20 Tips to Care for Silver and Grey Hair

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Are you ready to rock your silver and gray hair like you just don’t care? If there’s something you need to care about, it’s the maintenance of this type of hair. 

To proudly strut with your silver locks, make it look healthy and shiny. Stunning gray hair offers a vibrant look as long as it’s maintained properly. 

We’ve collected some practical tips to keep your locks pretty. Here are some worth adding to your hair routine. 

1. Consider Your Hair’s Texture

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The body’s oil glands produce sebum, which keeps hair healthy and luscious. As people age, the production of sebum slows down, leading to hair and scalp dryness.

If you maintain gray hair, pay close attention to its texture. If left unchecked and uncared for, your hair may turn dull and lifeless.

2. Choose a Good Cut

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A good haircut must be compatible with your face shape and texture. Consider your lifestyle and needs when choosing your cut. Consider whether you can wear your hair long or if short styles work better. 

Frequently get your hair trimmed and looked at. Visit a stylist who understands how your hair works and who has experience with grey or silver hair. 

3. Moisturize Your Locks

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Silver and grey hair require extra nourishment. The strands tend to dry up and get brittle, so they need extra tender loving care (TLC). 

Moisturize your locks and scalp with a toning conditioner or serum. Make your own conditioner recipe or get a deep conditioning treatment once a week and use a hair mask occasionally. 

4. Use a Wide-Toothed Comb or Wet Brush

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Brittle hair, like silver and grey hair, needs extra gentle handling. Use a wide-toothed comb or wet brush to prevent breakage.

Use gentle, slow strokes to minimize tugging and breakage when brushing your hair. Don’t tie your hair in a ponytail at night as this strains your hair while sleeping. Instead, try a loose braid.

5. Don’t Use Harsh Chemicals on Your Hair

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To protect your locks against damage, choose hair products without harsh chemicals. Ammonia in hair products can strip your hair of natural oils, removing its shine.

If you have bleached hair, color-safe hair products are your friend. Specially formulated for silver and gray hair, they maintain its luster and color. If you have spare time, make your own sulphate-free shampoo and ditch the unhealthy chemicals.

6. Apply Gloss Treatments

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While naturally lighter and lacking pigment, silver and grey hair can be brought back to life with gloss treatments.

Gloss treatments do more than add nourishment; they also create a stunning look for your silver and grey hair. Use clarifying shampoo to remove build-up from the hair, then apply serum for a glossy finish. 

7. Use Specialized Hair Products

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To combat dullness, a common issue with silver and grey hair, use specialized shampoos and conditioners.

Unlike generic products, these targeted solutions effectively revive your hair’s natural shine. Use shampoo with peptides to restore health to the strands without stripping their oils.

8. Analyze the Products You’re Using

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Product overload? Using too many formulas can harm your hair. Over time, layers of product can build up on your scalp and strands, which weighs down your hair and dulls it.

Before you add a new product to your hair care routine, check the ingredients list—avoid colored styling products that might stain your silver and grey locks. If you must try a new product, opt for something light like hair gel instead of wax and pomade.

9. Use Purple Products If Dyed

Purple hair products
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If you don’t have naturally silver hair, your stylist can bleach and then dye your hair. After about a week, the hair’s natural pigment comes through.

Purple hair products are toning shampoos and conditioners that help counteract the yellowish hue that often appears. The purple tone counteracts the yellow to maintain the light color. For maintenance, use these products two to three times every week. 

10. Avoid Heat Tools

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While tools like flat irons and curling wands create trendy looks, frequent use makes your hair dry and brittle.

If you can’t live without a hair blower and still prefer to use heat tools, take necessary precautions against heat damage. Use a heat protectant spray before using these tools to style your hair. Make it a habit to apply a deep hydration mask weekly to add moisture back to the hair.

11. Tame Your Frizz

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Silver and grey hair is beautiful, but sometimes, those pesky flyaways can get out of control. With the right hair care products, you can tame unruly hair.

Choose the right taming serum to manage frizzy, light-colored locks. These serums are designed to manage silver and grey hair, keeping it sleek and well-groomed.

12. Stay away From Sulfates

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Sulfates are chemicals added to shampoos to thoroughly clean dirt and oil from hair. While they’re perfect for those with greasy hair, they’re not suitable for people with silver and grey hair because they also strip the hair’s colors. Use a sulfate-free shampoo to cleanse your hair gently. 

13. Consider Using a Growth Supplement

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Sometimes, silver and grey hair appears thin and dull due to the lighter color. Add a growth supplement to your hair care routine to grow thicker strands and potentially accelerate your hair growth. There are also specific oils that are thought to help with hair growth.

While not a guaranteed solution, growth supplements may offer benefits as they create the illusion of fuller, healthier hair.

14. Use Silk or Satin Pillowcases

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Cover all the bases when caring for your silver and grey strands; make sure everything your hair touches won’t harm it.

Skip the cotton pillowcases that snag and cause friction—opt for silk or satin instead. They may seem a bit luxurious, but they protect your hair from damage while you sleep. Compared to other fabrics, silk and satin pillowcases have smoother surfaces that keep your hair healthy.

15. Don’t Experiment with Your Hair Too Much

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When faced with frustrating hair issues, resist the urge to experiment with countless products. A “trial-and-error” approach is bad for silver and grey hair.

Before trying anything new, do your research. Focus on quality over quantity. For better results, use small amounts of a dedicated product rather than overloading your hair with multiple products.

16. Always Use Sun Protection

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Just like anything else, the hair needs protection against the sun. Constant exposure to sunlight leads to frizzy, muddy, and dull hair, so it’s important to take necessary protective measures. 

Wear a hat and keep your hair covered from the sun when going out. Use products with sun protection, and they can battle UV rays more effectively. 

17. Take Care of Your Scalp

scalp with dandruff
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One of the most overlooked elements in all hair care routines, the scalp needs the same care as your locks. To improve scalp health, examine the ingredients of your hair care products.

Look for active ingredients and nourishing extracts like amino acids for nourishment and damage protection from the roots. Massage your scalp to encourage blood flow that supports hair growth.

18. Blend Using Balayage

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Balayage refers to highlights you can introduce to your hair when the dye fades. These highlights can slowly transition your hair’s color so it won’t get to that dreaded yellow. 

Apply balayage around the hairline to balance the shade as the hair grows. Talk to your hair stylist for more recommendations that would best fit you.

19. Find the Best Shade of Silver/Grey

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Once you decide to dye your hair silver or grey, choose the shade that suits your skin tone. The right color will accentuate your features. Silver and platinum work well with light-colored eyes like blue and green. Darker grey looks better with darker-colored eyes (e.g., brown, black, molten silver, and dark grey). 

20. Get Professional Help for Long-Term Maintenance

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No one knows more about hair than a professional stylist. Talk to your stylist about the best treatment for your silver or grey hair, as this hair color requires a long-term maintenance plan.

Ask about treatments that can help your hair at different price points. Schedule your regular visits and choose a plan that fits your budget.

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