that our skin craves. By supplying it with an abundance of them, we condition our skin cells to retain moisture. Aloe is your ticket to softer, smoother, and more radiant skin. 

Author: Angela Wills

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