Yummy Homemade Chocolate Soap

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homemade chocolate soap with goats milk

This homemade chocolate soap recipe contains fresh goats milk, it’s great fun and has such a wonderful rich brown color. It’s a perfect soap for cubing up and adding to other white based soaps (see vanilla choc chip soap).

On its own this soap does have a mild milky chocolate scent, but personally if I’m going to make a rich looking chocolate soap I want a rich chocolatey smell. Adding a teaspoon or two of chocolate fragrance oil gives this soap just the scent I like. For something more traditional I also made the basic goats milk soap recipe.


This recipe produces a hard soap with lots of creamy bubbles and makes about 12 bars

  • 12oz (340g) Shortening (vegetable fat)
  • 8oz( 230g) Tallow (dripping)
  • 12oz (340g) Coconut Oil
  • 3/4 oz (21g) Plain cooking chocolate (semi-sweet)
  • 10oz (283g) Distilled water
  • 4 1/2 oz (127g) Fresh goats milk
  • 5 oz (142g) Lye (Sodium Hydroxide/Caustic Soda)
  • 2 teaspoons (10mls) Chocolate fragrance oil (optional)

If You’ve Not Made Soap Before…

Start by watching the short video on soap making below or take a look at the full tutorial here.

Specifics To This Recipe

Use the cold process method plus the following recipe specific steps:

  • A quick word of warning; when cutting into the soap you may find the inside of the soap much lighter than its outer shell, this will darken within a couple of days so don’t panic. You may also notice a strong goats milk odor in the soap, once again don’t panic this will fade away.
  • In Step 2 – Bring the milk up to just above room temperature and add it to the water before adding the lye
  • In Step 3 – Add and melt the chocolate with the fats and base the oils
  • In Step 4 – Combine oils lye mixture when both temperatures equally reach between 120°f (49c) 140°f (60c)

Photos From The Homemade Chocolate Soap Recipe:

making chocolate bar soap with goats milk

yummy homemade chocolate soap

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