The Best Beauty Packaging & Cosmetic Containers

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Perform a quick search on this site and you will find literally hundreds of beauty recipes and craft projects. Lot’s of them make excellent ideas for homemade gifts, but how would you handle the packaging? Preferably, something basic and affordable is required.

You can find all of the containers you might need at Mountain Rose and at Amazon, and below we have a full list.

beauty packaging and cosmetic containers

You might also visit yard sales this season and acquire as many old spice jars that you are able to find. Clean them out meticulously and load them with your natural facial recipes.

Often, something basic and affordable is all that’s required. For me, it’s more about the quality ingredients inside, and the time spent making these gifts for a loved one that really counts.

Cosmetic Containers Online At Amazon

Don’t forget, we have dozens of homemade beauty recipes to fill those containers!

Beauty Packaging & Soap Labels

I’m just about to order some unique labels from StickerYou, they offer a variety of choices to make your health and beauty products look custom and professional.

You can upload your own image or create your design with their online editor and order your own product labels with no restrictions on size, shape and quantity.

Ill be showing how I got on with these labels in a future post and will update you then. Until then check out one of their videos below, this looks fairly simple.

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